My lovers, how goes it?

It’s the second to the last episode before the ebook; I’m excited and sad at the same time. Excited because, well finally, this will be over! And sad because I’d actually miss writing about these two extremely sexy human beings.

This is the first ‘traditional’ romance I am writing in my life [I usually try to mix it up with’serious stuff’ , trying to infuse themes and all that shit, but in Dangerous Passion, I chose to let it flow the usual way] and I loved it! I felt like I was writing my own Mills & Boon/Harlequin romance, except it was with deliciously sexy black men and women having sex everywhere I wanted them to.  Of course, y’all know I don’t play with that.

And so, because I enjoyed it so damn much, I have been thinking of writing another romance like this one. There’s a story I wrote at the age of 13/14 about a star Footballer, who is an overindulged kid and has little respect for women but eventually falls insanely in love with a stubborn, beautiful woman from a humble background (yes, I loved love as a teenager!), that I think might fit into this genre. 

It’s been coming back to me a lot these past days that I may finally reach for it and let it speak to me. If it does, why not? Except y’all are tired, I’ll keep churning them out.

Of course, I might get busy and all and there’s still Eyin Ese and the Squadi series to finish up.

So we’d see. If Dangerous Passion sells well, then I might be more motivated to do more, you know? So, get your people to buy the hell out of this ebook when it drops and, take us back to that bestselling list like we did last year.

PS: I designed two different covers for Dangerous Passion. Couldn’t make up my mind on the one I liked, so I’m hoping y’all would help me.

The cover with the highest likes will  make it to Okadabooks (because that’s where most buyers use) and the one with the least likes will be on Kobo books (for my obodo oyinbo people and others who prefer other platforms to Okada.) Yes, I’m tryna eat my cake and have it hehe.

That said, Dangerous Passion…

Dangerous Passion ebook cover official
Cover 1
Dangerous Passion official ebook cover 2
Cover 2

She saw Michael again. This time he was walking on the sand across the beach, in white slacks and a silk white shirt.

His hands were stuck in his pockets, his face unreadable.

It was how he’d sometimes been. Sometimes when it felt like the world was in knots and things were confusing, he got lost in his own thoughts, his expression unreadable.

Times like that, Toni learnt to leave him alone. Till he came into his own again, till he figured it all out and wanted to speak to her again.

He approached her now, where she stood by the beach, the water from the sea pulling some sand away beneath her feet.

She too had an unreadable expression. But she was fuming beneath it all.

Why were those people coming to their house? What was it he did that kept bringing those bad people? What were they looking for?

So many questions and he seemed he wouldn’t approach her in time for her to ask him everything.

Arms folded beneath her chest, she waited for him to meet her where she stood.

He finally did.

“Michael,” she called, holding out a hand when he tried to speak. “Who are these people?”

“I didn’t send them.” He said when her question had been asked.

“Then who did? What did you have your hands in Michael? Were you a bad person? They killed Tania, Michael who are they?” she was holding on to him now, her hands shaking his. “Michael?”

But his expression remained unreadable.

His eyes looked into the deep blue waters around them, his mouth shut.


His hand reached for hers, a distant look in his eyes.


Her heart broke when the response didn’t come. It broke into thousand tiny pieces because then she knew he was hiding something.

But what was it?


Olumide took his seat near the entrance to her hospital ward. He hadn’t slept a wink since the day before. He didn’t need to sleep a wink. Asides the fact that he wasn’t sleepy, he knew only he could watch her the way she needed to be watched. Only he could guard her because only he knew the level of danger she was in.

Jigga and Tare had offered to watch her while she remained unconscious but he had thanked them and declined.

He had assigned them to Ashu’s side instead. The man also needed to be watched.

A woman’s impatient voice startled him, quickly followed by an elderly man’s low voice. He turned in the direction of the noise and found two people he quickly realized were Toni’s parents, talking to an overzealous receptionist.

