Dangerous Passion book cover

Hey guys, sorry Dangerous Passion didn’t drop on Monday. Cramps, messed up hormones and the rest.

Anyway, so we don’t have an entire week pass by without an episode, I am putting up the most I have. Enjoy.

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Toni was pacing the sitting room, her hands clamped, when he knocked.

Before she went to get the door, she knew it was him. And for some inexplicable reason, her heart increased its pace at the same time relief washed through her.

She knew why the former was the case – he was slowly becoming someone she felt so attached to. The chemistry with him was strong, stronger than she’d ever felt with anyone in her life, even Michael.

But why she was so relieved at him coming through for her, especially in such a short time slightly worried her – was she growing too accustomed to a complete stranger?

A stranger she’d had doubts about just days before? Had she forgotten the three golden words when it came to hot guys that gave banging sex and were too good to be true – take things slow?

She knew she had to get a hold of herself. And fast.

So when her feet glided towards the door, she pulled herself to a halt, steadying her breath while he continued to knock.

“Toni, are you in there?” he called. “Toni? Please open up, it’s me Olumide. Open if you can hear me.”

But she didn’t open. She just stood by the door, hand hanging in the air, hovering over the door knob.

What was wrong with her? Was she insane? It was one thing to fuck a man’s brains out and have him fuck her too. But to be feeling so comfortable around him and letting her best friend push her into calling him at the first sign of danger in her apartment was utter BS.

This couldn’t be right under any circumstance.

Her phone rang on a stool some spaces away.

She decided it was time to let him in… into her house that was.

Inhaling deeply, she opened the door and managed a smile.

He dragged her into an embrace and placed her head on his broad chest. Jeez, she could sleep off there.

“Are you okay, babe?” he asked, strong hands holding her face gently.


She tried to act normal but truth was, finding a stranger in her home and getting whipped by a gun wasn’t okay. It was far from okay.

“When I came home, I sensed something strange…” she began to say, he listened to her with rapt attention. “But I thought it was just me. But then I heard sounds and I went towards the passage. There was this guy there. Before I could scream, he whipped me with a gun and ran away before I could recover from the assault.”

“Did you call anyone?”

She normally would have called the Police. It was how she, Toni, did her things. But Tania had little hope in the Nigerian police.

“Abeg, call a real human being who can come to your rescue ASAP.” She’d insisted the moment Toni called her.

“No, just you.” Toni responded to Olumide’s question.

Olumide placed gentle kisses on Toni’s forehead. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” he said quietly, “Where’s Tania?”

“She went to get something to eat.” Toni replied.

Olumide nodded.

“I’m sorry for calling you like that…”

“Shh…” Olumide said gently. “I’m glad you did.”

And if there was anything more that had to be said, both left it unsaid as they let their bodies continue the communication.


She demanded for his lips and he gave in to her, allowing her guide him and show him how she wanted to be kissed, to be touched; her hands found his and gently placed them on her white camisole.


He knew she was still shaken from the attack and he felt guilty for being responsible for that somehow. And because of that, he couldn’t bear taking advantage of the situation.


“Hey, I don’t think this is a good time for this…”


Her eyes flared in anger. “So because you’re not the one making the first move, it is not ‘the right time?’ abi?”


If only she knew that no matter who made the move, he was always going to be ready for her.

However, his guilt would kill him if he went through with making love to her at that very moment. Heck, it was hard enough, standing there with her and pretending he didn’t send those men to burgle her house and hadn’t demanded that the guy who hit her be sent over to his own house immediately.

He intended to deal with him the moment he got home. He’d asked his squad back already.

“You know what, maybe this was a big mistake.” She said, taking a few steps away from him.


“Everything. Calling you here, sleeping with you…”

That made him feel awful, but he tried to hide it. “Toni.”

“You should leave.” Her eyes darted towards the door. He made for her hands but she stepped away from him.

Pained, he turned to go. Only to find Tania bursting in, a while paper bag in hand.

It smelled of Chinese food.

“Hey, so glad you could come. Toni was so worried she’d be disturbing you.” Tania said to him.

“She’s always welcome.” Olumide said, hoping that would send a deeper message across to Toni. She could always come to him, always.

“That’s great. She insisted on calling the Police once the incident happened but I have as much faith in the Police as I have in the weather. Zero, zilch, nada.” She looked at her friend now, “So are you still going to his?”

Olumide frowned, was that an option?

Not like he was complaining, he could do with an extra person in his space. Especially if that person was Toni. But he didn’t think she’d agree to that.

