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Dangerous Passion


Goke Adesina was helping himself to a glass of scotch when Olumide arrived at the old boys’ club at the GRA.
He was still scolding himself for leaving a woman high and dry in her Office even as he bypassed a group of middle aged golfers, took long strides through a stretched corridor and pushed open a door many didn’t know existed.Oke Adesina was helping himself to a glass of scotch when Olumide arrived at the old boys’ club at the GRA.

Goke was lighting a cigar, head bowed when he walked in.

Olumide knew what he had come for and he came prepared.

“Olu.” Goke said, dropping the gold lighter in his hand on the table. He removed the cowboy hat on his head and smiled drily.

Emerald was sitting by his side on the table, looking bored as usual, a glass of cocktail before her.

Sina strolled towards them, a glass of liquor in his hands. He had his usual arrogant gait, a scantily dressed girl holding on to him.

Olumide briefly wondered why girls bothered with boys like Sina; he was badly behaved.

The bar was dimly lit and an old highlife tune played from the speakers. The music was low, the bar had no other guests save them, and just one mixologist stood behind the neatly lined bottles on the counter.

“Sit.” Goke ordered in a low voice and Olumide obeyed. It was hours before the meeting with the rest of the men, behind a door, spaces away. A door that opened to a wide room that had a throne at the center and an aisle created by chairs lining the sides.

“Hey, Lummy.” Emerald said lifelessly. Her chin rested on her hand now, her other hand toying with the brim of the tall sweaty glass before her. Her drink was untouched.

“Emerald, how are you doing, dear?” he asked with a smile.

“Bored as fuck.” She replied. “He won’t let me travel with my friends to Dubai! Like what the fuck, it’s just Dubai and I would be gone for just two weeks. It’s not like I am doing anything for him here o.”

“Leave us.” Goke snapped and Emerald stood without being told twice. “Go play with the other girls in the club.” He added and Emerald pouted as she walked past.

“Talk to him.” She managed to whisper before slamming the door shut behind her.

“They get too spoiled and forget who is in control.” Goke said when she was gone. He relaxed on the chair. “When are you getting married, Olumide? You need one of those.” He nodded towards Sina and his barely clad companion.

“Marriage isn’t on my mind.” Olumide replied calmly. He was relaxed in his seat now.

Goke laughed, “Not even a girlfriend?”

“Nope.” Even though he knew Toni wouldn’t make a bad choice. But he better stay away from her. She was the wife of a man he greatly admired, even in death.

A man he’d conveniently forgot about since he started thinking sinfully about his wife, and fingering her.

He stopped himself from laughing out loud at that realization.

“Shafi is in town tonight. He’s coming over to Mysterios.”

Olumide remained unmoved. He watched Goke puff out smoke and pour himself another glass all in one quick move.

“I need to have that tape ready.” Goke’s eyes lifted at the same time he raised the glass to his lips. “Where’s it, Olumide?”

“I’m working on it.” Olumide replied.

“What’s taking so long?”

“The woman is very sensitive. I cannot just break into her house.”

“Since when is breaking into someone’s house a problem?” he took a sip and set his glass aside. “There are boys you can assign to that if doing it personally is a problem. Even though I’d prefer you carry out this particular assignment yourself. You move like a ghost, and always carry out a neat operation.”

Except this last time when he was sloppy for some unknown reason.

Sina approached them now, his companion long gone. He pulled out a seat and sat after offering Olumide a forced greeting.

Olumide nodded in response. They were clearly back to the animosity phase.

“You have to get the tape before tonight, Olumide. Can you make that happen?”

Olumide paused, “I will do all I can.” He finally said.

Cigar burning in between his fingers, Goke placed his hand on the table and leaned closer to Olumide. Speaking in a low voice like he had to, he added, “That tape is the only thing standing between me and the government house, you know.”

Olumide knew that. What he also knew, was that the people of Lagos were in trouble if this man ever made it to the Government house – he was ruthless, crazy and had the tendency to be power drunk.

A clear indication of that was a member of the club he’d shot barely a week after he assumed the throne of the Grand Chief.

The member – a younger man – had stalled in carrying out an assignment and that had set Goke off.

Grabbing a gun from the holster of one of his bodyguards in the quickest move Olumide had seen out of a movie, Goke had shot the man in the leg. That one had spent several weeks in the hospital and almost lost the leg.

“I will do something…”

“ASAP. Shafi must meet me ready.”

Olumide stood and bowed slightly, “I will see you tonight, sir.” Walking quickly towards the door, he realized he wanted to see Toni badly.