“Madam, it’s not visiting hours and…”

Olumide shook his head as he approached Toni’s parents. He’d used Toni’s phone to put a call across to them earlier, informing them of the state she was in.

The Doctor, a close friend of his, had assured him she’d regain consciousness soon and that he need not worry. Still, he needed her to have familiar faces around her when she woke.

He needed her to feel safe after that harrowing experience she had. An experience she wouldn’t have had if he had arrived in that house just a few minutes earlier.

His heart sunk when he remembered Tania again. Because of him, she was lying dead in a mortuary now.

He stopped at the receptionist’s desk and read her name off her name tag, “Bisi, they’re with me. Thanks.”

Before Bisi could begin to read out the hospital’s rules and regulations like she was gunning for employee of the month, he greeted Toni’s parents, introduced himself as her friend and led them to her hospital ward.

Her father was grateful but her mother simply wanted to see their daughter.

The man held on to his wife, as they both walked with Olumide to the room where their daughter lay.

Olumide’s heart melted when he saw that tiny gesture – even in the face of all that madness, the man still showed his wife he was with her. That he had her back. That he was her rock, her comforter.

He hoped to be that man to someone someday. He wanted to be that man to Toni, he really wanted to.

But how could he, a man who was so lost, and so entangled in all the drama surrounding them be that man for a woman like Toni?

A woman who had her pedigree? A woman who had her class, her parents and this beautiful love that radiated through her family.

When they stepped into the private ward she lay in, her mother hurried to her side, her hands all over Toni’s sleeping frame.

“My baby,” she whispered, placing kisses on her. Her father joined her mother by her side and they both gazed at her, worried.

A man around Olumide’s age walked in and a quick look at his face told him he was related to Toni because he bore a striking resemblance with her father.

He had by his side a pregnant woman whom Olumide figured was his wife.

They all gathered around Toni, concerned.

Olumide simply stood by the entrance, watching this beautiful family and the bond they shared.

And he couldn’t help the sadness that followed – he wished he had this type of love. He wished he had a family.

He wished life had been kinder to him.

And maybe it was in that moment, when he, black devil suddenly grew a soft heart, that he realized he needed to do better.

He didn’t know.

He just knew he wanted to right all the wrongs and he wanted to be done with every single thing tying him to his dark past.

He suddenly found strength in the love this family shared, he became so inspired by it, he wanted to let go.

He wanted to let go of bad things, bad people and, Mysterios.

Quietly, he slipped out of the Hospital ward and made for the exit. Warning Bisi, the receptionist not to disturb the family time and to ensure no unknown face came in, he pushed through the glass doors and marched towards his parked car.

He was going to see Goke.


When Toni woke, she saw her parents, her brother and her sister in law, Ebere all staring at her with so much concern she chuckled.

They all exhaled almost at the same time, she wondered if they actually thought she was going to die.

“Hey guys, I am not dead. Surprise!” she grinned.

“We were so worried,” they began to say and again, Toni wondered if they rehearsed what to say to her when she woke.

“How are you feeling, hon? What happened? We got a call from your friend, Olumide…” her mother looked around for the first time since they got in and noticed Olumide was gone. “who has clearly disappeared, telling us someone attacked your house…”

The pain Toni felt in her chest as the events that led to her loss of consciousness flashed across her mind in quick succession erased the smile on her face.

Her mother noticed this.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I shouldn’t have asked.”

“I think we should just let her rest.” Her brother said.

“Where’s the Doctor?” Ebere asked, “Maybe he can come check her now and see how she’s feeling?” she added and everyone agreed with her.

“Let me get him.” Tunde offered and went in search of the Doctor. As they waited for the Doctor’s pending arrival, Toni allowed herself to shut her eyes again and let the darkness take over her.

How was the world supposed to be right again?



Tania’s parents and family members gathered together at the vault they’d picked as her final resting place.

All dressed in black, they paid their last respects in a short time and the Minister rounded up his sermon in the quickest way Toni had ever witnessed. 

