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Dangerous Passion

Olumide muttered a complaint in his sleep before he rolled over to his bedside, grabbed his iPhone and shut down the alarm.

His body ached from all the running around he had done at work the day before and now, more than ever, he didn’t look forward to this Monday morning.

As usual, he had gone on a routine check to one of his branches to supervise work there. He routinely visited different branches of his pharmaceutical company without prior warning to his staff to see how they related with customers and if his Pharmacists still did things right.

He was not the type of boss who sat down someplace and left his business completely in the hands of strangers. Competent strangers, they were, still he checked on them from time to time.

Yesterday had been the turn of the branch in Ogba. And because it was a Sunday, he’d showed up around midday when the branch opened, thrown on his lab coat and dispensed with the Pharmacist on duty.

As usual, not a single soul knew who he was among the customers who visited. A situation he liked and intended to keep that way.

However, he ensured he kept smiles on their faces as they purchased drugs, toiletries and sometimes makeup from his pharmacy.

It was usually that simple but yesterday had been slightly difficult, because he’d been thinking of Toni even while he dispensed drugs from the counter.

He hadn’t spoken to her since that Saturday night and he somehow intended to keep it that way.

During his drive out of her estate, he had realized he couldn’t use her. He couldn’t make her let her guard down just because he wanted to complete a mission and please Goke. The anger she wore when she first confronted him at his Strip club still stood vivid in his memory and left to him, he never wanted to see her that way again.

So he had been thinking of ways to get that tape without using her and of course, breaking into her home.

Yet, none came to mind. None whatsoever. So he’d stayed away, hoping something would come eventually.

Needless to say Goke had been calling incessantly, leaving messages, all of which he ignored.

There was a Mysterios meeting later that night at their usual venue – an Old boys’ club in heart of the GRA in Ikeja and he hoped to slip in and out without being noticed by Goke.

A move he knew was almost impossible because Goke now sat in the chair of the Grand Chief, still, he was willing to try.

The cold water from the shower hit his back with a blast and for a few minutes, he drove thoughts of Toni into the back of his head as he washed himself clean, brushed and got dressed for the day.

He picked up a cup of coffee from the Café that just opened on the way to his Office and stepped into the elevator on the ground floor, joining a few other people as he traveled to his Office on the 3rd floor.

He smiled at a wailing baby and succeeded in pacifying her, giving a nod in response to the mother’s ‘thank you’, before stepping out of the elevator and strolling into his Office.

He popped into the Pharmacy to check in on the pharmacist on duty and the receptionist before retiring to his private office to do some paper work. Thanks to the coffee, his day flew by quick, thoughts of Toni only taking over his mind at lunch time when he stepped out to find something to eat.

Normally, he did delivery from one of the major food delivery companies owned by one of the guys at Mysterios, but today, he wanted fresh air and space to clear his thoughts. And maybe, if he was lucky, finally map out a strategy on how to secure the tape in Toni’s house.

As he took the elevator down, his mind briefly toyed with the idea of inviting Toni out to lunch. He knew enough about her to know where she worked and how to find her.

Still, he managed to convince himself with thoughts of ‘she would be busy.’ But when the idea wouldn’t depart even after he pushed open the glass doors on the ground floor and fished his pocket for his car key, he decided to give in.

So he hopped into his car, started the engine and drove all the way to her School to ask her to lunch.


Toni was in the middle of a meeting with a few SS3 class teachers when she sighted him.

She’d been talking about the unruly behavior of some of the students in the class the teachers headed when the corner of her eyes caught his frame and she looked to double check if it was truly him.

She’d spent the remainder of the weekend thinking about him naked, making love to her, giving her orgasms and doing the most unthinkable things to her lady parts. So when she thought she saw him, she had to be sure it was really him.

She stopped midsentence when her eyes confirmed his presence. A smile on his face disrupted the rest of the meeting and suddenly, everything she wanted to say was gone into thin air.

He stood spaces away from her, nudging her to complete her meeting while he watched.

Toni managed a smile before returning to the curious eyes staring at her.

“I need a weekly report from each of you on the names of the students earlier reported by the School counselor. This school will not endorse juvenile behavior of any sort from any student here. Have a good day, everyone.” Before she turned, she exhaled deeply.

But the action was of no use because the moment she turned to face him, he literally took her breath away. He was clad in a black suit and white shirt which had a few buttons loose.

Smooth brown skin peeped at her from beneath the shirt and her throat ran dry at the sight she saw. Dragging her gaze to meet his, she managed a smile as she approached him.

“Mr Okubanjo.” She said, hand stretched for a shake.

He grinned, eyed her outstretched hand and pulled her into an embrace instead. Minutes passed, her ear pinned to his chest where she could hear his heartbeat, her own heart racing like it was on a Formula One race track.

Then slowly, he peeled her away from him and looked into her eyes. “You can call me Olumide.”

“Oh, we’re back to first names now? You didn’t tell me.”

A lopsided grin appeared on his face. Even that was distracting, Toni discovered.

He ignored her sarcasm and took a closer look at her. She was decked in a wine colored long sleeve wrap dress, a pair of kitten heels on her legs.

Olumide was so used to women walking around in hooker heels or stilettos that this pair on her feet was a breath of fresh air.

“You look beautiful, Toni.” He emphasized her name and watched the slight smile that appeared on her face. Letting the compliment sink in, he paused for a bit before he said, “I came to take you out for lunch. Are you by any chance free?”