But he also knew how angry she must be at him for leaving her like that, twice in a row. He winced at his poor decisions and ungentlemanly attitude.

He shouldn’t have abandoned the woman like that.

Hand on the door knob, he was about to open when Goke spoke again. “Olumide?”

Olumide turned to face the man.

“No matter what, always pick my call.” He said quietly. Olumide knew there was no evident threat but that was usually Goke’s way. He sent across subtle threats and tried all he could to ensure no one saw him coming.

“Yes sir.” Olumide nodded slightly and sauntered out of the room.



“He did what?” Tania’s mouth was widely open, legs on the couch, a bowl of garri in her hands. Her eyes followed Toni as she slumped into a seat near her and kicked off her house slippers.

“You heard me.”

“What type of man abandons a woman when she’s about to come?” she asked with a deep frown, “twice for that matter.” Then she blurted the next words out in distaste. “Or is he gay?”

Toni shrugged. “I don’t care.” She replied simply.

She was too damn angry to care. The man had left her high and dry for the second time in a row like she was a freaking toy. And on both occasions, walked out before she could get a word in and without a proper goodbye.

She wondered if the women in his life were that controllable and if he was so used to treating people wrong he didn’t know how to do right.

Tania sighed. “Na wa o.” she shook her head, a hand reaching for the spoon in the ceramic bowl she carried. “You will see them with hot bod and you won’t know they are in the closet.”

“I don’t think he’s gay.”

“Any man who leaves wet pussy to go and attend to whatever is gay. I don’t care if his mother is dying.”

Toni stifled laughter. “Not everyone cares about sex the way you do, Tania.”

“Abegi. When you look like that, you should care about sex. The man must be used to giving it so what’s the teenage behavior for.” She hissed and continued to scoop garri from her bowl.

Toni let her mind wander to hours before when Olumide had abandoned her and run off. She’d been slighted and embarrassed to say the least.

Still, she wondered if he’d ever return or even, offer an apology. Truth was, she was mad but her body yearned for him in the craziest ways.

She wanted to touch him, watch him touch her and she wanted to moan his name as loudly as she could.

He opened up doors within her she didn’t even know existed and no that no man had ever discovered.

She felt a pang of guilt for thinking that way. Michael had been a good husband, a man who pleased her in every way, even sexually. It was unfair to think of Olumide that way.

Or was it? Michael was gone. Of course, she’d forever remember him and hold him in her heart but she wanted another man so bad, she wondered if she’d be able to stay sane if she didn’t get him soon enough.

Tania grabbed the remote and began to switch through channels. She stopped on NTA for a second and watched a bored Emerald Adesina watch her husband give a speech at a public function.

“This man just weirds me out.” Tania said with a frown. “He and this his wife that always looks like someone threw her inside foundation and forgot her there.”

Toni laughed, “She doesn’t look so bad in person sha.”

“Indeed. Everyone doesn’t look bad to you so forgive me if I do not take you seriously. I wonder how she ended up with this ugly man that creeps everyone out sha.”

“Must be the money.” Toni said and Tania concurred. The doorbell rang and she made for it.

Swinging the door open, she saw Olumide standing outside. She was about to shut it when he put a foot in the door. She eyed it.

“Hey, I know you’re mad.”

“As I should be.”

“I know. But can you at least hear me out?”

Tania’s ears were drawn to the door now.

“What?” Toni snapped.

“I had to go attend to something important.” And I was also very scared I couldn’t control myself anymore around you, he wanted to add but instead, he said, “I’m sorry. Let me make this up to you.”

Tania was by the door now, a wide grin on her face.

“I am busy.”

“Toni, let the gentleman make it up to you.” Tania grinned and Toni knew she should have stepped out instead. Of course, Tania was going to switch to team Olumide and tell her to do whatever he wanted.

But she was willing to play stubborn. He deserved it. “Nope. He is not a gentleman, not with the way he left things…” and when her eyes met his, and noticed the twinkle in his eyes, she knew she’d walked into this one.

“Let me finish off what I started.” He had a smirk on his lips now, a very playful one. Elbow leaning against the door, hand in pocket, he continued. “I promise I would not go away this time until I am finished.”

She felt the moistness between her thighs and she wished her body wouldn’t betray her like this.

A gentle hand touched hers, accompanied by a smile she was now defenseless against. “Please.”

Like her body left her any choice.

“Please.” Tania mimicked, scooping garri in her pesky mouth.

“Fine.” Toni said and she got a wide smile and a hug in response.

“Dinner tonight by 7.30?”

She nodded.

