Before we proceed, give me a moment please.

bomaventure-2 Okay, I think I’m like really done.

Like I’m so done with life, I cannot even begin to like…

Another moment.


Okay, good to go for real.

So, I was kinda like imprisoned. Let me quickly gist you because I am still in the Prison and one eyes prince Police officer is about to snatch the phone from my hands.

It started when Aunty Janet, a popular movie producer called me for an audition.

As I got to the location of the audition, I saw that it was not audition for feem. It was audition for… wait for it… Sugar Daddy Ville.

Did you think it was porn? As much as I am hot enough for that, it was not.

And no, Sugar Daddy Ville is not the title of an Asaba movie either. It is the name of the operation Aunty Janet does lowkey.

Are you looking at me? Well, let me help you out; Aunt J runs a Pimp project and uses production to do cover up

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