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Dangerous Passion

Tania had facial scrub plastered on her face when she pulled the door open. Toni stepped into the cold apartment which smelt of jasmine and something else she didn’t know.

Tania liked to fuse different fragrances and Toni had gotten tired of trying to figure them all out long ago.

Toni’s feet hit the lush rug, she let herself slump into the floor, her eyes on the ceiling.

“You look like your life has finished, Toni. Has your life finished?” Tania asked. She bolted the door and slumped into a cushioned sofa. Her hand reached for a half-eaten ice cream. “Did the hot man you took home to service you finish your life last night?” she was eating the ice cream like a 2 year old would – shamelessly and with what her mother would call, ‘no home training.’

“Tania, we need to go and find that guy.” Toni said, sitting up.

“That good, ehn?” Tania replied, she was talking with ice cream in her mouth now. “Later they will say Tania is bad for them.”

“I’m serious.”

Tania looked at her, a serious look on her face. “I’m serious too.”

Toni briefly thought she looked like something Parents would hire to make their kids laugh at a children’s party. She told her. Tania simply stuck out a tongue in response.

“Tania, I’m dead serious. Go and remove that awful thing from your face and have a quick bath.”

Tania shrugged, “I’m expecting man.”

Rolling her eyes, Toni stood. “Seems like coming here was a total waste of time.”

“He doesn’t take time while doing it. Actually, the reason I insisted on his presence is because I need him to buy me a new TV.”

Toni’s gaze briefly settled on the huge plasma sitting on a brown TV stand at the end of the room. Tania had purchased it just six months before. “What’s wrong with this one?”

“It’s six months old. And I need one I can view Netflix and iroko tv with.”

Toni sighed, hit her playfully and dodged a punch as she stepped out of the cold apartment into the warm air outside.

She was going to have to find that guy by herself and she needed to get to it fast.

Hopping into her car, she started the engine and found her way to Eros.


The strip bar looked nothing like it did the night before. The music was slow – it was an old Paul Play song, Angel of my Life – and the workers were busy.

Two girls wiped the moisture off clean glasses with paper towels and a couple of guys cleaned the floor with brooms that had long plastic handles.

Toni’s eyes darted from the workers to the empty strip poles. He was nowhere in sight and she briefly wondered if he usually came in late.

He’d mentioned he was a pharmacist the night before, and even though she wondered why a pharmacist owned a strip club, she also knew it meant he probably spent more time out of this place.

He saw her before she did.

Right across the room where she stood, dressed in a floral maxi dress, a pair of shades carefully put in place on her head, she was beautiful to watch.

And so he did, the glass of water in his hand slowly making it to his lips.

He’d been expecting her. He had been accidentally sloppy at hers and had figured she would be at his once she figured out.

He hadn’t expected her so soon but still, he knew it was only a matter of time.

Her eyes found his and led her body to him. He waited for her to join him where he stood and she did in no time.

Standing spaces away from him, she held his gaze while she spoke.

If she was thrown, shaken or confused, it didn’t show. Not a line was out of place on her forehead and not a single emotion showed forth.

No wonder she was Michael’s wife. She was definitely the female version of the man he looked up to so much.

“I guess I should say you were expecting me.” She said simply.

“Good morning, Mrs Garrn.” He said with a slight bow.

“Quit the formalities and tell me why you were snooping through my house or watch me call the Police.”

“Is something missing at yours?”

The question threw her. She hadn’t expected that. She’d expected him to deny or if she were lucky, accept. But she hadn’t expected a response that had nothing to do with either.

“You looked through my house and took something. You know that.”

“So you’re looking for something then. What is it you’re looking for?”

Toni shook her head in disbelief, “You must think I came here to joke.”

“I could never accuse you of that; it would mean you have nothing to do and you sure seem like a busy woman.”

She was pushing her hand into her bag now. “Maybe if I really called the Police, you would realize I am not here to play.”

“You cannot arrest an innocent man with no charges.”

“But you were in my house…”

“As invited in by you.”

“And you took something…”

“You do not have any proof of that.”