His meeting at Mysterios was for 8. Because of her, he could be late. And thanks to her absence, his boys could sneak in and take that freaking tape once and for all.

He didn’t want to have to deal with Goke Adesina for longer than he was already dealing with him.

“I’ll pick you up then.”

He was gone almost as soon as he spoke the words. Tania clapped her hands in utmost excitement, dumped her garri bowl and dragged Toni all the way to her bedroom.

“Madam, what is doing you?” Toni asked, her head barely missing a collision with the wall in her room.

Tania threw the door of her wardrobe open and began to hurl dresses on the massive bed before her. “No matronly dress tonight.” She muttered, holding a silk dress in her hands. “You should have torn this one.” She said with disgust and continued to tear her wardrobe apart.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally settled for a red dress with a thigh high slit and an ‘off shoulder’.

“Uhm… I love this one. Gives a lady-in-red vibe,” she began. “And you know what they say about ladies in red.” She winked.

“Sorry, I do not know what they say.” Toni said, yanking the dress off her.

“They’re slutty… well for the purpose of their meeting with men.” She snatched the dress back from Toni. “Aunty, what are you trying to do?”

“Not wear the last present I received from my late husband to a thing with a man I barely know.”

“A man you almost fucked this afternoon…”

“Keyword, almost.”

“A man whose fingers have entered your pum.”

“Oh goodness.” Toni winced.

“Abeg wear the thing let’s see.” She said, holding out the dress to Toni. “I don’t know if you’re the first widow in the world.”

Reluctantly, Toni took the dress and stripped herself of her white camisole and grey slacks. Unzipping the red designer dress she’d never won, she slipped into it and stood in front of the large dressing mirror while Tania’s fingers worked up the zip.

“Beautiful.” Tania said to her, turning her around, eyes on her butt. “Yup, butt out, breasts looking ready for the taking.”

“You sound so stupid.”

Tania shrugged, “That’s your own. Sha collect dick tonight before returning home. You and that rain forest you’ve been carrying around for years.” Then she gasped in mock horror, “Have you shaved?”

Toni rolled her eyes before saying yes.

And that elicited a “well done, girl” from Tania.

Toni checked her reflection again, a feeling of satisfaction washing through her.

She was nervous but at the same time, excited about seeing him again.

“What shoes are you wearing?” she heard Tania ask. “Toni?”

She turned to point at a pair of sandals with clear heels and straps. But that was just her body, her mind was far gone into the night, at a dinner with the man she now wanted so terribly.



He’d chosen a seafood restaurant somewhere in VI. It was one of his favorite places to be on the Island.

The food was good, the ambience great and the drinks, topnotch.

He’d always thought of bringing someone special there with him. And bringing Toni there that night couldn’t have been better.

He guided her gently with an arm around her waist as they headed for a reserved table.

She was looking extremely beautiful and sensuous in a red dress that greatly tempted his manners. Still, he looked forward to stripping that dress off her, if he had the time to, after dinner.

“Thank you.” He said to the Waiter who handed him a Menu. “Give it to the lady, please” he added and watched that one hand Toni the Menu.

She scanned through it and he leaned back in his seat, watching her take her order.

“Their salmon is divine. You should taste it.” He said to her in a low voice. Lashes fluttered, lips smiled and fingers pointed to a salmon on the menu.

“Can I have the mussels too please? And veggies to go with it?” the Waiter nodded as he took her request.

“Drink?” he asked

“Water and lemon is fine. With ice please.”

“I’ll have fish fillet and seafood fried rice with a glass of water please.” He slammed the Menu shut and handed it to the Waiter. When they were alone, he took a quick look at Toni’s outfit again. She was breathtaking.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, again.” She said with a smile.

“You must get that often.” He responded.

She shrugged, “not really.”

He marveled at her modesty even when he knew she was aware of how gorgeous she was. He let his eyes wander to her hair – the pixie cut – which suited her the way he’d never seen, her eyes, nose and the fullness of her lips.

When his eyes travelled to her slim shoulders, he knew it was trouble if he let it wander below the neck area. So he decided to busy himself with something else until the food came.

Reaching for her hand across the table, he stroked it gently, fully aware of how she squirmed where she sat.

“I’m sorry about earlier…” he began.

“You don’t need to keep apologizing.” She replied.

“It just goes to show how bad I feel and how badly I want you to forgive me.”

“Well, if you don’t run off before dinner is over tonight, then I will really forgive you.”

He chuckled when she said that. They discussed her work and how tedious it was running a school next. She mentioned her nephew, a boy born by her sister as a teenager.

A sister who passed on because she never recovered from the catastrophic effect of her bad choices.

