Adventures of a wakapass

Everyone has had that situation when they had to hide under the bed after almost getting caught.

Wait, you haven’t?

Okay, maybe not everyone sha. But it happened to me this week.

Oya grab your popcorn and wine, let’s gist.

So I was on my own jeje, attending one of these small chop events we like in Nollywood. I was there, stunting on credit. Yeah, basically, I was there in shoes and clothes I hadn’t paid for yet.

Remember I don’t have sugar daddy and boy toy again?

So sha, I was there, laughing hard at boring jokes and pretending to be deep because, well, you don’t laugh enough they don’t give you job.

One of the times I laughed, I saw this guy across the room looking at me like I was part of the spicy meat inside the small chop they were passing around.

I would have done like I did not see him but his Mexican ass is fine!

So I rearranged, mistakenly spilled drink on my chest area and wiped slowly with paper tissue.

You know your geh na, she don’t dull for opportunity. I know some people are there calling me a Thot but na you sabi.

We cannot all not be thots. Because if we are all non-thots, who will now be thots?

Wow, that is the first intelligent conversation I have had in a while. Must be that small chop event that rubbed off on me.

Anyway, back to the matter. Mexican sex on legs walked up to me, asked for my name and number and whisked me away from fake deep crowd.

We talked and laughed and he later drove me to his house.

Fine ass place! But I will not lie, as I entered, I thought something felt strangely familiar.

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