Toni remembered the many times Michael had tried to fix cameras in the house and how she’d fought against it.

She thought it meant there were extra eyes in their house and she didn’t like it.

She’d told him he could when they had children, to keep an eye on the Nanny and any other domestic help they employed. But since it was just both of them and their house was built in an estate with tight security, there was no need.

Now, she wished she had been less stubborn and had listened to him.

“I am going to figure out what you took and be back.” She turned around now, angry and embarrassed.

She’d dashed here, willing to get the truth out of this man. But it had all been a stupid move. Of course, he wasn’t going to confess to taking something from her house. He was not foolish.

She on the other hand, a woman who had made every single move after thinking about it many times in her life, had dashed here, certain he would tell her the truth.

He hadn’t. And now she felt stupid.

Olumide watched her make for the front door. He felt sorry for making her look stupid.

And that was why he followed. Taking quick strides, he was by her side in seconds.

“I know a good place where we can have seafood.” He said to her. She barely looked at him. The shades were covering her face now. He thought she looked like Toni Braxton in her younger days.

“Come with me and let’s forget you accused me of taking something from your house.”

Anger rose within her, “Accuse?” she scoffed, “You took something from my house. It’s no accusation.”

She pulled the door, he pushed it close. “I could let you go home, search frantically and come up with nothing. And then call my Lawyer and sue you for defamation of character…”

She gaped in shock. “You’d sue me for what?”

“For accusing me of taking something from you when I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You’re a fool if you think I don’t know what I am saying.”

She looked prettier when she was angry. Her lips uttered the words quickly, like she was a Rapper in a rap battle, who knew what she was saying and who could deliver a punchline any moment.

“I will figure out whatever it is you took and I will come back for you. I promise you that.”

And with that she was gone into the afternoon sun.

He watched her leave. She could never figure out what it was he took. Except she knew of its prior existence, but he knew she didn’t.

Michael loved her and would have wanted to protect her.

He wanted to hit himself for being sloppy. Now she’d always suspect him of something. His plan had been to sneak in and out, unnoticed. But somehow, he’d made a mistake.

It just told him something – even he, black devil, was human.


Her phone was buzzing off the hook when she stepped into her car.

She needed a little time to calm herself and push away the tension that had built up inside of her while she stood near that man.

He unnerved her – in an inexplicable way – and every passing moment near him saw her wanting to reach for his body and find what lay beneath.

Yet, in the midst of all that emotion, she knew something wasn’t right with him.

Onions, Tania called men like that. They were delicious, layered till the last molecule and falling for them meant making your eyes water.

When her phone vibrated against her laps again, she realized she’d been staring into thin air for too long, Olumide on her mind.


Her mother’s boisterous voice pushed through the phone speaker. “Oluwatonifise, you wouldn’t believe who came here for breakfast!”

Not like she cared, but she knew better than to remain silent. Her mother would make a big deal out of her silence. It was her way.

“Who?” she uttered the word lifelessly. She couldn’t be bothered.

“The man of the moment.”

Her mother had a thing for vague words. Saying something that wasn’t exactly self-explanatory and which could mean too many things.

But the meeting she just had left a bitter taste in her mouth and she was not willing to play the ‘guess who’ game.

“Mommy, who is it?”


“What is he looking for?” the last conversation about Emmanuel led her to believe he was coming for lunch on Sunday, the next day.

What was he doing at her Parents’ on Saturday morning and for breakfast?

“What do you mean what am I looking for? I am as good as family.”

Her mother, in her wisdom, had put the phone on speaker. Yet, Toni knew she was not going to apologize.

She did not like Emmanuel and this was a conversation with her mother, not him.

“You’re not family…” she began to say before her mother cut in.

“Toni, you shouldn’t have said that.” The older woman said, her voice was considerably lower now. “It was uncalled for.”

“Coming to our house for breakfast they did not invite him for is what is uncalled for. Abi did you invite him?” she was not a fan of Emmanuel, his bright yellow suits and his loud, self-absorbed ways. However, she knew deep down that she was this angry because of how the meeting with Olumide had gone.

