He was helping his Employees out at the Counter when his Mentor marched into his Store. One hand thrust in the Sokoto of his expensive lace material, the other gripping his fancy walking stick, his Mentor walked towards the Counter, closely followed by two heavily built men.

“Olumide” his Mentor, Goke called before walking into his Office, followed by his bodyguards.

Olumide gave his Employees a quick instruction before following his Mentor into his own Office; a space secluded from every other Office in the Building.

Olumide ran a big Pharmaceutical brand in Lagos – with Branches scattered all over the Metropolis.

However, with every branch came his Office, decorated the same way and secluded so anyone who wasn’t familiar with the place had no idea what lay behind the walls.

His Mentor had made himself comfortable before he sauntered in.

“Stand outside” Goke Adesina, his Mentor and one of the most powerful men in the Country ordered his Bodyguards.

Olumide stepped in and shut the door behind them.

As was peculiar to all his other Offices, he had ensured that not a word he spoke was heard outside the walls of the Office and so, if you weren’t let in, you couldn’t hear a thing.

“I like the mysterious feel it gives” Goke had once said, during one of his earliest trips to the Office. “And the sense of authority you put all over it. I presume only certain people are allowed entry here?”


And he had smiled – one of those rarely seen smiles Olumide had always sought for when he was younger.

It was some sort of approval, some sort of appreciation.

And as a little boy in Igbosere, those were things he had not gotten from anyone on the streets.

Not on the streets, not at home.

It was not like he had anyone who could have offered him approval at home, anyway.

That was if he could refer to the Shack he shared with two of his friends home. His mother had died since he was a little boy and he’d been on his own, fending for himself since he was 8.

Goke took a Seat, his gold plated walking stick clutched in his hands.

Goke Adesina didn’t play around with his accessories – from the walking stick to his gold bracelet to the gold ring that adorned his little finger – the man was known to keep his money close and his jewelry closer.

“Sina told me you helped him with something small,” Goke said, the smile was back now. “I am glad you boys are finally getting along like brothers”

Olumide simply nodded.

He and Sina had never had a brotherly relationship or at least the type of relationship Goke would refer to as ‘brotherly’.

Olumide met Sina when he was 16, shortly after Goke brought him in to live with them.

From the moment he set eyes on him, Sina had seen Olumide as competition and a threat to his position as Goke Adesina’s Heir.

Olumide had rarely had conversations with Sina. Not because he was hostile, but because he was not one to speak too many words.

He believed in actions.

It was how he’d always been.

As they grew older, Sina seemed to grow more distant, antagonizing him every opportunity he got.

This prompted Olumide to acknowledge the hostility between them one night after Sina returned from School abroad for the Christmas holidays.

“I am not here to take anything that is yours” He had said simply, spreading peanut butter on fresh sliced bread. His gaze had been focused on the bread, like he had been uttering the words to the food not to the boy standing a few spaces away from him.

“Right,” Sina had said with a tone of dismissal.

When Sina sauntered towards the Kitchen entrance, a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages and bread in his hands, Olumide had pulled him to a halt.

“He takes me as his son. You are his son” he’d let him go and had refused to discuss the topic again.

He was not sure if he could attribute the change that followed to that conversation but after then, Sina seemed to open up to him mainly about atrocities he had committed.

Olumide had been the guy who helped clean up his messes.

At first, when the calls came, he felt like he was a part of something important.

Helping a boy who he regarded as his little brother clean up dirt seemed fun and something to bond over but as time went by and the messes ascended the crime ladder, he became worried and of course, less interested.

However, because he came from the streets and snitching was one rule nobody broke, he never mentioned it to Goke.

But after helping him dispose of a dead girl last night, he had promised to have a conversation, no matter how short, with the guy.

He was not going to help him dispose of dead bodies anymore.

He’d been caught up in really terrible things in his life before and he was not about to let history repeat itself in any form.

Not even for someone he considered family.

“What is the situation with the tape?” Goke asked now. His smile was instantly replaced with a grim expression.

