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Dangerous passion
Toni’s cheeks hurt from feigning smiles and laughter. It was her seventh fake smile – if she had counted well – that night and it was beginning to take its toll on her cheeks.

Yet, her date did not seem tired. He entwined their hands and went from group to group, speaking in an elaborate accent and laughing out loud to every joke.

Toni rolled her eyes inwardly as they greeted yet another person in high society.

She hated these dinners and balls and what-not. They were exhausting and too boogie for her liking.

When she was a little girl, her mother had been invited to many of these things simply because she catered to the former Deputy Governor of Lagos state and the woman had thought her reward lay somewhere within the walls of events like this.

At first, her mother had been able to drag her father to them. But with time, the old man had gotten exhausted with the same botox-filled faces, silicone boobs, grey beards and noisemaking politicians, that he had pleaded to be excluded from future events.

It was an excuse to spend laundered money and the masses’ taxes, he’d said in his defense. And even though her mother agreed with him, she still went for years because the Deputy Governor had ‘helped’ her business a lot.

Toni had become her mother’s extra help – when she was catering – and date to these events but with time, she’d also begun to tire of the same old style.

It always started with an obviously bored trophy wife who was on the verge of getting drunk, hitting the mic a little too hard and giggling like a little girl, before ‘welcoming the guests.’

Those wives were usually young – in their early thirties at the most – and usually ex MBGN/beauty queens. They welcomed in their expensive couture pieces, which usually battled with the spotlight on stage, because it mostly glittered. Then they went ahead to introduce the people on the high table which mostly included their wealthy old, sometimes potbellied husbands.

Toni had seen it a little too much and she could play the entire thing out if asked.

So why did she come when she clearly loathed the mere idea of fake-smiling at all these people? Was it because she had excused herself when Emmanuel came earlier to touch herself in the bathroom because Olumide had turned on something within her?

Was it because she needed to cool herself down and return to her senses after that unexplainable vibe between them both? Was it because she knew deep down he was dangerous yet she wanted him badly?

She knew the answers to all those questions and so she refrained herself from pretending.

She couldn’t tame her body anymore and getting out of the house with a man she couldn’t stand on a normal day had been the answer.

But she wasn’t going to stay long here.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!” a soft feminine chuckle followed the greeting.

There we go again…

Toni tried to brace herself for the long boring night that lay ahead.

“You’re welcome to the Gifted ball in honor of less privileged kids and internally displaced people in the country as sponsored tonight by Chief and Chief Mrs Olowo.” The hall roared as everyone clapped their hands.

The ‘wife of the night’ also jammed her hands together like a child at her favorite spot for the first time.

Toni wondered why they all ended up with the old money bags if they were all going to eventually play out their misery on a stage like this.

Money clearly trumped happiness for some.

The young wife was calling out the names of the donors and occupants of the high table now.

“…and my husband, Chief Goke Adesina.” The hall clapped again. Emmanuel seemed excited, his hands jamming together longer and louder than they had for the previously called names.

Toni couldn’t help herself. “Did he promise you money?” she inquired. Because she didn’t understand the enthusiasm.

“You don’t know Goke Adesina?” he asked, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

And Toni liked the fact that he was disappointed. She wanted to piss him off further. “Is he supposed to be important?”

It worked because Emmanuel gasped, as if horrified he asked, “You don’t know the Goke Adesina?”

Toni shrugged, a blank expression on her face. “Does he actually do anything or are you going to keep asking if I know who I don’t know?”

And Emmanuel began to list his achievements, many of which she couldn’t be bothered to put to memory or remember after that night. So she focused on little Mrs Goke Adesina – Emerald, she’d called herself – as she allowed herself to be held by two hefty men, while she left the podium.

She was dressed in a floor length sparkly green dress, her curves flattered by the outfit Toni knew cost several thousands of naira.

“Are you even listening?” Emmanuel’s voice tore into her thoughts.


“I said we have a meeting tomorrow because I need him to invest in my company.”

She frowned. Wasn’t he a banker anymore?

“Are you not supposed to be working for someone?” she asked and he shook his head, clearly appalled.

“Do you even remember anything I say at all? During the drive here, I remember telling you I am quitting the bank in coming months and settling down to focus on my business once and for all.”

“Oh.” She muttered and returned her tired gaze to the stage.

The world famous Goke Adesina was easing into a seat now, a smile on his face. Toni thought he had a mean look and that the smile seemed misplaced on his old face.

Emerald sauntered past them and Emmanuel’s gaze lingered on her for a little too long before she left.

Toni briefly wondered if he was attracted to her before she returned to viewing the boring sight before her – Goke Adesina and his bunch of overly fed, widely known and sometimes ridiculed politician friends were laughing about something.