That and how she still had Olumide on her mind minutes after their meeting was over.

“Ahan, Toni. That’s not fair. The young man just really loves you.”

She stifled a chuckle; how convenient for her mother to say Emmanuel loved her.

“Just come and say hi. Please.”

It was because her mother had pleaded with her, she told herself minutes later when she drove through light traffic, avoided potholes filled with dirty water and eventually navigated her Parents’ estate.

It had nothing to do with how badly she wanted to shake off the feeling she had carried on her shoulders since she left Eros.

She passed by Emmanuel’s G Wagon as she made for the front door.

“The Princess is here!” the door swung open and Emmanuel stood by it, arms outstretched, a wide smile on his face.

Toni’s gaze swept through his body. There was no yellow suit today; it was a brown one getting its turn to shine.

She bit back a chuckle as her mind flashed through a heated argument she had with Emmanuel years before. He had been standing with her and her brother and a few of their mutual friends, trying to convince them all he knew a lot about the Nigerian fashion industry.

That was Emmanuel Kudaisi – the man who thought he knew everything about every single industry in Nigeria.

And it didn’t matter if he was talking to an expert. As far as he was concerned, he was ‘vast’ in everything because he was ‘widely read’ and ‘widely travelled.’

“The Nigerian fashion Industry is a joke as of this moment. Look at what you people call high end fashion… what people like me cannot proudly wear to certain places in Paris, New York and Italy.”

“Those places are termed the fashion capitals in the world – no be today. They’ve had time to grow.” Toni had said.

“Yes but…”

“No buts, Emma. There’s no need to compare us with people who have had huge support from government and have had a steady demand from buyers all over the world. Here, it’s by force for celeb to wear your material sometimes. Not to talk of someone in SA taking you seriously. So chill, give the Industry some time.”

The nods she had gotten and agreement that came off people’s lips didn’t make Emmanuel’s embarrassment easy to bear – he hated being argued with or being told he was wrong.

“Wow, you look magnificent.” He said to her, blowing an exaggerated kiss with his mouth and hands.

Toni muttered her gratitude and went in search of her mother. The maid was clearing what was left of breakfast and Toni helped herself to a lone toast on the way to her mother’s bedroom.

“You just missed your father,” her mother said, wrapping a box of perfume in a gold wrapping paper. “He went for a meeting with some of the boys.”

Toni nodded, the warm crusty toast disappearing into her throat.

“Why are you not sitting with Emma? He’s been waiting for you.”

Toni shrugged, “Good for him. I only came here because you asked me to.”

Her mother’s hands deftly tied a lean pink ribbon around the wrapping paper. “He wants you to escort him to the Olowos charity event later tonight.”

Toni dusted the crumbs off her hands, “I don’t like charity events. They’re boring and I did enough in my early twenties.”

“You need to be nicer to him.”

“Need?” Toni fought back the urge to roll her eyes. “I do not need to be nicer. Being nice is hard work enough.”

Her mother sighed, a look of concern etched on her face. Toni knew, without a doubt, that her mother’s choice for her was Emmanuel.

He came from old money, had been a friend of the family for years, was trusted by her family and he was Nigerian. Unlike the German husband she had brought home to them years before.

But she wasn’t interested.

“What would it take away from you if you followed him to the event tonight?”


“Toni, you are not busy tonight and I do not need to remind you that you’re not getting any younger. Getting someone to marry becomes harder the older you get.” The gift her mother was wrapping was sitting on the dressing mirror now.

“I am a widow o, mummy…”

“Exactly. That makes it worse. A single widow not just a single woman.”

She stood. “I am not going anywhere with Emma. He irks my soul.”

“So where are you now going?”

“Home.” She needed to get away from her mother’s obvious decision to force a man on her and soak in the tub.

“I need you to help me give Mrs Arinze this perfume at the charity ball.”

She was out of the bedroom when she replied, “Give Emma. He is the one going.”

Luckily for her, Emma was not looking her way when she stepped out of her mother’s room and made for the front door.