“I had boys go over to Michael’s former Office, but it was locked when they got there.” Olumide replied, “Apparently, his wife is putting the Building up for sale”

“Then the tape must be with her,” Goke said, “Find it and get it for me.”

The man was at the door in seconds, turning the knob he said to Olumide “And quick. I don’t want any surprises going forward.”

Olumide nodded, a dark look on his face as Goke slammed the door shut behind him.


“You brought porn to School and exchanged files with nudity with your friends. Tell me, is there something going on with you? Are you dealing with something other than puberty? Ehn? Is it midlife crisis? Or are you just plain stupid?!”

Toni dragged her nephew back with the collar of his shirt when she realized he was going to walk away from her as she spoke to him in her sitting room.

He was going to yank her hand off the collar when she removed her hand and smacked him twice across the face.

From the stunned look on his face, she could see he did not anticipate the move.

“I have tried everything for you. Everything. What else do you want from me? Even your mother wouldn’t have done this much…” the look on his face told her she had overdone it. “I didn’t mean it that way…” she muttered but he was already by the door.

“Please come and take me home,” he said and shut the door loudly behind him.

Toni sighed and slumped into the closest couch.

She wished her husband were still alive. When he was alive, he had a way with Ayo.

Somehow, he had gotten through to him the way no one else had and Ayo had been well behaved when he was alive.

She relived the memories of watching them talk about their favorite football club, go for swimming classes together and play basketball in the basketball court Michael had erected behind the House.

However, since Michael died, the boy had gone berserk, creating one problem after the other as if he was at the problem Olympics.

Michael had been the calm to every storm in her life but now, two years after his death, she was still trying to figure out life without him.

The door swung open and her neighbor, Tania, dressed in a shirt dress that flaunted her long legs, strolled in.

She took a seat near Toni, her hands finding the TV remote.

“What’s wrong with Ayo? He looks like someone beat him up” she asked

“I slapped him.” Toni admitted

Tania looked at Toni in shock, “Slap ke? What happened?”

Toni let out the waterworks and as much as she wanted to credit the frustrations to her nephew, she knew it was more than that.

It was more about her life as a Widow and the inability to be in charge after her husband’s death. She was still grappling with every single aspect of her life when she believed she should be in charge.

Tania gathered her in her arms, the TV remote long gone. “Toni, are you okay?” she asked softly. “What happened?”

“I just can’t deal jare. I’m just tired” she sniffed, wiping her face with the back of her hands. “Everything just seems unruly after Michael’s death. It’s been two years, Tania and I cannot handle my small nephew without him. Can’t find a buyer for his former Office, I can’t even run my own School.”

She kicked off her pair of brown Wedges. “Why is it so difficult for me to deal with the simplest of things?”

“Come on, Toni. You’re being too hard on yourself,” Tania said softly, stroking her friend’s back.

“Am I? Or am I just telling myself the obvious truth?” she reached for tissue in her bag, spaces away from her. Dabbing her face, she blew her nose into the white tissue paper and made for the closest bathroom with the used paper.

Flushing it down the toilet, she freed her silk white blouse from the tight grip of her figure hugging mustard yellow pencil skirt.

“Just have sex,” she heard Tania say as she returned to the sitting room.

Toni rolled her eyes at the suggestion. “Tania, this is not your opportunity to remind me about having my ‘first sex’ as a Widow”

Tania inched closer to her on the sofa, her face serious as if she were about to give an important presentation to a roomful of board members.

“This is about you easing the stress…”

“That can be done in a good Spa.”

Tania took that bit of information in with a slight nod, “I agree. However, do you know what orgasms do to the human body?”

Toni grabbed her bag and made for her bedroom. Tania was hot on her heels.

“Today is Friday, we can go out…”

“And have sex with random strangers in a club full of sweaty people and loud music? No.”

Tania’s laughter rang out loud when she said that. “That is actually not what I was going to say,” she said when they stepped into Toni’s bedroom. The rose scented air freshener welcoming them the moment their feet hit the recently waxed wooden floor.

“Surprise me.”

