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The aroma of the sautéed meat wafted towards where he sat. And even though he hungered for what he knew was going to be delicious meat, what he craved for more was the woman sitting across the fire, on the other end of the crowded area.

Through the fire, he could see her gorgeous eyes, her shining brown skin and her full lips.

She was beautiful. As beautiful as the women men only dreamt of in their wildest fantasies.

The attention of the other men in the compound was held by the sexy female dancers in the arena, but his was held by the beauty across the fire. The bowl of meat handed to her was untouched, her thoughts clearly faraway.

She was obviously disturbed.

Oyekunle wished he could raise a hand and whisk away her problems but in this situation, even though he was to become King, his men also had a say.

“If you don’t want us to maim her, what do you want us to do?”

He had been silent, torn between staying her enemy and saving her from ‘the enemy’.


“I will give you my answer when dinner is over.” He has replied, knowing deep down he had no answer to give after dinner. Yet, he couldn’t watch them maim her. He hoped to the gods he was not being stupid because his decision decided what happened between him and his men and, his future.

Sensing that she was being watched, her gaze found hers across the fire. Now that she looked at him, her beauty seemed more illuminated by the flames that blazed from the bonfire before them.

Adebanwo had given her an adire iro and buba to wear. And for the first time, she seemed like a regular individual. Not a feisty ethereal royal born in one of the greatest kingdoms on earth.

“Oyekunle, you should have this one for the night.” Oyelese said, pointing at a woman wriggling her tiny waist before them.

But Oyekunle’s eyes were still on the woman across the fire.

“I feel no urge for a woman tonight.” He replied.

“Nonsense. A man always craves a beautiful woman.”

Oyelese was right. Except he was craving another beautiful woman. The only one he had been craving since he first set eyes on.

“She will pleasure you well if you have her. Saki women are always willing to please.” Oyelese continued, his eyes twinkling at the sight of the woman he talked about.

Oyekunle hated the way his friend sometimes talked about women; he had once told him it was degrading.

Adeola stood now, placing the bowl of meat on the floor and disappearing through the small crowd into the darkness that shrouded them.

Nobody had seen her leave but him and because he wanted to know if anything was wrong with her, he followed.

She was leaning her back against a tree, her eyes set on the full moon above when he found her. Allowing himself to be immersed in the beauty that was the princess, he watched for a while before stepping closer.

“What do you want?” she asked, her face devoid of any expression.

“I don’t know.”

She was as surprised as he was when he uttered his sincere response. He honestly did not know what he wanted, he just felt the need to protect her from his friends; her enemies.

“You look like the type of man who knows what he wants.” She said simply, her gaze returning to the moon that illuminated them from above.

“Sometimes, even men who know what they want are lost.”

“Maybe they did not know what they wanted in the first place.”

“Or maybe they’re just fighting what they want.”

She looked at him, her gaze holding his and he wondered briefly if she felt what he now strongly felt.

Now that they stood facing each other, he realized he wanted to cover her mouth with his. He wanted to feel the moistness of her mouth, the fullness of her lips. He wanted to taste her, to know what she felt like through those lips.

He wanted to grab her feminine frame with his firm hands and he wanted his fingers to tease her taut nipples.

He wanted to make love to her, to hear her moan his name while she was lost in the ecstasy only he could provide. Above all, he wanted to know, if her body could take all the pleasure he was willing to provide.

She suddenly winced in pain and like one on cue, he stepped closer, holding her gently.

“Are you fine?”

She shook her head and started to say, “No I am…” then as if realizing he was not privy to the information, she frowned. “None of your concern.”

“Take a look around, I am the only one you have, as of now. So you better tell me what is wrong.”

She grabbed the bark of the tree she was leaning on, her fingers digging into it.

Oyekunle was deeply concerned. “Adeola, is something wrong with you?” her other hand tightened against her stomach and Oyekunle found himself worrying over her.

Had she been poisoned? Had the men gone behind his back to do something horrible to the princess?

He turned and saw Oyelese and Ajanlekoko watching him from where they sat, their expression steely.

Had they really connived to do something evil to her even after he warned them?

Osun gaped at Esu as he jumped around the water, screaming in excitement.

“I made it! I made it!!” he squealed, splashing the water as he ran deep inside.

“How did you get past Olodumare’s watch?” she asked, she was still shocked she had left Ode Orun with Esu not Oba. Was that what he was talking about when he told her he would try ‘one last time?’

“I have powers.”

And suddenly, it occurred to Osun that Esu must have brought his powers from Ode Orun. If he was not who they thought he was, then he most definitely brought his powers to the earth.

Osun panicked. The world was better off without this god. And, his powers and tricks.

Tapping her fingers, she heard his laughter echoing in the massive body of water around him before realizing her power was not with her.

Realizing being powerless would take a while to get used to, she swore under her breath and ran towards him. When she grabbed him by the hem of his cloth, she saw him laughing at the bank of the river from the corner of her eyes.

“How dare you?” she asked, “How dare you try to ruin my mission!”

“Relax goddess, I am here to accompany you. I just want to be your wing man.” A pair of wings appeared behind him and he chuckled. Tapping his fingers, they disappeared as fast as they came.

“I want nothing to do with you,” Osun said, walking out of the water and stepping on dry land. Her feet burned, it had been a while she touched sand. The feeling was not too good.

“You are stuck with me.” He said to her, running to catch up with her as she made for a cleared pathway.

Osun whirled around, filled with fury “How dare you do something so extreme? You are a horrible fellow and you will ruin this for me!”

Esu hissed, “Please, I am better than Oba. You both would have beaten each other to death anyway. I am only averting potential disaster.”

Osun rolled her eyes as she continued to walk down the path. It was dark and the only light provided was the one coming from the moon above.

“Lose yourself, I don’t want you following me.”

“You heard Olodumare; this is a mission of love. You cannot spread love by hating me.”

Osun was already frustrated and they had not been around for long. What would happen in days? What if her assignment took long and she became stuck with Esu?

Livid, she faced him, “Why did you desperately want to come anyway?”

He shrugged, “I was bored.”

Osun gasped, “You fooled everyone to come to the earth just because you were bored? What type of a god are you?”

“A bored one.”

Osun shook her head in exasperation and shoved him out of the way. “I underestimated you.”

“Hey, let’s not start this on a wrong note. Let’s begin afresh. We are in different territory anyway so we can begin anew.” He chuckled, “My name is Esu, nice to meet you.”

Osun ignored him and kept walking. She intended to find a Village soon enough, find somewhere to lay her head and begin her work at her grove the next morning.

Olodumare had warned her not to reveal her identity and to also make sure she warmed her way into the hearts of her people.


But she ignored him, turned off the narrow path into a wider one.

Spotting a hut ahead, she continued to walk towards it, hoping the more she imagined her companion was not there, the more he would realize he was not wanted.