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“That was dramatic, Toni.” Tania said to her once she burst onto the express. She slammed her foot on the accelerator and switched lanes, almost hitting an unsuspecting driver before speeding towards her junction. “And this is unnecessary. Are you trying to get us killed?!”

Toni muttered an apology, making an effort to slow down. “I’m sorry.”

What in the world was wrong with her? So she saw a tall, dark, handsome man who could literally make any woman go weak in the knees, holding and planting kisses on the cheek of a stranger.

What was so strange in that picture? What was so surprising in that freaking picture?

Of course, Olumide was a hot man. He was beautiful and breathtaking. He also had a certain calmness about him and could make grown up conversations unlike half the men she knew.

He was smart and he was a very successful entrepreneur.

Of course, he was holding random women by the waist. Question was, what in the world was wrong with her?

Was she stupid?

Why was she feeling so angry… so hurt, seeing him like that?

“You told him you didn’t care though.” Tania said gently. Toni’s eyes were focused on the rearview mirror, she was slowing down so she could apologize to the Driver she blindsided just minutes before.

“I don’t.” Again, lying to yourself, ‘Tonifise.

She caught Tania’s eyes as they rolled all the way back to their sockets.

“You can deceive him and you can also succeed in deceiving yourself. Me? Not so much.” Tania replied. “You are driving like a maniac minutes after seeing him hold another woman’s waist, yet you do not care. I am not sure which is funnier – that you did all that stunt or that you’re still trying to convince yourself.”

The Driver had caught up with them now, he slowed down and began to hurl curse words at Toni.

But she apologized the moment she could speak. “I’m so sorry, sir. Please.”

The man eyeballed her before muttering a reluctant ‘okay’ and driving off.

“You are falling in love with him…”

“I am not!” she screamed the words. Realizing she’d raised her voice only when it was too late.

The words hadn’t been for Tania, they’d been for her. She had been trying to convince herself more than anyone else in the world that she was not falling for the man she was obviously falling for.

Too many things were happening to her at once and she couldn’t figure out how to be in control. Actually, from the moment she’d met Olumide, being in control had become a foreign word.

It had become something she couldn’t even remember how to do.

She, Toni Garrn, the woman who always planned. The woman who graduated top of every class she was in, the woman who always had the blueprint for everything she did. The woman who had always been a poster child for everybody’s kid and who never made a decision without thinking.

She was the woman who had lost control the moment she set eyes on one man. One single man.

He had come into her world and thrown everything into disarray. One touch, and she had come crumbling like a pack of cards.

What the heck happened to her?

She pulled up by a rusty sign post on the street before the street her estate was located in and relaxed in her seat.

“I’m sorry I snapped.” She said to Tania.

Tania placed a hand gently on her bestfriend’s shoulder. “It’s fine, Toni.”

Toni shook her head, trying to get a hold of herself – at least, the part of her she could still control.

She was fighting back the urge to cry. She didn’t even know this man. How had she found herself in this crazy place? How had she become a woman who couldn’t control herself around someone?

Grabbing the steering wheel, she lowered her head. The tears were blinding her eyes but still, she fought. She had to be able to control something, if not her body, then certainly these damn tears.

“Toni, look at me.” Tania said firmly. “Now.”

Toni faced her friend, the tears were threatening to spill over now.

“It’s fine to be in love with someone.”

“Is it?” her throat was parched, her heart was racing and she felt like she was coming down with a fever.

“Yes, hon. It is. You were in love with Michael, it didn’t hurt.”

“B…but that was Michael. A man I knew very well before I fell in love with. I don’t even know this guy! For all I know he’s a ritualist or a serial killer or someone involved in some shady act! How can I fall for him? This isn’t me, Tania. I used to have sense.”

Tania smiled warmly, “Trust me, you still have sense. I am the senseless one out of the two of us, remember?”

Toni managed a smile.

