My lovely people, how are you doing on this beautiful Monday afternoon? I have missed you. I disappeared last week, I know. On Monday, I was torn between writing what will be the second to the last episode of Dangerous Passion before the Ebook is up for sale or delaying until the Ebook is ready and then serve you guys the last 2 episodes here. Then on Tuesday, I caught cold in the evening, on Wednesday, I bought an extremely pricey cold syrup which made me drowsy only to have high temperature and have malaria Wednesday night. But now that I feel better, I am putting up a new episode. I hope you guys like it.

Dangerous Passion has been extremely interesting for me to write. Maybe because I have a thing for bad boys 😁. And I particularly like writing the scenes between Toni and Olumide. Of course, I like writing sex scenes (my true readers know this 😂) but it is also because I like the fact that I could tease, I could/can make it enjoyable in true romance style and because you guys fiercely love it! 

Nothing beats being able to write and have real human beings loving and feeling something about stuff you’ve written. Nothing! So thank you so much for that. 💖

PS: It’s almost a year my last ebook dropped! Can you believe that? We’re so due for another one. Can’t wait to quench y’all thirst! I love you so much! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox… okay I will stop now.. 😂😂

Dangerous Passion book cover

Toni was fishing for strips of stock fish in her soup as Tania poured her a glass of water.

“Are you okay?” Tania asked.

Toni shrugged as a morsel of hot eba hit the efo riro in her plate, rolled over some of the delicious soup and landed on her tongue.

She swallowed the food and gulped some water. “I think so.”

Tania paused for a second before she said, “Are you going to call him?”

“I don’t think so.”


“Tania, there is really no sense in doing that. What do I want to say to him? I’m sorry I said I do not care but truth is I am falling for you? To what end?”

“Er… to start a relationship?” Tania said, clearly filled with utter disbelief. “Toni, you’re very single. What is wrong with starting a relationship with a young fine man who is also single?”

Toni lowered her eyes, concentration on her food. “You saw the compromising situation he was in earlier. He may not be single.”

“A situation he left to come to you? C’mon Toni, give any other reason why you don’t want this man but don’t cite that one.”

Toni sighed. “I don’t know, Tania. I have never had to make this decision, never felt this way.” She placed her left hand on her chest. “My heart was literally racing earlier when I saw him with that woman. I never even felt like this with Michael.”

Tania fished for Toni’s phone in her purse. “So maybe you should be calling him?”


“Call him, Toni.” She said, thrusting the phone into her hand.


“The wounds are deep but he’ll live.” Masha said, removing bloodied surgical gloves from his wide hands.

Olumide sighed, he hadn’t even realized he was holding his breath. He followed Masha towards a small room, somewhere out of the room the latter had just performed an operation on an unconscious Ashu.

He gave Hawk a clear instruction just as he was about to step into the room with Masha. “Ensure no strange person walks into the premises. Anybody who looks remotely unfamiliar should be removed, immediately.”

Hawk replied with a “Yes, boss.”

Olumide and Masha stepped into the latter’s office then, the door firmly shut behind them.

And it was not until then that Masha handed Olumide the bullets he’d removed from Ashu. Every single one of them.

“My boys can run checks on the bullets for you to be sure what gun they came from.” Masha said as Olumide glanced at the bullets in his hands.

“No, it’s fine. Thanks for your help so far, Masha. Please keep an eye on him for me.”

They shook hands and Olumide jetted out of the office. One last visit to Ashu’s current room and he nodded in satisfaction with what he saw.

The man was lying on a bed with IVs plugged into him. And for someone who had bullets emptied into him, he did look peaceful in his sleep.

Not like he could look any other way. He was unconscious anyway.

He knew the attack was from Mysterios, again. However, this time, he was determined to question the club.

When he joined Mysterios less than 10 years before, he’d been told the club stood for positivity and the advancement of every man who belonged to it.

Fast-forward to a few years later and men were dropping like flies every other time.

It had begun with their leader and some other members and then, there was Michael Garrn.

A man whose death had been termed an accident but who Olumide knew was murdered.

Up until that moment, all he had were mere suspicions. However, seeing as the club became dogged in its hunt against Ashu, he’d concluded that Mysterios was filled with people who had more wickedness inside of them than he ever thought.

Once, he’d asked Goke why anyone who chose to leave would die and Goke had told him it was the rule.

Who made this rule? He’d asked.

If Mysterios was all it claimed to be – a mere gentleman’s club – why was leaving it attached to a death penalty?

And Goke had simply shrugged off the question, adding that ‘it was how he met it’ and how it would remain.