“She just never recovered from having the baby. And nothing my Parents did, helped. She just dug deeper into that terrible life and things got worse. One day, she just died and we didn’t know how to feel.” She said, lowering her eyes. “It’s really a place my family doesn’t like to visit.”

Olumide felt touched that she would share that part of her life with him. He held her hands firmly in hers, “I’m sorry.”

She managed a smile, “It’s okay. It has been a while.”

“But you clearly still feel strongly about it.”

She shrugged, “I feel like nobody in my house purged the emotions. We just wanted to tell ourselves she didn’t get pregnant, have a baby and OD’ed on something all in one year. One second we were all smiling for family portraits, the next, she was six feet deep.”

The whole story reminded Olumide of someone in his extremely dark past and even though he quickly pushed the thoughts away, the scenario that came into his consciousness helped him understand where she was coming from.

“Come here,” he said to her and drew her into a hug. When she pulled away, she lowered her gaze to his lips. Eyeing it for a brief second, she leaned closer and kissed him.

They were at it like teenagers when their food arrived minutes later.

“Hold that thought.” She said with a smile and dug into her food.

Olumide noticed the seafood fried rice tasted better than he’d ever had it, the shrimps and the rice making it into his mouth through a fork. Yet, all he could think of was the woman before him. The food was hot, but she was hotter. And she was the one he wanted to taste.

His phone buzzed.

“Excuse me.” He said and stepped aside to pick it. “Yes?” he said. It was one of the boys he’d sent to her apartment to retrieve the tape.

“We’re on our way.”

“Well, then get to business and only call me when you have the tape.” He looked over his shoulders at his date who was slicing through a piece of salmon and winked at her.

The smile she gave in response caused him to end the call and get back to dinner.

“I was thinking that was another call to run off…”

He laughed, “Very funny. Not tonight.” He replied and continued dinner with his new favorite person.


When they finished eating, he asked if she wanted dessert as they exited the seafood restaurant.

“No.” she said with a smile, a hand on her belly. “Let’s try not to get me more stuffed than I already am.”

He let out a chuckle, his hand sliding into hers as they made it to the car park.

A quick glance at his wristwatch told him he was 30 minutes late for his meeting at Mysterios. Yet, he found it difficult letting go of his date.

At the car park, she turned to face him, a smile on her lips. “So…?”

So, I want to tear this dress off you and make sweet love to you in the backseat of my car.

He wanted to say but instead, he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Is this your way of telling me the night is over and you’d like to get rid of me?”

He knew this was his last chance. If he ruined things now, they were never going to recover from it.

So he grabbed her hands and led her to the car. Opening the door, he watched her get into the backseat and he joined her in there.

“Turn on the AC, it’s about to get hot.” She muttered and he did as he was told, locking the doors in the process.

Taking her place on his laps, she unbuttoned his shirt and let her fingers tease his nipples as she kissed him passionately.

He held on tightly to her waist, his fingers unzipping her red dress halfway.

“You look so good,” she whispered, her voice thick with passion when she finally let her eyes admire his broad, muscled chest. Helping him push the sleeve of her dress all the way down, she watched his eyes follow her breasts as it spilled excitedly against his chest.

She moaned when he moved her slightly and her nipples brushed against his body.

The taut sensitive peaks aroused Olumide and it took whatever little self-control he had left not to push himself inside her that very moment.

Taking one nipple after the other into his mouth, his tongue teased them and his hands gently squeezed the soft, ripe swell that was her boobs.

She moaned his name and there went his self-control.

Her fingers unzipped his trousers and in one quick unprecedented move, he watched her mouth take his cock. It was his turn to let out a moan as her hands worked his aching shaft in and out of her wet mouth.

Okay, she had just gone all the way to the top of the best blowjobs he’d ever received in his life. And that meant something – because he had received a lot from the best wannabe pornstars and professional strippers.

Her fingers toyed with his balls now and he inhaled deeply so as not to scream. When he felt his climax coming through, he let out a cuss word and she stopped.

“I would have walked out on you too but I will be the adult here.”

He watched her through desire-filled eyes. “Thank goodness, you’re the adult.” He said, trying to catch his breath.

Fishing his pocket for a condom, he tore open the wrapper and wore protection as fast as his quivering fingers could let him.

Getting rid of her thong, the woman took her place and eased herself down onto him.

“Oh gosh, Lummy.” She moaned his name as she began to ride him, hands caressing her breasts.

Lord, let Michael forgive me for doing this to his wife.

He muttered silently, because this couldn’t be right. Even though he was enjoying every single second and he knew he would give half his wealth to enjoy more.

