“What are you doing, mother?” he was fighting to keep his anger under control. However, the more he tried, the harder it became. He had been thoroughly blindsided and he hated the fact that his mother did what she did.

It was not because she brought the girl from Tede – far from it – it was because she refused to believe he was in charge of his senses.

She hated to believe he was making a decision all by himself because she was not comfortable with that decision.

“I brought the woman you were to marry to you. What is wrong with that?”

Somewhere from the corner of his eyes, he caught Oyelese approaching. Whirling around, he faced that one. “Were you in on this all the while?” he demanded and when Oyelese did not say a word, he got the response to his question.

“This is for your own good, Oyekunle.” Oyelese said calmly, as if worried his friend would act irrationally if he said the words some other way.

“How do you know what is good for me?” Oyekunle asked, puzzled.

“You are right. Maybe I do not know what is good for you. However, I know what isn’t. And this woman you are about to marry is not good for you.”

Irritated, Oyekunle pushed past them and headed towards the room he had been staying in since he arrived in Saki.


“I would like to be left alone.” He replied, the anger he felt seemed to rise with every single second. How could they have gone behind his back to plan something like that? And the speed with which it was done was also beyond him – had they dragged the innocent girl out of bed just to sabotage a plan he had strategized in his right senses?

Somehow, it hurt him that his mother would have refused to see he was in his right senses. That he was not mad. That he was sure of what he was doing.

“Oyekunle, you are not about to walk out on your mother because of that girl!”

He continued walking, ignoring every word, every sentence and even her sobs when she began to cry.

“Can we resolve this?” Oyelese asked when Oyekunle arrived at the door.

“You will still go ahead with the wedding plans. I am getting married to Adeola as soon as possible. And because I am a Prince, I expect every single ritual, preparation and custom done exceedingly well.”

Oyelese and Oyekunle’s mother exchanged glances the moment Oyekunle disappeared into the Hut.

What they did not know however was Oyekunle was indeed being controlled. However, it was by how he now felt about the woman he had captured.

A feeling even he found foreign but that he was willing to pursue. Because he was not a man who gave up easily, he was not a man who refused to pursue something because it scared him.

And also, he was not a man boxed into a corner like his mother and his friend had tried to.

He did what he did when he wanted to and he was going to have this woman whether or not they liked it.

When they neared the gates of Oyelese’s compound, Osun felt some sort of relief from within.

Somehow, she felt she had reached the destination where she would find peace and from where she would spread peace and love over the land.

If she could end the war – Olodumare had said – then the hunger, pain and death in the land would cease.

Love would abound again, there would be plenty of food, water, laughter and children.

As they made to enter the gates, something told her this was the beginning of her restoration.

However, she had walked through the entrance before she realized her companion was not behind her. When she turned around, he was standing by the gate, staring at two men approaching them on foot.

“Esu lalu, do not do anything stupid.” She called, knowing deep down he was about to wreak havoc.

He had on his face a wide grin, something that meant nothing but trouble.

“These people are here on a mission,” he said about the men who were dressed in simple buba and sokoto, both of them with feet covered in dust. It seemed they had journeyed for days and from far. “And it is not a good mission for the people of Saki.”

Osun was about to ask him how he knew before she was reminded that he had not lost his own powers.

“They are Spies.”

“Spies?” Osun asked, “You mean they’re here to spy on the people…” her eyes widened, “They must be from the enemy’s camp!”

“You are smart, Osun. We should make our union official.” He said with a giggle. But when he turned towards them, she saw a flicker in his eyes. Rushing towards him, she grabbed him by the elbow.

“Don’t!” she pleaded desperately. Esu glanced at her, a wide grin on his face. “Come on, let’s have a little fun.”

“We cannot have fun with people’s destinies.”

Esu sulked, “But I came here only to have fun.”

“But not with people’s fates.”

He frowned, as if confused. “Then with what do I have fun?”

Osun grabbed his arm and led him into the compound. “Not with people’s fates, we would figure that out.” As she dragged him with her, Osun felt his body weight become heavier. He was toying with her mind. “Esu…”

And only then did she know he had gone to wreak havoc anyway.

She did not need to possess her powers to understand what he had done – he had left her with an illusion of himself. He was already at the entrance.

“Let them go,” she pleaded one last time, aware that her plea was going to fall on deaf ears. So she watched helplessly as he stood by the entrance of the compound. “Don’t tell them…”

“My friends!” Esu called, his hands outstretched. “You must be weary from your journey.” The duo before him exchanged glances. Esu lowered his voice, “And I know whose compound you seek.”

Again, the men looked at each other. “We know nothing of which you speak.” One said defensively.

“I know you are Spies from Oyo kingdom and you’re here to spy on the war tactic of the people in this compound.”

Shocked, the men looked at Esu, stunned.

“Do not bother to ask me how I know, I am a man of many powers.” He said, “And I know you do not know how to start or be believable. But I can help you.”

Osun shut her eyes tightly, “Olodumare, do something.” She muttered calmly. “Please.”

“Come with me.” He said and waved the men inside with him.

“This is not the compound which you seek.” Osun tried one last time. She knew it was a futile effort but she tried anyway, because this god before her was about to ruin every single plan she had to restore peace in the world.

In one quick move, Esu snapped his fingers and a vision of three men plotting against Oyo appeared before them.

Flabbergasted, the men before him gaped in utmost shock as the realization of who he was hit them.

“Esu lalu!” they said; their hands and chest on the ground in a swift move as they paid obeisance to the god of fate and luck.

Osun sighed in frustration.

“Meet my beautiful wife, Osun.” He said, his hands searching for Osun. But she moved away from him before she could feel his touch across her shoulders. “She’s angry,” he added to the men who still laid on the ground in respect. “She is still getting used to the idea.”

Irritated, Osun stubbornly refused to move past the spot she stood on. “I am not going further if you insist on telling these men inciting things.”

Osun scoffed, “It is not inciting. I am telling them the truth.”

“Olodumare would not be pleased.”

“I am being my true self. What’s not to be pleased about?”

Frustrated, Osun looked at him, her eyes pleading. “Please, don’t do this.”

But he had already begun to lead the spies into the compound with him.

Osun watched helplessly as her unwanted companion launched a move that was not only going to ruin her mission on earth, but that was also going to destroy more lives and shed more blood.

“Esu!” she looked around to be certain nobody was watching them before she proceeded after him. His companions were still gazing upon him with awe in their eyes.

As Osun made to grab his hand, Esu suddenly stopped, looking around him.

He sniffed the air dramatically, pausing to turn towards Osun. “I smell love in the air.” He said and then in an unprecedented move, began to laugh.

“What’s funny?” Osun asked.

“I’m about to have fun…”

“With?” and then it suddenly occurred to her what he meant. “Oh Esu, do not do that…”

But he couldn’t even be bothered, because he was already giggling as he neared one of the entrances to the huts in the compound. “Let’s go have some fun.” He said at the top of his voice.

And Osun’s heart sank, because she knew people’s fates were about to be twisted.

“Olodumare, please send help.” She muttered as she ran after him.