“Hey babe”


“You said you like Mr Eazi, yeah?”


“He’s outside.”

Wait, what? My eyes fly open, my duvet off my body and my breasts jiggle as I hurry to the door.

I open the door, rush out and see Mr Eazi at the foot of the stairs. My hands fly to my mouth – my morning breath a staggering reminder that I am not dreaming – as the reality hits me.

“Mr Eazi…” I say.

“You’re easily my favorite fan right now,” he replies with a smile and I follow his gaze and realize they’re fixed on my naked boobs.

But still, I don’t cover my breasts. No, not because I am a Ho. It’s because I am actually too shocked to move.



“You’re naked.”

“Yeah…” then I slowly realize I shouldn’t be naked in front of my current fave Artiste, so I turn slowly and return to the bedroom.

Now let me update you as usual.

So, last week, we got a cameo from a popular Nollywood Actor on our set…

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