She had escaped minutes before and was parking in front of her house when he called her. She ignored it.

She was pushing her key into the front door when she realized she wasn’t alone.

Olumide stepped out of his car and joined her where she stood. Suddenly, the mere effort of turning a key in the keyhole became such a task.

She fumbled with the key before she eventually gave up. Turning to face him, she asked, “What are you doing here?”

He was not standing too close but his presence alone dried up all the moisture in her throat. Her pulse quickened and her heart raced all at once.

“I came to apologize.” He said simply. His voice was deep and rich; like something that belonged in a radio station or a voice over telephone company ads.

And because looking at anywhere below his chin was serious temptation, she stuck her gaze on his handsome face. Even though that was as dangerous as looking downwards.


“How everything turned out earlier. I shouldn’t have threatened to sue you.”

She paused before responding. Not because she didn’t know what to say but because somehow, the whole atmosphere was supercharged, thanks to this man’s mere presence.

“I don’t think you should come in.” she blurted. He hadn’t asked to come into her house – what in the world was she doing?

The man merely came to apologize and there she was telling him he couldn’t come in.

His lips gave way to a lopsided grin. He was one delicious sight. Making a hard decision, she dragged her gaze to his eyes. Now, staring at the lips was a bad idea too.

Maybe his eyes were the only safe option she had. Even though that one seemed like it was gazing into her soul.

Okay, maybe she should just rip the man’s freaking clothes off and get this over with.

He was delicious, dangerously delicious as it were, but she also couldn’t help the attraction she felt towards him.

And maybe a round of sex will cure it. Maybe one long moment of passion will get rid of the heat between her legs.

“You don’t seem to like me much,” he began to say and she wanted to throw her head back and burst into laughter. If only he knew, if only. “And I know that is largely my fault but I’m sorry, okay? Just accept my sincere apologies and I will be on my way.”

On his way to where? If he left, who would take care of the moisture between her legs? Who would quench the fire he’d set on her.

Yet, she opened her mouth and her lips didn’t move. Her throat was dry and words eluded her.

So much for being a woman in charge, Toni.

“If you don’t have anything to say to me, I will understand and leave…”

“Toni! Why did you leave like that?”

Emmanuel’s piercing voice tore into her thoughts. Striding towards the front door, his car beeped twice as his remote locked the doors.

He eyed Olumide with disdain before setting his gaze on Toni. “We have a date tonight and you didn’t even wait for me to brief you.” His beefy hand settled around her waist, a quick kiss on her cheeks finishing off the ‘marking-my-territory’ move as he took his space by her side.

“Olumide Okubanjo,” Olumide said, hand stretched for a handshake. Toni noticed his face was blank and she briefly wondered what he was thinking.

“Emmanuel Kudaisi.” Emmanuel replied, shaking hands with Olumide quickly like he had something more important to attend to. He faced Toni, an impatient look on his face. “So are you going to open the door so we can discuss tonight?”

Olumide took that as his cue to leave. Stepping into the sun, he made for his car.

He shouldn’t have come at all. This was a very stupid move and a creepy one at that. He shouldn’t have snuck up on the woman as she made to enter her own apartment because he felt guilty.

He should have let things be when she left the club in anger and drove away minutes after.

This wasn’t how a man like him handled things. He should stay away from her and not stir up trouble.

But staying away from her was very hard. He was like a teenager who just discovered porn and couldn’t get enough.

He wanted to watch her, wanted to stare at her and wanted to touch her body if she let him.

He wanted to let his want for her take charge while he explored every curve, every contour and ever part of her body.

What the heck was wrong with him?

This was Michael’s wife, goddamit. Michael Garrn, the man who had mentored him when he was alive, the man he respected so much and the man whose wife he shouldn’t be messing with whether dead or alive.

He needed to get his head out of this nasty space. This very sinful space, no matter how tasty the sin promised to be.

And how extremely sexy the woman he wanted to sin with looked.

His phone buzzed, it was his ex, Kim. She wanted to come over to his and spend the entire day.