Another young wife mounted the stage and began to call out projects they needed donations for.

Toni knew it was only a matter of time before she tore her dress off her. She was bored stiff already.

Her fingers toyed with the embroidered neckpiece of her little black dress, one of her favorites.

Letting her eyes wander through the crowd, her gaze briefly settled on the woman she’d delivered her mother’s gift to, her husband, some couple by the door and then… him.

He was wearing a V-neck shirt beneath a dark blazer, his brown eyes scanning the entire hall.

What was he doing here?

He did look out of place with that outfit and with the way he stared like he’d stumbled on this place by mistake.

Emerald stepped into view and his handsome face gave way to a smile when he spotted her. Toni tried to push back whatever emotion she felt watching him hold her like that.

Like… like they were ex-lovers or something.

She must have been lost in the view before her because when she looked by her side, Emmanuel was nowhere in sight.

She wondered if he had excused himself before vanishing or if he simply took off because of her obvious lack of interest.

“Hey. Fancy seeing you here.”

His deep voice was beginning to work its magic again. And this time, she tried to brace herself for what to expect. Still, she was unprepared for the fire that surged through her when her eyes met his.

He had set her ablaze by one simple glance. With her four inch heel, he was still way taller than her. And so she looked at him from where she was, slightly beneath his chin, her eyes a little too conscious of his lips as he continued to speak.

“You look great.”

Oh say anything but that, you idiot! There are only a few things I can handle right now and that is so not one of them!

His gaze swept through her body slowly, like someone willing to enjoy a work of art with every look, every blink…

“Thanks…” she cleared her throat because somehow, her voice was lost. “Thank you.” She said again, managing a smile this time.

“So what are you doing here?” she asked him, still trying to keep the smile in place. One more fake smile tonight wouldn’t hurt.

“Came to see someone briefly.” He looked around. “Where’s your date?”

And before she could answer, “Wanna get out of here?”

Toni wanted to voice a very firm ‘no.’ But when his hand reached out, she put hers in it and let herself be pulled towards the door.

She wasn’t even thinking of Emmanuel returning or how rude her action was.

Emmanuel was going to return from wherever he went and be mad that she’d disappeared without a word.

Still, she stepped out of the hall into the large foyer of the building the ball was taking place in and took in the air that greeted them.

Her hand was still in his as they pushed through the glass doors that barricaded the entrance of the building and headed for his car.

“We could go for drinks or…”

“Come to mine.” She blurted.

The day before, Tania had told her to live.

Maybe this could be her option to live. Maybe she could take this tall glass of dark chocolate to her house, fuck his brains out and kick him to the curb when she’d had her fill.

He easily set her body on fire so she could blame the intense attraction for it by morning.

He leaned closer and her heart raced because of that single movement. “Are you sure?” his voice was low, yet clear.

Was he feeling what she was feeling or was she imagining things? A guy like him got all the women he wanted, she was sure.

If she needed any testimony to that, Emerald Adesina’s reckless flirting inside the hall earlier proved that. The woman was literally spaces away from her husband, yet, she’d thrown caution to the wind and poked his chest while she laughed at something he’d said.

And Emerald was a former beauty queen – the second runner up at the MBGN pageant three years before.

She was no beauty queen, she was just a random woman who didn’t even take extra effort to look different every day. She mostly wore the same pink colored lipgloss and never drew her brows.

It was still a cause of argument between her and Tania every time she sat before a mirror – her refusal to sit longer while slapping more make up on her face.

Olumide took her hands now, causing some sort of electricity to course through her veins “You’re not saying anything. And I will take that to mean you do not really want this.”

But she did. She really wanted this, whatever that meant.

A soft wind blew and his cologne drifted through her nostrils.

Unconsciously, she inhaled his scent, committing it to memory.

“Should I just drop you off, instead? Or would you just return inside and join your date?”

She was about to respond when Emmanuel’s voice thundered through the hall into the warm air outside.

“Toni, what are you doing here for God’s sake?!” he eyed Olumide before he faced her, “And you stepped out with a random stranger without even saying a word to me?”

A couple of passersby glanced their way. Toni was slightly embarrassed.

“You’re raising your voice, Emma.” She said gently. Her body was still trying to adjust to the short lived touch of Olumide’s firm but soft hands.

“Let’s just go back inside, please.” Emmanuel said, stepping aside for her to fall in place beside him.

But she couldn’t do that. She couldn’t walk in through those doors acting like she could bear a minute longer in that hall filled with fake people and Emmanuel.