“I was going to say, let’s go out and drink and have fun with random strangers in a club full of sweaty people and loud music”

Toni unbuttoned her silk blouse and flung it across the bed. Grabbing the edges of her skirt, she began to pull it off her. “We can have fun without going to a noisy place,” she said, her eyes on Tania who was in the middle of the bed, a pillow propped against the headboard.

“It won’t be fun with just us two.” Tania said matter-of-factly. “Besides, what’s wrong with stepping out to the Club for once? You have never lived, what’s wrong with starting now?”

“Your idea of living is different from mine,” Toni was walking towards her Walk-In closet now. Pushing her hands through the dresses that hung on the hanger, she soon selected a wine colored shift dress.

“Then try my own idea for once,” when Tania realized Toni was about to protest, she quickly added “and if it doesn’t work, you don’t have to do it again.”

Toni considered the option being laid before her.

Honestly, her frustrations were threatening to drown her and her life was so uneventful, it was easy to be overwhelmed by everything happening around her.

Grabbing a brush on her dressing table, she began to brush the stubborn tiny strands of her pixie cut back in place.


Tania screamed in joy.

“But just tonight.”

“Fine,” and with that, Tania disappeared through her Closet. “Let’s find you something to wear that is not matronly…” she said, pulling out dress after dress in a bid to find something suitable.

“I don’t have dresses that are matronly,” Toni pointed out. “I just don’t wear your idea of ‘dresses’ which are barely-there outfits that give the entire world front row tickets to view your Uterus”

Tania chuckled, “My dear that is what young people are wearing. You’d know this if you weren’t a 29 year old stuck on looking 49.”

Toni, convinced that her hair was in place and she was good to go, began to walk out of the room. “I’m going to drop my Nephew at my Parents’, you coming?”

And with that, Tania rushed out, following her out of the House.


Toni’s fears had always been that her Parents would be unable to stomach Ayo’s juvenile behavior one day and because of that, suffer heartache.

And even though she always believed it was the worst case scenario, somehow, she felt things were getting worse quicker than she’d anticipated.

The worst case scenario had come upon them. And honestly, she was not prepared.

She wished she had asked Michael for pointers before he suddenly collapsed on her that morning while they were getting ready for Church.

He had died, leaving her alone, with no clues on how to live without him.

She drove into her Parents’ compound and parked. Ayo was out of the door in seconds without a word.

“He’s really pissed,” Tania mentioned as she locked the car and they walked towards the entrance.

“I know. And I am not sure I care,” Toni responded.

The delicious smell of Jollof rice greeted them as they stepped into her family house. Following the aroma that wafted into the sitting room, Toni found herself in the Kitchen only seconds after she stepped into the House.

She told Tania she was going to be back soon and left her watching an old episode of Wendy on TV.

When she entered the Kitchen, her mother was frying chicken, an Apron tied around her waist.

“Oluwatoni, bawo ni?” she greeted as Toni grabbed a Plate and began to fish through the fried chicken sitting on a white plate on the Kitchen Counter. “I wasn’t expecting you.” Her mother said right after Toni responded to her greeting.

Toni’s teeth dug into a crispy fried chicken lap, “It is Ayo that brought me here jare,” she replied, chewing another fleshy area of the chicken before she continued. “He got into another fresh round of trouble.”

Her mother sighed, “Seems like he is hell bent on getting into more trouble.”

“Yes. And what is worse, today he was telling me he is immune to the punishments.”

Toni’s mother’s eyes widened in shock. “He said that to you?” she asked, letting out a gasp when Toni nodded.

Toni’s teeth broke the chicken bone and sucked in the sauce in between. “I was stunned when he said that. But I also think it’s about time we stopped doing what he expects.”

Her mother was confused, “but what do we do then? We have tried everything.”

A slow smile formed on Toni’s face, “I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“Tunde is not as nice to him as I am. You know how much he hates hanging around him? Let’s send him off to Tunde’s for a month at least and see if he will continue this way.” Toni said, her teeth breaking yet another bone.