“I don’t usually go out for lunch, Mr Okubanjo.”

“Surely, you can make an exception for me?”

A dramatic pause before she replied, “Maybe”

“Thank you.” Holding out his arm so she could take it, he asked “Shall we?”

“But first, I have go grab my purse.” She slipped her hand below his arm and grabbed it.

He nodded slightly. They moved in the direction of her office.

“Hopefully, by the time I feed you so much you cannot move, you will drop the Mister.”

“You wish.” She whispered and he let out a chuckle as they walked away.


Her Office was a slightly small, comfortable space that smelt good. The cushioned rug, the cozy lone sofa and the cool air made him briefly wonder if anyone ever slept off in this place.

He watched her walk to her table and lean towards her open Laptop. Her brows furrowed into a deep frown, a sigh escaped her lips before she looked at him and offered a quick apology.

“I will need 5 minutes.” She said and he nodded.

At first, he made himself comfy on the sofa, the school magazine on the coffee table flipping through his hands. But after a while, a dirty idea crept into his mind and he refused to let it go.

As he rose, a devilish smile appeared on his face. She was shutting the laptop down when he reached where she was, his warm breath on her skin.

She swallowed hard, her eyes lowering as she evaded his face.

“Toni?” he called.


Even when she responded, her gaze didn’t shit from his face.

“I need you to look at me.”

She dragged her gaze slowly to his face now and he felt like he waited an eternity for their eyes to meet.

“What are you doing?” she asked, trying her best to look undaunted. The man was undoing her in her own Office – her own workspace. Somewhere where she’d only worked.

“Why don’t you watch? Maybe you’d like it.”

His masculine face offered a smile that made the proposal worth trying, so she held his gaze as his body pressed hard against hers.

She could feel his erection against her dress, pressing into her skin. His firm hand grabbed her waist and she stifled a moan as his mouth crushed into hers and they began to kiss.

She held the table for support as his other hand cupped her face.

When he let go some seconds later, she tried to mask the disappointment that built within her.

“I don’t want you leaning against anything.” His voice was a low command. Stepping back a few spaces, he beckoned to her with his hand. “Come.”

She obeyed. Standing inches away from the table, close to him, her heart trying its best to be steady.

Olumide’s hands reached for the neckline of her dress. Touching her cleavage, he released a boob after the other.

Her breasts came alive in his hands the moment they were set free. Each nipple hardening as if they were eager to see him.

Truth be told, he was eager to see them too.

Stepping aside for a moment, he watched her full breasts out of her neckline, looking ready, all for him.

Toni’s hands flew to cover them and he stopped her before she could do so. “You’re beautiful, stop being so shy.”

He knew she wanted to protest but he stopped her with a finger on her lips.

“I know something else you can use your hands for,” the smile was on his face again. “And it’s not up there.”

His eyes fell on the hem of her knee-length dress. “It’s down there.”

“What?” her voice was thick with lust.

“Raise your dress.”

When she didn’t say or do anything, he repeated the words. “Do it, Toni.”

Slowly, she pulled her dress all the way to her ass. “Raise it up, Toni. I want to see your panties.”

He watched her part her lips slowly as she obeyed his command. Silk white panties peeked at him, it was one of those pants that weren’t thongs but still didn’t cover the entire cleft between her legs. He loved it.

“Stop.” He said gently. “Now hold it in place.” He continued as he began to walk towards her now.

Her whole vagina had recently been shaved and the thoughts of pushing his cock deep into her wetness drove him insane as he approached her.

Again, her eyes lowered, but he didn’t want that. That wasn’t the plan.

“Toni, into my eyes.” She drew her gaze to his and he smiled. “Good girl.”

Stopping right before her, he ensured his eyes didn’t move away from hers as his finger drew aside her panties and toyed with her clit for a brief moment.

She gasped when a finger thrust into her. “I need you to watch me do this to you, Toni.”

“Okay.” She whispered.

Eyes on her, he retrieved the finger and doubled it. Thrusting into her, he buried his fingers deeper this time before he began driving into her, faster.

She accepted him, accepting all he could give her while her body threatened to explode because of all the pleasure he so generously offered.

And because she couldn’t, she wanted to settle for closed eyes but he didn’t let her.

“Keep it open, baby.”

Gosh, he was calling her baby! He was freaking calling her baby! How long could she hold on? How long?

Grabbing her ass, he tucked her panties between her butt and tightened his grip on her bare ass.

She groaned, he smiled. He was still working his fingers in and out of her. This time, assigning his thumb to her clit.

She grabbed his suit. “Touch your breasts.” He directed and she began to fondle them, eyes still on him.

Goodness, no action turned him on more than watching this woman do this.

“Shit!” she cussed out loud, attempting to throw her head back.

“Hey babe, don’t forget the rule.” He muttered.

Looking into his eyes, she gritted, “It’s hard.”

“Is it?” he asked. He knew she was nearing her climax and he wanted so bad to see her come.

His phone buzzed, pulling out his phone he realized it was Goke.


His fingers stopped. “Okay.” Ending the call, he threw the phone back in his pocket. “I’m sorry, I need to go.”

Toni gasped in shock, “Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry, Toni. Emergency. I really need to go…”

And he was out of the door before she could say to him, “But I need to come!”

See you next Monday. 😉