Aunty Claudette always says; β€˜when your village people chase you, if you like be running in slow motion. When they catch you, understanding will do you.’

And Aunty Claudette isn’t even on the listΒ of the first fifty smart people I know in my life.

I am currently sitting in a wide room, hands and legs tied while Madness sits on a bed watching me and Mrs Executive Producer, who is also tied up.

After I went to confront that one on leaking my photos, we were captured by madness.

His name is madness because I don’t know his real name and because he has been acting really mad.

One second, I was hurling curses at madam, next thing, somebody was throwing nylon bag over my head and dragging me out.

When I tried to bite madness after we got to our location, he drew out a knife and cut my expensive virgin hair unevenly.

Then he cut holes in my dress and said,

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