On a normal day, his response would be no. But there was nothing normal about this day – he had spent half of it thinking about a woman he had stolen something from and who he shouldn’t be thinking of at all.

So he replied with a message he knew he would regret sooner or later;

Hey, Kim. Sure, you can come over.

The moment he hit send, he started his engine, reversed, threw the gear into drive and sped out of the estate.


Kim knew how to give a good time.

It was one of the reasons he had fallen fast for her when they just met. She had owned the pole like it was her home, stripped the way none of the other girls could and was very smart the way strippers weren’t known to be.

He wasn’t one who touched the merchandise but Kim had been irresistible and one day, after work, they had drinks in the VVIP section and ended up on his office table.

It was good sex. And it continued. Until he realized he couldn’t get enough of her and he wanted her to himself. So he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

Everything went on fine until his money started going missing. Like everyone else, Kim didn’t know the real him, the man who had grown up on the streets of Obalende and who had a history of crime.

All they saw was the established Pharmacist who ran a strip club and who was successful by many standards.

So when he asked her if she knew what was happening and she denied vehemently, even feigning anger at a point, he tendered the proof he had.

She’d begged him, cried even but he was done. The woman had broken his heart and he couldn’t take any more.

Kim had been trying to make it back into his life since then but he was not letting her.

She whined her hips on his couch now. She was dancing to a Tekno song, her ass jiggling with each move, the blonde afro on her head moving rhythmically with the rest of her body.

He watched, his mind faraway. He wondered what Toni was up to and if the man who came visiting was her boyfriend.

He seemed territorial and she didn’t seem to have problems with the way he touched her. Maybe he was her boyfriend.

He couldn’t blame the woman. Her husband died two years before and it was about time she moved on.



“Is everything okay? You seem… lost.”

He drew a smile, “I’m good.” He swigged the vodka in his hands, the ice in the drink clicking when it hit the glass.

Kim was standing before him now, her full breasts pressing into his face. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her boobs, hers making for his zip.

He wanted this, he wanted this. He wanted sex with one of the hottest women he’d ever laid eyes on… not his late mentor’s wife.

Damn it, what the fuck was wrong with him?

Why couldn’t he get a hold on himself? He was a grown ass man, yet he was finding it hard focusing on the right decision.

What was it with that woman that undid him like this?

Kim’s hand had gone beneath his pants and she was disappointed with what she found. “You’re limp, Lummy.” She said in a low voice.

A frown accompanied her eyes when she looked at his face. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She was feeling his face with the back of her hands now.

“I’m fine, Kim.” He gently shoved her off him. “Just tired.”

His phone interrupted her and he was grateful for the intermission. He didn’t feel like explaining anything to Kim at the moment.


Goke Adesina’s voice was brief and cold, “The tape you got is useless. Get the right one to me in 24 hours. I don’t have time.”

Goke Adesina had introduced him to Mysterios years before as a younger man. And because he was the one who had pledged him, Olumide’s loyalties laid entirely with the man.

And then he met Michael Garrn, the man who hadn’t pledged him but who he adored. The one who had been his true mentor.

Still, Goke’s orders were the ones he carried out without asking questions. The one he felt he owed his life to.

When the call ended, Olumide took quick strides to his room. Kim was behind him in seconds.

“Are you going out?” she asked when he strode into his wide bedroom.

“Yep. And I won’t be back until midnight.” He had stripped himself of all clothing now, his hands parting the clean shirts that hung in his large wardrobe.

“Lummy, you promised me today.” She sulked.

He pulled a white V-neck T shirt over his head and muttered an apology. When he wore another pair of jeans, dabbed his neck with his strong cologne, he placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

“I will make it up to you.” She was hot on his heels as he left the bedroom and returned to the sitting room.

“When?” she asked.

But his mind was lost in his plan for the rest of the day. How was he to gain entrance into Toni’s house without seeming suspicious again?

“Lummy?” his companion called, “When will you make it up to me?”

“Soon.” He said simply and dashed out of the house.

Kim followed him. He would drop her off and then find a suitable reason for dropping by to see Toni Garrn again.