In my dreams, I am a big movie star. Running things in Hollywood, sleeping with yellow men and pot-bellied men with stolen politics money. In my dreams, I have 1 million followers on Instagram. All of which I sell slimming tea and long horse hair to while I filter my photos until my skin Β color looks like it’s picking another race.

In my reality; I am simply Martin Luther King – I only have a dream.

And, I am the handbag of a popular Nollywood star who has dragged me to this hearing with her.

They’re fighting for men. But they say it’s land.

We will see at the end.

It is our 3rd hearing in court and my Oga is bent on winning the case. She is representing herself, as is the other Actress.

They both insisted on that at the beginning of this case.

They say it is because they both studied law. I think it’s because they can’t afford good Lawyers.

They both recently became broke after losing their Zaddys. And buying expensive cars they claim they bought with their acting money. Β Hence, why we’re all subjected to this travesty.

“My lord, the land in question is mine…”

“After clearing the bush, you claim what’s mine?”

“You may have cleared the bush. But I brought out the water!”

“Ask the land, I bring out more water especially when the land is very hard.”


You know the only thing worse than not having a career?…

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