And she was grateful for that. There was only how much tears the black fascinator on her head could conceal.

As they all walked out of the open privately owned cemetery in Ikoyi, Toni greeted Tania’s parents and exchanged a hug with her cousin.

It was the one Tania had gone for her bridal shower just a week before.

“I’m so sorry,” they said unanimously, both of them offering each other a sad smile afterwards.

After briefly discussing how hurt they were because of Tania’s passing, Toni said she knew Tania would want them to be happy.

Her cousin laughed, “That weird child. Once when we were younger, she was like ‘Tomide, if I die when we’re young, have sex on the day of my funeral and look stylish to the funeral too,’ I was like who is this person?”

Toni burst out laughing, she remembered hearing that from Tania once.

“She totally said these words to me.”

Both women held each other’s hands, and then without planning it, pulled each other into a warm embrace.

“The Police is handling it,” Tomide said to Toni. “You said she recognized her killer?”

Toni nodded, “Very well. I wish she said something more before she died. He only called her Kazeem’s bitch.”

“Oh that stupid Kazeem is currently being questioned by the Police. We’d get to the bottom of this.” Tomide said, determined.

“Please, keep me informed abeg.” Toni said and Tomide promised to do just that.

Again the two women hugged and Tomide dispersed, led away by her Fiancé.

As soon as they were got into their car, Toni crossed to the other side of the road to where her car was parked.

The private cemetery was situated in a small estate that housed just a mortuary close to it.

The mortuary was owned by the same person and was well kept. Toni remembered it was where her grandmother’s remains had slept before she was buried in a lavish ceremony two years before.

Heels hitting the tarred road, Toni walked comfortably in her black knee-length chiffon dress, her thumb hitting her car remote.

The car beeped and the doors unlocked. Slipping into it, she’d barely dropped her bag in the passenger’s seat when strong firm hands gripped her.

She screamed but the hands flew to her mouth.

“If you utter one more sound, I will slice your throat, bitch.”

True to his words, a knife made an appearance soon after. She whimpered, wishing she hadn’t parked so far away from the other cars.

When she arrived at the funeral, it had been too late to park close to the entrance of the small estate.

So she’d picked this spot to park. A spot slightly far away from the few cars left in the area. From her car, she saw other people hop into their cars, oblivious of what was happening to her.

Her heart increased its pace – Tunde had wanted to follow her earlier but she’d told him not to, now she was going to die.

“Where is that tape you promised to help me get, ehn?”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Hands flew off her mouth and she shook her head, “I don’t know where it is.”

“You must think I came here to joke. Or you want to join your friend in her new apartment?” he asked, glancing at the vault where Tania’s body lay.

“No.” she was scared shitless. Was this how she was going to die?”

“Good. Now tell me, where’s the…”

Gunshot sounds startled them both, the glass in the backseat smashed to smithereens. For a brief moment, Toni wondered if she’d been shot and if she was bleeding.

But when it occurred to her none of those things had happened, she glanced at her assailant and realized he’d been shot twice in the arm.

Quickly, Toni’s shaky hands opened the door and she scampered out of it, her knees almost giving way as her feet, still held in heels, almost caused her to trip. However, strong hands held her before she hit the floor.

She scratched, bit, until she heard his voice. “Hey, it’s me.”

It was then she looked up and saw Olumide. Her gaze fell on the gun expertly held in his hand. He was dressed in a sparkly white hoodie and a pair of the ‘blue-est’ jeans she’d ever seen.

And he also looked different; his eyes were so cold, she shuddered.

“Give it up, Sina.” He said in a low voice to her assailant.

Toni watched in horror mixed with utter confusion as Sina tried to find his knife, at the same time holding the arm he’d been shot in.

Two hefty guys appeared out of nowhere and pulled Sina out of the car.

He cursed, screamed, threatened. But they simply carried him without uttering a word, lifting his legs off the ground without hassles, like they did this every day in their lives.