“I think I will call it a night, Emma.” She said simply, ignoring the gasp that accompanied her statement. He was stunned. “Have a good night.”

When she turned, Olumide was nowhere in sight. A feeling of disappointment washed through her as she pulled out her phone from the clutch slung on her right shoulder.

She needed to get a cab and get out of here. Even her feet were beginning to hurt in the stilettos she rarely wore.

“Toni!” Emmanuel called, “this is stupid and I expect you would have grown up!” he shouted before bursting in through the doors and leaving her to her fate outside.

She knew she should feel some sort of guilt by his outburst, yet, the moment he disappeared through the doors, all she felt was a huge relief.

Good riddance.

Scrolling towards her Uber app, she clicked on it and was about typing in her destination when a Jaguar stopped before her.

It was Olumide.

“Get in.” he said.

Usually, she’d have told him to fuck off, because she didn’t take orders. Not even from tall, dark and handsome men who looked something off a runway meant for underwear models.

But because this was a night so different from any other and so charged with so much energy and lust, she got into the passenger’s seat and slammed the door shut.

His car smelt of a mild pineapple scent, the temperature in it, cool. The DJ on the radio announced a Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj song and he turned up the music slightly before he threw the gear into drive, pulled out of his parking space and sped out of the area.

Something told Toni she was going to replay the moment whenever that song came up after that night and she worried she was going to like it.

The road was free and so he sped through it, switching lanes at will.

Toni watched the gold bracelet glistening on his wrist when he switched gears before she relaxed her head and shut her eyes. If she was going to regret this in the morning, she might as well savor every moment now. She might as well start to make dreams of it.

Olumide’s heart increased its pace as he drove to her house. The road stretched out before him, revealing a few cars on the express way at that time of the night.

It was a Saturday night in Lagos and most people were probably locked in their house or partying away at different clubs in the city. Whatever it was, they seemed to be disinterested in this part of town.

He glanced at the sleeping woman beside him as they sped through a street light. The light cast its shadow upon her and lit up her beauty, making it hard for him to tear his gaze away and focus on the road.

She was extremely beautiful and so sexy, it was becoming harder to keep his hands to himself.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and tried to psyche himself up for the task that lay ahead.

When Goke had called him earlier, he had been worried about how to get into her house even though he didn’t let it overwhelm him.

Breaking in and leaving unnoticed had being an option but with the tight security in her estate, that thought had become quite unrealistic. So, he had reconsidered seeing her again and asking for a date, hangout, dinner or whatever will make her lose her guard around him.

Another call from Goke, informing him of her presence at the ball was supposed to push him closer towards the breaking in option but somehow, he’d felt uneasy with that.

If he charmed her, he could get what he wanted, easily.

He cussed himself silently for being so sloppy the first time. If she didn’t notice anything the first time, taking what he wanted would have been easier this time.

She stirred now, her lips puckered and her arms previously folded beneath her breasts fell on her laps.

He could watch her for days.

If only circumstances were different and she was a beautiful woman he’d run into somewhere, he would have made love to her, worshipped her body and basked in the beauty that was her.

But that wasn’t their fate.

He slowed down at her gate, honking once to alert the security. One of the uniformed men came forward and leaned towards the car. Olumide flipped on the inner light and revealed Toni’s sleeping profile.

As if on cue, her lashes fluttered and she sat up straight, looking at the security guard.

“Hey, please let us in.”

“Yes ma’am.” The security guy responded and signaled to his colleagues at the gate.

The gate to the estate flew open and Olumide drove in.

“Sorry, slept off.” Toni apologized, a smile on her face.

Goodness, could the woman look any prettier?

“It’s okay.” He said with his own smile. When he reached her driveway, he pulled up and glanced at her, waiting for her to make the call.

“Come in.” she said to him and they both alighted and made for the front door. While she unlocked the door, Olumide’s eyes searched the area.

“Don’t worry, our security is tight,” she said with a smile when she stepped in and held the door for him to come in.

He smiled, she had seen him. “Habit. I’m sorry.” He apologized. All his life, he had learned how to ensure his surrounding was safe. Joining Mysterios heightened that behavior. The average member did not visit anywhere without ensuring everything was safe.

“It’s fine. My late husband basically did that all our lives.” Toni replied and he responded with a blank stare and a slight nod.

If only she knew that husband was someone he knew so well and was the reason he was visiting this house for the second time.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… it’s just… I haven’t really dated since he passed. Not date…” she fell silent, saying nothing more for the next few seconds. “I’ll get us something to drink.” Kicking off her shoes, she was gone in seconds.

Olumide slumped into a seat and waited for her to return.

