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When he got to his house this time, he did not have to go inside the building.

Wasiu was standing outside the house, hands stuck in the pockets of his Ankara trousers while he paced the front of the building restlessly.

There was weed stuck in his mouth but he was not smoking. Femi knew that mood well and he knew it meant Wasiu had stuff on his mind.

As he approached him, his phone vibrating in his pocket, he wondered how the meeting with someone he once called his brother would go this time around.

The man looked up and Femi stopped in his heels, watching, waiting for what was to come. Knowing fully well that whatever they ended with this time around would permanently seal their fates.

So he stood, watching, irritated by the phone constantly buzzing in his pocket.

The breeze that night was warm, thanks to the extremely hot weather in Lagos at the moment. Grateful that he had chosen a shirt with a light material, he temporarily occupied himself with thoughts of the surrounding and the weather.

The phone was buzzing again.

After a few seconds, he grabbed the device and swiped his thumb across the screen.

It was his mother.

“Mummy, mo’n bo. E se suru.” And then he listened to the woman chide him about ‘walking around at night like an aimless goat’ before saying calmly, “I’m sorry but I promise I will be home soon.”

When he tried to hang up, the screen froze and he had to wait a bit while he muttered a cuss under his breath.

The phone needed a replacement but his life had been too busy to make out time for that. He really was too occupied, his mother was right. Sometimes, he didn’t even have time to do the basics – like replacing his darn phone. He loved gadgets and changing a phone was usually an event. He would take his time to pick the best product after sampling a few selected ones. It was in the ‘feel’. If a phone didn’t feel right in his hand, didn’t caress him back, wasn’t as smooth as a woman’s thighs, he wasn’t buying.

Femi looked up and found Wasiu looking at him, his facial expression softened.

“How is she?” he asked

“She’s fine.” Femi replied.

“Let me guess, she was wondering why you were walking around at night?”

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