“If I were you, I’d keep quiet.” Olumide said in the lowest voice Toni had ever heard him. She glanced around and saw a car speeding in their direction.

Sina fumed, realizing he’d been cornered. As the two hefty men carried him, he said to her, “You think your boyfriend is clean abi? He’s as dangerous as me. Ask him! We’re all the same!”

Tyres screeched to a halt as Toni tried to process Sina’s words.

What the fuck was he talking about?!

Tomide bolted out of the car before the engine stopped running and ran towards Toni, her Fiancé in tow.

Security guards from the cemetery had also begun to walk towards them.

“Toni, sweetheart are you okay?” Tomide asked, worried. She looked around, “who are these guys? Hey, if you hurt my friend…”

“I know him.” Toni was surprised she could still find her voice.

Tomide looked Olumide over in one quick glance. Toni also noticed Olumide’s gun was long gone. Where had he concealed the weapon in such short time and without being spotted?

Who the heck was this guy?

“That one tried to attack me in my car…” Toni said, pointing to an overpowered Sina. Olumide’s guys had thrown him in the car.

“Thanks for your help.” Tomide said, “Toni do you want me to take you home?”

“Yes, we can drop you off at yours.” Tomide’s fiancé replied.

And Toni would have obliged but she needed fucking answers from Olumide. Because she had so many questions and he better be ready to talk.

“No, she said. Thanks guys. But Olumide would drop me.” She even threw in a smile for conviction.

“Are you sure?” Tomide asked.

She nodded and hugged Tomide. Back in the other car, Olumide’s guys were driving off and Toni badly wanted to tell Tomide that was the guy that murdered her cousin.

But then wouldn’t that be implicating Olumide?

“Thanks, babes.” Toni said to Tomide. And as soon as she and her man headed back to their car, she faced Olumide. “Now, you get me out of here and you better have answers to all my questions!”

Then she marched towards his car.


She’d asked a couple of questions in her mind since they got into his car and sped out of the cemetery and she’d tried to answer them all as reasonably as she could.
But none of them made sense.

None whatsoever.

So she simply relaxed and asked him where they were headed.

“Your house isn’t safe,” he’d replied, barely glancing at her as he sped through the fast lane, “And I don’t want any surprises at mine. So we’re going to someplace secluded.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere secluded with you.” She said to him.

“You don’t have much of a choice, Toni. You’re in danger as we speak.”

She scoffed, her anger nearing its edge. “The danger you put me in?”

“I am not responsible for that.”

“So why do you keep showing up conveniently? Why do you keep saving me?”

He ignored her and she became angrier.

“Who the heck are you? From the moment I set my eyes on you things have gone south! What do you want from me? What were you really doing in my house that day? Did you pick something? How dangerous are you?”

“I am not dangerous.”

She laughed drily. He’d turned off the express into a smaller road now. “You handle a weapon like a pro.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Your husband owned guns.”

Toni gasped in shock.

How the fuck did he know that?

Even she hadn’t realized Michael owned a gun until his death. Actually, she’d stumbled on an arsenal of some sort months after his death and she’d been too shocked to move.

It had taken her three whole days and a confirmation from a friend who worked at forensics in a private lab for her to accept those weapons had indeed belonged to her late husband.

So how did Olumide know?

“You saw them when you snooped through my house on that first night, didn’t you?” she inquired.

He didn’t reply. They were driving through a very quiet street now, flanked on both sides by huge mansions, the road looked like it only housed homes that belonged to old money.

Tall trees threw shadows over them, shielding them from the afternoon sun as Olumide made another turn to the right.

They stopped before a boulevard.

Toni cast a glance at her companion and back at the tall gates.

Where was this place?

Before she could voice her question, a man that looked like someone who’d fought many times in the WWE championship appeared and voiced a command.

The gates flew open and Toni watched Olumide drive in through a long driveway, acknowledging the guy at the gate with a mere nod.

The road snaked all the way to a large entrance. He parked and unlocked the car.

“Olumide, where is this place?”

