Adventures of a wakapass

Ha, I cannot keep calm. But sha, my people, I grabbed my career by the balls!

Yes ke, you read right.

Human balls.

As usual, I am willing to give you every single detail of the gist! You know na, your girl is loyal.

So last week o, this Marketer called me and at first I did not pick. It was not because I did not know how to use phone, it was because this man is trouble.

You see, he was on my case one time – asking me to do him and only then would he give me roles.

As an unapologetic desperado, I went and did him. Oh please keep your eyeroll to yourselves. Some of us are willing to do anything to get our career on the road.

Anyway, I did him o and Oga said he would call me. Except I was the one doing the calling and he never picked.

It was later I heard that he promised the same role to me and three other girls; none of which he gave.

When I received this shocking revelation, I fell sick.

The man gave me nothing, except an STD counts as something.