“There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone, Toni. Nothing. And yes, you do not know this guy like that but your heart has never led you astray, so maybe you can trust it again this time?”

Tania wiped the tears off her face with the back of her hand. “Please?”

Toni nodded. She hugged Tania. At least if things went really bad, she had her best friend.


Olumide shook hands with Ashu as they exchanged one last hug.

“Brother, you are one real man. Never forget that.” Ashu said and he laughed, again.

He’d just handed him a pack of his favorite Cuban cigar – one that cost a lot and which Ashu never messed with.

“Thanks for the favor, brother.” Olumide said and Ashu waved the gratitude aside with a hand.

“You, my friend, are worth it.”

Olumide nodded. He’d always admired Ashu. The man knew what he wanted and went for it without caring whose ox was gored.

Olumide remembered when Ashu was a member of Mysterios – the club no one ever left except they were dead.

Ashu had left because things weren’t the way they used to seem. Olumide still remembered the conversation they had once, when Ashu was about to quit.

“Brother, are you sure you want to make this decision? You could lose your life.”

“What’s life when it doesn’t belong to you?”

And he’d agreed with him. Ashu had received different death threats since he quit Mysterios five years before and had escaped death, four times, once every year since he quit.

Olumide knew another ambush was going to be set for him soon, but like the others, he didn’t know the details.

“Thank you.” Olumide said. They were both heading for the gate of his warehouse.

Ashu grabbed his laptop bag and they both stepped out of the warehouse.

Olumide checked his wristwatch, it was late evening. He wanted to go and see Toni but he wasn’t sure it was a good idea.

She had walked out on him earlier, telling him she didn’t care.

And as much as he deeply cared for her, he was not one to impose himself on a woman.

It hurt that she didn’t feel the same way. But he was also not going to stalk her or irritate her.

Loud screeching of tyres suddenly startled him, he looked up to see three gunmen dressed in black aiming a gun their way.

Instinctively, he looked at Ashu who had just become aware of the intruders.

They fired shots, a bullet missing Olumide by the ear but hitting Ashu in the shoulder.

Olumide dragged Ashu quick, ducking behind his car. Swiftly, he opened the door of his car and retrieved a revolver.

Cocking the gun, he fired at the assailants, drawing the attention of some of Ashu’s bodyguards. More shots were fired as the men engaged in a crossfire.

From where Olumide crouched, he could see the assailants retreating. One of the men had been badly hit and was being dragged into the car by the rest.

But more bullets were emptied into him, rendering him lifeless and causing the others to hurry into the car.

Ashu’s boys had the upper hand now and another one of the guys in black, severely wounded.

As the black car which brought them sped off, Ashu’s boys continued to fire.

“Boss! Are you okay?” one of Ashu’s boys asked, joining Olumide and Ashu’s unconscious body where it lay.

Olumide could still feel a heartbeat so he knew they could still save him if they moved fast.

Still, he knew Mysterios and he knew there would be an order to finish Ashu off ASAP, especially since there was casualty on their side now.

“Don’t worry about him,” Olumide said, dialing a number on his phone. “Worry about that.” He said looking towards the bullet riddled body on the floor some spaces away.

One of the boys was kicking the bloodied body, crouching before it as his hands searched the body of the fallen assailant.

“Find out where he came from and who sent them.” Olumide knew it was Mysterios but Ashu would like to know who exactly gave the order when he came around.

“Alright, boss.” The bodyguard said and joined his colleagues who were now pulling out IDs and cellphones from the dead guy’s body.

“Hello?” Olumide’s call had been picked.

“Masha,” Olumide replied.

“Black devil.”

“I am coming to your spot in ten minutes. Emergency. Get your team ready.”

“Sure thing.”

The line went dead. Olumide lifted Ashu’s body into the car and gestured for one of his bodyguards.

“What’s your name?”


“Good. Follow me, Hawk.”

And without hesitation, Hawk hopped into the car and Olumide sped out of the large compound.

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