“Come with me, Toni. I would answer all your questions inside.”

She got out of the car and joined him at the driveway. Eyeing his outstretched hand, she reluctantly slipped her hand into his strong firm hand and allowed herself to be led into the entrance of what was the biggest and dreamiest place she’d seen out of a Disney animation.

Olumide punched in some digits at the door and just like the gates, it obeyed and opened, revealing a massive sitting room that elicited a gasp from her.

She tried to keep her astonishment under control but it was hard.

“Please come with me,” leading her through a stairwell wound all the way up to another sitting room entirely, he added, “I need to do something real quick.”

Then she watched him open the door to the bedroom, and voice a command. From where she stood at the entrance, she saw a wall open and a computerized screen come forth.

“Welcome, black devil.”

Black Devil.

“Change voice command at the gate to mine.”

“Voice command changed.” The voice said in response.

Another voice command from Olumide and the whole thing disappeared through the wall in a flash. Almost like it never happened.

Toni was feeling too dizzy from all that. She needed answers now.

“Talk, now.” She said to him.

Olumide watched the beautiful woman before him, nervous.

Never in his life had he been nervous around anyone. Never.

But this woman had taken over his entire soul, body and mind that he wanted so bad to do right by her.

She removed the fascinator from her head and tossed it on the large dressing mirror standing by her side. For the first time, he saw that her pixie cut was gone and it was replaced by a high ponytail.

She looked even more beautiful now and his hands ached to touch her, feel her beautiful brown skin and hold her so his sanity could be restored.

Because from the last time he set eyes on her, his life had changed drastically.

A lot of things had happened.

“I knew your late husband, Michael.”

Toni swallowed hard, “How?”

“He was my Mentor.”

She almost laughed out loud. A protégé she never heard of for a day in the entire two years of her married life?

How many secrets did Michael keep away from her?

“We were at Mysterios together.”

“What the heck is Mysterios?”

“It’s a club; a sect.”

“So you knew Michael very well.”

“We were quite close.”

She nodded, holding the table for support. He raced to her side, wanting to hold her but she drew out a hand, stopping him before he got too close to her.

“What do you have to do with that horrible Sina person?”

“He’s also in Mysterios – as his father who is my guardian.”

There was that father talk again. “Who is his father?”

“Goke Adesina.”

Toni nodded, trying to take that in too.

“Did Michael know him too?”

“They were cordial.”

Shit! Who was Michael Garrn? Who?!

She tucked a tiny strand of hair behind her ear. “What do you guys do at Mysterios?”

“It’s complicated.”

She tried to hold back the pain and anger in her voice. “You really think I care about complications right now, huh?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? You’re sorry? I was married to a man I thought I knew! A man I thought loved me!”

“Michael was insanely in love with you.”


“As I am.”

She stopped breathing for a second, her lips parted. She wanted to speak but she couldn’t.

Words had failed her.

“I love you, Toni. I love you the way I have never loved anyone in my life.”

She hated him for telling her those words when her life had just been turned upside down. And she hated herself for believing those words.

Tears stung her eyes, “So you knew the guy who killed Tania? You knew the guy who killed my best friend! Olumide, did you know he was coming?”

When he nodded, her heart broke into tiny pieces, shattering the way the glass of her car had splintered minutes before.

“But I didn’t think he would kill her.”

“You liar!”

“I swear, Toni.”

“So why didn’t you warn us? Why didn’t you reply to my messages?”

“I thought you wanted to end things.”

“You fucking liar!

She leaned against the wall, her hands covering her face. The tears were falling freely now.

How had she fallen for this dangerous man? This dangerously sexy man who had walked into her life, upturned everything and caused her to ask questions?

Her marriage with Michael had been pure bliss but clearly it was because ignorance was her.

She felt his gentle hands on her shoulders, his muscled body just a few inches away from her.

She wanted to throw him off, to say to him that this was over. She wanted to end whatever was left once and for all.

