Happy Easter

So this post was inspired by Modus, who commented on my last post and wished me a Happy Easter.

Thanks Modus. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Easter too. And yes, Happy Easter to every single one of you. Thanks for everything; the kind words, the support, the money you’re always willing to put on my random fiction and for rooting for those silly guys I come up with and serve you people like they’re real. Lol.

Thanks for sticking around when I go off on long breaks like this one. Thanks for returning and understanding. I am not the most constant Writer of fiction but somehow, I manage to still be selling books on Okada and other platforms.

Thank you.

PS: I have been feeling guilty for days now for not posting something. I promised Dangerous Passion, wanted to post a new episode. Especially when a reader from Zambia reached out. But I am currently working on the biggest job in my screenwriting career, something a lot of people will call ‘dream come true’ if they have the journey I have had.

It’s something I hope to talk about when it’s all done. But for now, i’m just working my ass off in a hotel in Ikeja GRA (for 2weeks) with some of the biggest names on TV in Africa, no kidding.

I’ll post an episode of Dangerous Passion today if my day is less occupied and I hope to be able to gist about the whole thing when everything is ready.

Until then, Happy Easter from me to you. God bless you.