She didn’t even seem to like him much at the moment. He admitted that was his fault but still…

“No.” Toni said firmly.

Tania gazed long and hard at her friend. Eventually, she dropped her food on a nearby stool and dragged Toni by the hand. “Excuse us for a sec.” she said and pulled Toni all the way to the passageway.

Toni hated that Tania had met Olumide in her house. Moments after she’d left to get dinner, Toni had decided her earlier decision was extremely stupid.

She barely knew the man, was so certain he was dangerous days before and to cap it all, didn’t trust herself around him. So going to his to spend the night because she was afraid of staying alone was stupid.

Extremely stupid.

“There’s nothing stupid about staying safe, Toni. The man can take care of you.” Tania voiced now, trying her best to keep her voice down.

“Why? Because he has the body?”

“That and the fact that he cares for you!”

“You’re the only one who can see that.”

“And you’re the only one who can’t see that.”

Tania sighed, placed two hands on Toni’s shoulders. “See, I understand how you haven’t let any man this close since Michael died but trust me, you need to be taken care of. And you need to relax. If you can give yourself to him the way you have, what’s wrong with spending the night at his?”

“Funny.” Toni replied. “Still not going to his.” She said stubbornly.

“I would have let you come to mine but you know I have to spend the night at my cousin’s to help plan for her bridal shower.”

“I know, Tania.” Toni said and hugged her bestie. “But I’d rather go to my Parents’ than his. I don’t know it’s just not the right thing to do. And I know I have been doing a lot of things I do not consider right but still, it’ll be an overkill if I continued this way.”

Tania sighed. “Okay, fine.”

“Smile na.” Toni teased and Tania managed a toothless smile.

“Just stay safe and let him drop you at your Parents’ or something.”

“I can drive myself…”

“Toni! You’re shaken…”

“Alright, whatever.” She raised a hand and Tania smacked her butt playfully. They returned to the sitting room where Olumide was waiting, expectantly.

“So what’s it going to be, Ladies?” he’d excused himself from the Shafi/Goke dinner with a big story of an old friend who fell down the stairs in her home and needed him to get her to the Hospital.

And knowing Shafi, he was expected to be back to that dinner.

“You’ll please drop Toni off at her Parents’. It’s not far from here.”

He looked at Toni, she was staring back at him, silent.

He wished he had an idea what she was thinking and what was going through her head that instant.

“Shall we, then?”

“Excuse me. I would like to pick a few things.” Toni disappeared into the bedroom and left Tania and Olumide standing by the door.

Once they were left alone, Tania scrutinized him, arms folded. Olumide thought she looked cute, trying to be like that – like someone who was about to descend on him with a barrage of questions.

And he was right.

“So what’s your deal with my best friend?” she asked, chin up. Whatever was left of that sweet, flippant Tania was gone of the door.

“My deal.” He repeated. He knew what she meant but Heavens forbid him to respond easily and lose out on this about to be interesting episode.

“Yes. What do you want with her? Do you just want to fuck and go? Because she is not that type of girl, you know. She doesn’t do this normally. She’s not like me.”

And in that moment, Olumide saw the real Tania come through. It was a glimpse, a very tiny glimpse of the real her – a woman who genuinely cared for her friend, who understood their differences and who would fight for her if situation demanded that.

“Your friend is safe with me.” He replied with a smile.

“Is she?”

He nodded. “She’s a sweet girl…”

“You and I know you’re not the type of guy who hooks up with sweet girls. I know your type; Toni isn’t.”

Well, that he had to admit. But what was that saying about someone not being your type but loving what they brought to the table, again?

He liked the woman, the whole essence of her. The way she was going all out to enjoy a different side of life even though he knew that wasn’t who she was.

“Maybe she isn’t my type, but I like her type too.”

“Hmm.” Tania said, eyeing him just as Toni stepped out of the room, a bag slung across her shoulder.

“Ready?” she asked Olumide.


Tania grabbed her food off the stool and said to them, “Have car sex before you say your goodbyes sha. You’d love it, T.” then she winked and disappeared.

Olumide chuckled. Just like that, the Tania he was used to had resurfaced.


The neighborhood her Parents lived in was as peaceful as hers – serene, well built houses with same colors and bright street lights illuminating the entire space.

She muttered her gratitude and hopped off his car the moment he parked.

“Toni,” he called. Angry eyes shot back at him. “Why are you even so mad?”

“Is there something you’d like to say?” she asked impatiently.