In the kitchen, Toni cussed herself out for blabbing like a kid. Was she stupid? She was 29 for Pete’s sake, why was having a nice time with a man such a foreign concept to her?

Yes, she was not used to flirting with men and having one night stands because she never did that before she got married, but she could at least let her instincts kick in, have a few drinks and sleep with the man and then say goodbye.

Why the heck was she bringing up a late husband? She’d be lucky if Olumide still wanted to sleep with her when she returned.

Muttering another cuss under her breath, she retrieved two clean glasses and a wine opener from her kitchen cabinet. On her way out of the Kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of wine from the Fridge and headed back to the sitting room.

She tried to avoid his gaze when she placed the glasses on a stool near him.

Instead, she dedicated her hands to separating the bottle of wine and the cork with the wine opener in her hands. A task that was quickly becoming impossible, thanks to the tension in the room.

Olumide stood and rescued the opener from her, his hands brushing hers slightly as he did.

“Let me help you.” He said gently. Toni’s body woke up with the single contact his hands had with her body and she had to move away from him to keep her sanity intact.

“There you are,” he said with a smile, pouring them a glass each. Setting the bottle on the stool, he handed Toni her own glass. “So you were telling me about being previously married.”

“We don’t have to discuss that.” She said quickly, glad for an opportunity to redeem herself. “It’s not something we should be discussing right now.”

“Why? You think the thought of you having a dead husband will make you less attractive to me? I still find you sexy, Toni.”

Her heart skipped a beat, her eyelids lowering to hide her obvious shyness.

And he had to admit, he enjoyed the discomfort she felt when he told her he found her sexy. Lifting the glass to his lips, he winked as he took a sip.

“I know this is early but truth is, I want you.” He said matter-of-factly. “I have wanted you since the first time I set eyes on you.”

Toni swallowed hard, the wine in her hand had been rendered useless. She was already tipsy on whatever this man was serving. So she toyed with the side of the glass with her fingers, refusing to make eye contact because she was afraid of what might happen if she did.

His eyes roamed her body as he continued to speak, “And I want to make mindless love to you as many times as possible.”

She was self-conscious, the way she’d never really been with anyone. Not even when she first met Michael. There was something about this guy that made her feel like a teenager falling for someone for the first time.

He dropped his glass and took hers.

“And now wouldn’t be a bad time to start.” Her glass was sitting side by side his now. “Or what do you think?”

She shook her head; her lips were incapable of doing much at the moment. Grabbing her waist with one hand, he pulled her close to himself.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, you know right?”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not a compliment, it is a fact.” Two fingers raised her chin. Now that her heels were gone, she stood on her toes so she could be closer to him in height. “And you’re making me think of crazy things right now.” His breath was warm against her skin. “Like kissing you senseless…”

His mouth took hers without warning, his tongue pushed in, searching for hers and she gave in to the hunger without holding back.

Arms thrown around his neck, she pressed her body closer to his and kissed him like a starved animal.

She wanted this, she wanted this so bad.

Lifting her body off the ground, she held his waist with her legs. He held her with both hands to steady her against him as they kissed. Taking quick strides, he neared the wall and balanced her against it, his fingers setting her zip free.

The black dress gave way and his eyes fell on her beautiful breasts held in place by a green lacy bra. He could see her brown nipples peeking from beneath the bra and he wanted nothing more but to put them in his mouth.

Unclasping her bra in one quick move, he watched her beautifully formed breasts set free against him. Without warning, his hands scooped her breasts, marveling at how tender and smooth they were and how welcoming her peaked nipples seemed.

“Your boobs are beautiful,” he said, his voice husky. He could barely recognize his own voice, thanks to this woman’s body. Briefly, he tried to remember the last time he wanted to bury himself into a woman this much. Not since when he was a teenager, with raging hormones and a stack of porn magazines.

“Thanks.” She replied, breathlessly.

She was as taken away as he was. And that prompted his next move. Letting his tongue take the lead, he teased her taut nipples. Responding to his move, she moaned at first contact and he felt himself hardening against his jeans as a result.

When her arms rested on his shoulders, her hands firmly grabbing his back, he drew in the nipples with his mouth, teasing, circling them until she muttered, “shit, Olumide.”

Calling his name was a turn on, so he brought in his hands. With each thumb dedicated to both nipples, he slowly caressed the throbbing tips, increasing her moans to a higher pitch.

Raising his head, his mouth crushed into hers, demanding for more the deeper their kiss got.

This woman was going to be the end of him. How she set him ablaze with such fire was unfathomable but damn him if he cared to find out.

Her warm body against his, yearning for his touch as he pleased her was all he cared about right now. And that was what he was going for.