Olumide had concluded then that there was more to Mysterios. But because he wasn’t one to make decisions and then look back on them, he knew he’d never leave the club.

However, Michael Garrn’s death and other incidents after then had him thinking twice.

And now, there was Ashu.

He made a stop at his house, handing the bullets to his boys, asking Tari to give him a feedback on what guns it came from as soon as possible.

He’d barely hopped into his car when he saw Goke trying to call him.

Since the Ashu situation, he’d left the phone in the car and totally forgot about it.


“Olumide, my Office, now!” Goke thundered and hung up.

Olumide briefly wondered what had gone wrong? But because the day had gone the way it had, he’d concluded almost immediately that it was the Ashu situation.

Goke had somehow found out he was present at the time of the shooting and was mad.

He saw a message two missed calls from Toni as he drove towards Goke’s.

There was also a message from her. Afraid she might be messaging to tell him to back off or even call it quits, he threw the phone in his pocket.

If he was going to deal with rejection from the woman he was crazy about, then it would not be when too many things were happening in his world.

When everything fell silent and he returned home, he would read the message and nurse his heartbreak in the comfort of his bedroom.

Arriving at Goke’s, he took long strides to his Office.

There, Sina was sitting, his hands busy on his phone. He barely acknowledged Olumide as he stepped in.

“Olumide, when did you become this sloppy? Second time and you still cannot get it right?” Goke asked, he was livid.

“What’s going on?” Olumide asked and Goke threw the tape in his hand at him.

Olumide caught it in time before it hit him. A quick glance at the tape revealed it was the one retrieved from Toni’s.

He’d taken the first one, so he recognized this one.

“That is the wrong tape!!! For the second time, you failed me!”

“Thousandth time.” Sina muttered, head still lowered.

“What’s the content of this if it’s not what you seek?”

“It’s a part of the entire puzzle! You and I know Michael liked to play silly games and he clearly kept these things in different tapes and hid it in that house with his stupid wife!”

Olumide’s blood boiled over…. Anyone but the woman could be spoken ill off. Anyone but his Toni.

“At this point, I have lost faith in you!” Goke roared. “And I am doing things my own way henceforth.”

That scared Olumide. Not because he was scared of Goke but because he was scared for Toni.

“We can still figure a way out…”

“What way?!” Goke yelled. “Shafi is currently speaking with another candidate! His support should be with me not anyone else. And all that is happening because you’re failing at a simple assignment.”

“I understand your frustration but what exactly are you looking for maybe it would help?”

Sina looked up just then, cutting in. “Dad, I have asked you to let me help you. You don’t trust me. But see the person you trust.”

“Careful, Sina.” Olumide said without a single look in Sina’s way.

“Dad, let me handle it from here.”

“Maybe the woman even knows about the existence of the tape and hid it. That her husband was something, acting like he was better than the rest of us, who knows maybe he told her things about Mysterios.” Goke said, drumming his fingers restlessly on the table.

“I don’t think Michael could have been that careless…” Olumide said, he didn’t like how he was feeling about this.

“But what proof do we have? Never in my life have I had issues retrieving an ordinary tape from a house with a woman before.” Goke said, pronouncing ‘woman’ like he was forced to.

“Do you want us to rough handle the woman?” Sina asked.

“Are you out of your mind?” Olumide thundered.

“What type of question is that? But since you asked, no. I am not. I am only trying to clean the mess you created.”

“I did not create any mess.” Olumide replied.

“Dad, please let me prove to you I can do this.” Sina pleaded with his father. “Please.”

Goke eyed him.

“And I promise you I would find it in 24 hours. If nothing happens after then, you can decide never to trust me again.”

Goke remained silent. Olumide watched him carefully.

“Dad, please? Give me your word and I would make things happen.”

Goke sighed, he nodded. “24 hours.”

“Yes! I promise I won’t disappoint you.” Sina said and dashed out.

Olumide marched out of the Office. He needed to ensure Toni was safe, fast!

Toni was pacing the room, phone in her hand, eyes on the wall clock in the room.

Tania looked up at her from the floor where she laid on her back. She was on a phone call.

Toni continued to pace. After a while, she stopped, glanced at the phone and tossed the gadget away.

Tania rounded her call off just then.

Aunty, are you trying to create holes in my floor ‘cause you’re the landlady?” Tania asked.

Toni sighed. “Sorry.” She muttered.

Tania exhaled deeply and lay on her back near her friend, “Hey, I know how you feel,” She said gently, her hand reaching for Toni’s hand. “but things will work out somehow.” She said with a gentle squeeze.