He wanted to tell her she didn’t have to be so mad. He didn’t say no to her because he liked to be in control, he just couldn’t bear to take advantage of a situation he’d been largely responsible for.

“No.” he replied.

“Of course,” she said, “You’re just like the rest of them.”

The way she slammed the door shut startled him. Yet, he waited for her to be safely within the walls of her Parents’ house before driving back to his.

Shafi would have to wait for once.


The dogs howled into the night, a few barks from the beasts in his Neighbor’s homes welcoming him as he marched into his own home.

Years before, he’d wanted at least two of those, to keep guard of his house and keep him company.

He’d always had a thing for them since his days in Obalende. Once, when he worked as the security guard for a branch of a popular bank, he’d worked closely with ferocious dogs.

Yet, when he moved into his own home, he’d been worried he wouldn’t be able to take care of them the way he wanted. But now, as he walked into the second sitting room in his large duplex, he wondered if his decision to keep the beasts at bay was a good one.

He needed the company and he needed a dog to scare the idiot that had the nerve to hit Toni on the head with a weapon.

“Boss!” the boys greeted the moment he stepped in.

“Verandah.” He said calmly, like someone who’d uttered a compliment or a nice greeting.

The verandah was just spaces away. And he’d chosen that space because he didn’t need blood on his newly acquired Persian rug.

Jigga, the guy who had been responsible for hitting Toni was immediately pushed in the middle by the three guys Olumide had requested for.

Jigga already knew he was in deep shit. And like Olumide knew, he understood better than to try and explain a situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

At Mysterios, everyone had access to thugs – or help – as Goke liked to call them. They were mercenaries the men of Mysterios could hire if they ever needed dirty work done.

However, Olumide had never liked the idea of that. While Michael Garrn was alive, the man had strongly opposed to the idea too.

He said it gave Mysterios a ‘dirty, stinking’ feel. Like they were men who actually got their hands dirty and did the worst.

It was one of the things Goke and Michael had argued about till the latter’s death. Those two never really agreed on anything and hiring thugs wasn’t something Michael was ever going to agree to.

And even though Olumide was on Michael’s side where that was concerned, he had the loyalty of the men he’d helped the moment he started living a decent life out of the ghetto.

Men who would run to him if he called past midnight. Men whom he’d relied on to get into that house and get that freaking tape without hassles.

One of whom had thought violence, on a woman, of all things was necessary to prove a point.

On the way out, he threw his Armani suit on the couch, deciding to pick it on his way back.

The door opened to his verandah, which oversaw the houses of his closest neighbors.

Rolling up his sleeves, he faced Jigga. “I don’t need to ask you this, but I will. Why did you hit the Lady?”

Jigga looked contrite, he lowered his head as he spoke to Olumide. “She saw me.”

“You called me earlier to tell me you were done with the operation, isn’t it?” the call he’d received while he was making love to Toni and had refused to be disturbed.

Jigga nodded, “Yes, boss. Then we left the house and found out we didn’t lock the wardrobe. And so we don’t leave any trail, I ran back in and asked the other guys to park at a concealed spot.” He looked at Olumide now and that one could see sincerity in his face. Yet, no reason was strong enough to hit a woman. “I was trying to be careful. That was why I went back. I didn’t know you guys would return that early. I’m sorry, Boss. I’m really sorry.”

Olumide sighed in frustration.

The guy needed to learn a lesson or two and he was the one who would give it. He had to. He owed the young man.

“Jigga, there’s always a way out of a situation that doesn’t require your fists. There’s a lot of ugliness going on in the world now, we cannot add violence of this kind to it.” his voice grew colder. “And you know my rule; no violence except it’s in self-defense.”

“I am so sorry, Boss.” Jigga said.

Olumide nodded. He turned and walked away. Lesson given, he hoped Jigga learnt already.

One of the guys followed him immediately, “Boss. I thought you wanted us to discipline him?”

It was Tari, the man he put in charge of all the guys. Tari was in his mid-thirties, had spent a large chunk of his life in Obalende like the others and had experienced the hard side of life like him.

But just like the rest of the guys out there, he wanted to be more than a thug, wanted to actually have a life.

“If we discipline him, we would be doing the same thing we’re accusing him of. It’s counterproductive.”

“But this is a woman we’re talking about, someone who didn’t attack and who mostly wouldn’t have attacked.” Tari insisted.

“I know. Still, why do the same thing he did to the woman to him?” Olumide grabbed his suit. “There are other ways of punishing him, Tari.” He said and caught a nod from Tari before he headed out of the door.

Now back to that late night dinner with Shafi and Goke.