His hand traveled down south, feeling her moistness beneath the lacy pant she wore.

“Goodness, you’re so wet.” He murmured against her full lips and she smiled shyly. He couldn’t wait for her to get rid of the shyness and take charge on top and beneath him. It could even be beside him or while standing against the wall – whatever the case, he couldn’t wait for them to reach the destination where her shyness became a thing of the past.

He tickled her nipples with his tongue and stuck one finger into her moist inside. She moaned his name. Without giving her a chance to recover, he doubled the finger and stuck both in her.

She screamed in ecstasy.

He wanted to whisper softly, that she’d alert her neighbors. But that would be contradictory to what he really wanted – he wanted to touch her, please her so much that she woke her neighbors. He wanted the estate to witness what he did to her body.

He withdrew his fingers and thrust them in sharply almost immediately. Her fingers dug into his back, “damn, Olumide. This is…”

A loud knock stopped her midsentence. She ignored it and stifled another moan as Olumide worked his fingers in and out of her.

When the knock became incessant, he asked her quietly, “Are you sure you don’t want to get that?”

“I’m sure it’s my friend, Tania. It can wait till morning.” She replied, but when the knocks didn’t cease, she hissed.

“Toni, I know you’re awake and I know you’re not with a man! So open up!” Tania’s voice rang through the door.

Toni rolled her eyes in exasperation. Surely Tania must have seen the Jaguar parked in her driveway and must have figured out she had a guest.

She was about to ignore her when her phone rang. Olumide stepped aside then.

Muttering a quick apology, she hurried to where her phone was and found out it was her mother. Toni struggled with her dress and picked the call at the same time.

“Hello mummy…” she listened as her mother questioned her rude behavior earlier that night. Emmanuel had called and reported her. What was wrong with her? Did she think this was anyway to keep a man? “I am not trying to keep a man.” She replied, irritated that Emmanuel couldn’t wait till morning.

He was that angry, ehn? Such juvenile behavior and that was shocking, coming from Emmanuel. He kept it childish and silly, but who knew even he could go this low.

He clearly lived for ridiculous. Olumide’s hands helped with her dress and she smiled in appreciation.

Even now that she was angry at Emmanuel, she still couldn’t look Olumide in the eye. Not after moaning his name like that and having his fingers in the most intimate parts of her body.

Should I get the door? He mouthed and Toni nodded, grateful for his help.

“Mummy, I had something to take care of that’s why I left.” Her gaze locked with Olumide’s at that point and he smiled. Her heart raced and she quickly looked away, knowing now that they had actually touched, keeping her hands to herself was becoming more impossible.

Tania bounced into the house and was mouthing something insulting when her eyes caught Olumide.

She grinned, “ahan, you did not say na. I would have gone back home.”

Toni ignored her exaggerated wink. “Mr Olu,” Tania continued, still in an exaggerated manner. “We’re happy to see you.” She added.

Rolling her eyes, Toni walked away from the sitting room. She was not ready to deal with her mother overhearing Tania talk about a man in her house at that time of the night.

“Nice to see you again, Tania.” Olumide replied. He was sitting now, trying to gather himself together. Thanks to his inability to control himself around the woman, he now had an erection he was desperately trying to rid himself of.

Toni returned now and he tried everything he could to tear his gaze away from her. Now that her pixie cut was ruffled and she had a few strands flying around, she looked sexier than she did when she was put together.

He vaguely wondered what she looked like in the morning, after lovemaking, naked in bed.

The ache in his pants warned him that his thoughts were traveling too far and he brought himself back.

“I think I need to leave.” Olumide announced, getting on his feet.

“Ha, don’t leave on my account. I only came here to borrow salt…”

But he was already at the door. Even if Tania left now, he didn’t think he could get back to touching Toni again.

“I was done actually.” Olumide said with a polite smile. “Have a good night, Mrs Garrn. And you too, Tania.” And with that he was out of the door.

Toni watched him leave, dashed. She had anticipated more from that night. Yet, one knock on the door and he had regained his senses, realizing she wasn’t the type of woman he hooked up with.

Of course, he got down with the likes of Emerald and other women who were more put together and image conscious.

How was she so stupid to think he truly wanted her. She cussed herself out for thinking all that heavy chemistry was mutual. Of course, it wasn’t.

And now, they had gone back to him calling her Mrs Garrn. She slumped into a seat near Tania whose eyes had now traveled to the bra lying on the floor near the couch.

“Hian, after all that removal and bra and what I am sure was other things, he went back to calling you Mrs Garrn?” she asked, “Mrs Garrn?” she reiterated, peeved. Then, she added, “Toni, have I taught you nothing?!”

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