Taking her breasts with his mouth again, he let his tongue do the magic as he accepted her.

“I’m coming…” she cried, fingers digging into his shoulders. He heard his phone vibrate against his pocket but this wasn’t the time. He was not exchanging any contact with the outside world until he was done.

“Shit!!!” she screamed; her body going still as she collapsed against him, a cry of pleasure escaping her full lips.

He planted kisses all over her face, holding her tightly before gently placing her against the door.

Parting her legs, she watched him drive his manhood deeper into her.

Olumide moved hard into her, he drove fast in and out of her wetness until his own climax came over him and he collapsed on top of her.

They held each other for a few seconds, breathless, the sound of the AC and the coolness in the car settling into them.

“That was good.” She said after a few minutes.

“Do you want to do it again?” he asked.

“As many times as possible.”

And he knew right there and then that if he ever thought he could stop, he was deceiving himself.


When he dropped her at home minutes later, they kissed some more in his car before she hopped down from his car.

He watched her disappear into her front door before he drove out of her estate, her kiss lingering on his lips as he sped all the way to Ikeja.

The meeting was halfway gone when he stepped in quietly and took his place at the end of the room. Goke’s eyes briefly settled on him before he continued with the meeting.

Olumide could see Shafi sitting close to Goke, his cold face, bland.

Of all the men at Mysterios, Shafi was easily the most feared. He spoke little, had a face that barely bore an expression and was known to deal ruthlessly with anyone he considered an enemy.

Since he became president of Mysterios, Shafi had left many dead people in his trail and many had gone missing because they dared cross paths with him. He never gave second chances and could bend the strongest of men.

The former president of Mysterios had died mysteriously after getting into a fight with Shafi – till date, nobody knew the real circumstances surrounding his death. Everyone just knew Obinna was alive one minute and gone the next. Shafi had finished him, acquired his vast empire by buying every single thing he owned and even made his wife his mistress.

The woman, Bimpe, was a popular jewelry dealer. Her beauty was one spoken of by many men and wherever she went, heads turned even though she was in her early 40s.

Rumor had it that Shafi had been sleeping with her long before her husband died but whatever the case was, he started flaunting her in high society barely weeks after Obinna’s demise.

His own wife, Amaka lived permanently in the US with their two kids and barely visited Nigeria. Olumide knew of a meeting between Amaka and Bimpe as planned by Shafi. He also knew that Amaka had no say in her husband’s private affairs. Besides, everyone knew how smitten Shafi was with the buxom beauty that was Bimpe Okoli.

And even though Shafi and Goke had the ability to kill easily, Shafi was more feared because where Goke sought approval and took actions because he felt threatened, Shafi wore his own danger like a second skin.

Goke rounded up the meeting and the other men of Myterios dispersed after exchanging pleasantries and a few jokes.

Usually, they lingered around longer, sometimes to have drinks outside the club but today, everyone was leaving early because of Shafi. The man reminded many of death.

“Olu.” Shafi called now, his face still expressionless. Olumide joined him where he stood and where Goke was trying his best to get his attention.

“Mr Ashafa.” Head slightly bowed, Olumide voiced his greeting.

“Quit the formalities, Olu. Everyone calls me Shafi around here.” Shafi drew a hand out for a handshake. Olumide took it.

Behind him, two mean looking bodyguards had taken their place. Each of them with eyes so soulless, they looked like they guarded dragons in their other lives.

But none of these people scared Olumide. He had a past where men like these were regular, so this bunch barely ruffled him.

“You came in late for the meeting today. Heavy traffic?”

“Long day at work and the traffic also didn’t help.”

Shafi nodded. Silence fell on the room.

“Shafi, I was…” Goke began to say but he received no audience from Shafi.

“I’m in town for a day, we should have dinner.” He glanced around the room and as if just noticing Goke, “Would you host us at yours, Goke?”

Goke nodded, “Of course.”

Olumide joined the men as they made out of Mysterios. Once they were out, Goke pulled him aside, “Hope you have the tape, it’s now or never!”

As he was about to respond, his phone buzzed. It was Toni. She was frantic.

“Olumide, could you please come over? Someone just burgled my house and I am scared!”

He could hear Tania’s voice urging her to tell him to come ASAP. Olumide’s mind traveled quickly to the burglary in her house as orchestrated by him.

“Tell him they hit you on the head with a gun!” Tania yelled.

Shafi turned to look at him then, “Any problem?”

Olumide wanted to run to Toni’s house and see if she was okay.

But how was he to say no to the king of death, Shafi?