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Adventures of a wakapass

Have you ever wanted something so bad, worked hard for it and it finally falls through?

You have? Okay. Now, have you ever had that thing snatched out of your hands before you can think?

You haven’t? Well, I have… seen it happen.

And it happened a month ago.

So, since I cannot seem to get a correct role, I have become a production assistant.

Abeg, no blame me. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

And recession is receding not just my hairline but my bank account and my food stuff.

So since I cannot be inside feem, I decided to be on the corridor of feem.

Anyway, back to the main gist.

So they cast this bros and this chic as lovers inside the feem I’m talking about.

I wanted the role, but of course the Producer said it will be a disaster.

He said I should just take my space behind the scenes jeje.

So I sat behind the scenes, watching my destiny in another person’s hands, mouthing the lines.

Hoping there will be a boko haram effect and things will blow.

You see, rumor has it that this bros and the chic they cast do not like each other.

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