Toni managed a feeble smile. “I hope, because if it doesn’t, I just managed to make a fool of myself.”

Tania offered a bright smile, “c’mon, it will work out.”

Toni rolled her eyes, “You’re talking as if these things are that simple.”

“Aren’t they? You of all people should be a bit more positive about it, you know? Michael loved you and you had something close to a fairytale before he passed…”

“It’s not a fairytale if he eventually passed before our 5th wedding anniversary.”

“When you exchanged vows, didn’t he promise you the ‘rest of his life’ ehn?”

“He did but…”

“And he gave you just that. Sometimes, Toni, the rest of your life isn’t two decades from now; it is till when you breathe your last. You were his one and only until his last breath, that my dear, is what fairytales are made of.”

Toni sighed. “I guess.”

A sudden bang startled them both. Each woman exchanged glances before getting up at the same time as if on cue.

“What was that sound?” Toni asked as she grabbed her house key and made for the door.

Tania was right on her heels as they pushed her door open and headed for Toni’s.

An unfamiliar sleek car was parked in front of Toni’s apartment, the door to her house ajar. Toni glanced at Tania, a frown on her face before she started for the entrance.

Tania grabbed her dress and pulled her back.

“What do you think you’re doing? Someone is clearly in there…”

“And I intend to find out!” Toni snapped as she broke free and dashed into the house.

“Toni!” Tania yelled. “This is so stupid!” she added as she followed her friend inside.

They heard movements from the inner part of the house the moment they were in. “Something is off, Toni.”


“Let’s get out of here now!”

They both turned to leave when they saw a man standing in front of them. He wore black gloves and carried a pistol.

Toni’s hands flew to her mouth instinctively as a scream threatened to escape her lips.

“Good girl,” the gunman said, waving the pistol in front of her. “Now, take me to the room your late husband kept his most private documents.”

“I… I don’t know…”

“Madam, I am not like the others, I am here for business. Now, if you really like your life, take me to where Michael kept his private documents so I can get what I came for and get out so everyone can be happy.”

Toni nodded dutifully, leading the way as the gunman followed her.

Sina followed the frightened woman into a small study. Pointing the gun at her head, he told her to search and retrieve a tape for him.

“And be fast!” he yelled, watching as she pulled drawer after drawer open, retrieving everything inside.

“No tape…” she shuddered.

Sina wondered where the stupid Michael man had left the tape. Clearly it wasn’t somewhere he thought anyone would look. Or why else was it so hard retrieving it since he died.

“See, madam, your husband was a very dangerous man.”

He saw the look of shock on the woman’s face before he continued, “He belonged to a dangerous sect and he had something of ours before he died. Now, that thing is what I am here for. And in our sect, we kill. So if you know what is good for you, give me what I am here for before I empty the bullets in this gun inside of you.”

Tears gathered in Toni’s eyes, “I honestly don’t know what you want.”

Sina slapped her hard across the face and she fell because when she lost her balance.

“Are you still going to talk or you’d find it in five minutes?!”

Whirling around, he found Tania gaping at him. “And you…” he waved towards where Toni stood. “Get in here!”

Tania joined Toni where she was trying to give Sina what he wanted. He smelled of weed and alcohol and she wondered how stoned he was.

She also wondered where she’d seen him before. He looked very familiar.

“Don’t I know you?” Sina asked.

Toni replied, “no…”

“Not you, bitch. This one.” He replied, pointing the gun at Tania.

“You’re Kazeem’s former bitch, aren’t you?”

Now Tania remembered where she knew him from. He was one of the spoilt, rude and endlessly wasteful friends her former sex partner, Kazeem hung around.

She remembered him well now. She also remembered she hated his guts.

“I am nobody’s bitch…” he whipped her with the pistol, grabbed her jaw tightly and said, “If you say anything more I will blow your brains out.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Tania replied. “I know you and I know who your father is. If you hurt my friend and I, I will come for you. You better leave now.”

Sina threw her off, a look of surprise on his face before he quickly replaced it with a strange smile. “You know who don’t talk?” he asked her.

Before she could answer, he said, “dead girls.”

Pointing the gun at her at point blank range, he emptied some bullets into her skull.

Tania dropped at his feet, lifeless. Her brains creating a mess on the tiled floor, her blood splashing on Toni’s body.

Toni froze, screaming when she saw what had happened.

“I will do same to you now if you don’t…”

The familiar figure she saw grabbing their assailant by the neck was the last thing she saw before she slipped into unconsciousness.