Yet, she stood there, sobbing violently, letting his hands pull her to himself while she cried into his shoulders.

His masculine scent infiltrated her senses and she found herself losing what was left of her willpower.

When she looked at him, their gazes locked, both of them full of words.

He gave her his lips and with her tongue, she explored his mouth, kissing him with all the passion, anger and pain bottled in her.

Shoving him off her, she commanded in a low voice. “Strip.”

He obeyed, removing every single piece of clothing he wore. Her gaze fell on his shaft, the moistness between her own thighs a reminder of how badly she wanted this deliciously dangerous man.

Letting her dress fall in a heap by her feet, she stepped out of it, unhooked her bra and discarded her thong.

Her legs held his waist when she hopped on him seconds after, with a slight shove, her fingers pushed him into the soft bed covered with wine colored sheets.

Olumide teased her lush breasts when she eased her hardened nipples into his mouth. A soft bite on her swollen peaks elicited a soft moan from her.

When he let go of one nipple and circled the other with his thumb, she gasped at his touch, moaning his name in a ragged breath.

“Kiss me,” she commanded when her body threatened to explode from the touch of his hands and the feel of his mouth against her breasts.

He reclaimed her mouth, dipping his tongue further this time, kissing her gently while he fed from the sweetness of her lips.

His full throbbing erection brushed against her body when she shifted slightly. “Look at me,” she said quietly, her face filled with so much fire, she looked unrecognizable.

He’d never seen her like that.

“Watch me fuck you.” She added, spreading her brown legs, her gaze holding his.

Then without warning, she sank down on him. Toni bit her lower lip as the hot flesh slid into her.

She began rocking him as his waist moved in rhythms, trying to keep up with her.

She rode him fast, furiously, her eyes still holding his. Olumide moaned when her fingers toyed with his balls, he shut his eyes.

“Open your damn eyes!” she ordered and he found himself struggling with that simple action.

Increasing the tempo, she held on to his hairless muscled chest as she moved against him, hot, wet and without a single effort to hold back.

Olumide grabbed her waist, not just because she drove him crazy but because he needed to keep up with this woman. He let his fingers find her clit and he rubbed them gently in circular motions until she clenched and shuddered, crying out his name in sheer ecstasy.

He held her close to his pounding chest after, his hand rocking her slowly.

Then she resumed without warning, driving him straight off the edge until he climaxed and emptied himself into her.


They made love one more time in the shower booth, while hot water poured on them through the shower.

She held on to the glass walls, while he thrust into her from behind, her breasts pressed against the doors of the shower.

When they finished, he pleaded with her to let him cook something for her.

So he made pancakes and eggs for them both, watching her eat very little, her hands barely touching the tall glass of orange juice by her side.

“Toni, I’m sorry for everything I did…”

Her chin shot up, “Do you like memories?”

He knew it was a baited question but still, he gave his response, his heart racing. “Yes.”

“Good. Because that’s what all that was.” She said referring to their lovemaking sessions in his bedroom and then, bathroom. “It’s all you have left of us.”

Pushing the chair at the dining table in his spacious kitchen backwards, she stood, abandoning the food she’d barely touched.


“I’m done here.”

Without warning, she stormed out of the kitchen without another word.

Olumide watched her leave. He knew he should follow her but what would he do with her especially when his life was so disorganized?

He needed to be the man she deserved first.

Because unlike her first husband, he didn’t want to keep secrets from her.

He heard her voice from the front door. Abandoning his food, he marched out of the kitchen to help her with the command and offer to drop her.

She was talking on the phone when he emerged from the kitchen.

“Emma, I can find my way home. I’m fine. Okay, whatever, you can come over later.”

Jealousy welled up inside of him when it occurred to him who she was speaking to.

“Let me drop you…”

“No,” she said firmly, her eyes on the door.

“Toni, if you choose not to have anything to do with me after now, it’s fine. Just let me drop you.”

“Whatever.” She snapped, heading towards the front door.

Olumide followed her.