Toni’s elder brother Tunde was the disciplinarian Ayo loathed to be around.

In the past, Ayo had dodged every opportunity to go spend Holidays with Tunde. And whenever that one visited, Ayo ensured he didn’t spend much time in the sitting room or wherever Tunde was.

“Ha, Tunde will kill him.” Her mother expressed concern. “Please don’t let him go there.”

“Actually, I think that is what he deserves.”

Toni’s mother was about to argue further when Toni told her, “Mummy, let him go. Please.”

The older woman shrugged and removed the last set of chicken from the deep fryer.

“Meanwhile, I saw Emmanuel Kudaisi at the Mall yesterday afternoon when I went to buy some of my skin care products”

Toni frowned when she heard that name. She did not like Emmanuel.

Short, with a loud voice and a strong opinion about the most absurd things, Emmanuel was a self-proclaimed philanthropist who thought himself more intelligent than he actually was.

“You know his wife died too,” her mother continued, pointing to the plate rack beside Toni. Toni fetched a Plate and handed it to her mother.

“I know.” She said simply, stepping on the Lever beneath the Trash Can with her feet, she disposed what was left of the chicken bone in the Trash.

“Maybe finally you can be married for real.”

Toni rolled her eyes in exasperation.

Years before, when she informed her Parents of her decision to marry a German she had met in America, they had been extremely shocked.

“What is that nonsense I am hearing with my ears?” her mother had queried over the phone, adding “So, we sent you to America to go and bring home a white husband? When did we ever tell you that was okay, Oluwatonifise?” she had asked as if Parents were supposed to tell their children it was okay to marry from another race or not.

“Mummy, I love him.” Toni had pleaded but her mother was having none of it.

“Which useless love? White men came to this Country and ruined our lives forever. Now you are going to join your private parts with him in holy matrimony in the name of love? Did they tell you my death must come from you?”

And even when Toni’s father had warmed up to the idea, Toni’s mother had stubbornly refused to.

When Toni arrived from America with Michael Garrn months after that phone call, her mother had refused to see her “oyinbo” lover.

“He is not welcomed here.” She had said firmly and refused to see Michael for months after they settled in. It had taken pleas from her elder brother and her father before her mother finally agreed to see Michael.

Michael, the charmer that he was had managed to thaw her mother’s resolve. Yet, the woman had refused to see their union as ‘serious’.

“Pastor Osadebe said you should pray very well before marriage that God will reveal mighty things unto you,” she said one day on the phone. “Sometimes, what you think you are seeing is just an illusion and you must get the real deal by fasting and praying to God.”

Toni and Michael had just finished making love and she was curled up in bed, naked, with Michael stroking her back gently.

“Mummy, we’re pregnant.” She had said quietly. Truth was, she had been pregnant for real. But because she was the child who never made mistakes and who always stuck by the rules, she’d hoped their wedding would come and go without her Parents finding out.

“Mogbe o! Modaran!!!” her mother had screamed on the Phone, hanging up sharply, causing her to worry.

The woman had deposited herself in a Hospital for days, insisting she had emotional trauma caused by certain ‘depressing’ news even when the Doctor told her she was medically fine.

However, she eventually gave her blessings, telling Michael “the baby better come out looking like us” on the night of their Introduction, as if he had the power to decide what the baby came out looking like.

Michael, the sweetheart that he was had been patient with her mother.

Toni remembered it was why she fell hopelessly in love with him. He was a good man, a good lover, one who never did anything wrong.

Toni sometimes wondered how she had gotten lucky with him. It was as if he was configured in Heaven and delivered specially to her.

She had always said she couldn’t marry a man with a shady past or fall in love with anyone with questionable character and somehow, Michael had come and had been the man of her dreams. The one she’d always prayed for and wanted.

He was everything to her.

And even when they lost their baby a week to their wedding, he had been the best thing in her life.

Yet, her mother didn’t think it was real.

“Mummy, I have been married for real before.”

Her mother dismissed her with a wave of the hand, placing the food she just dished into a Tray with floral designs.

Toni wanted to hurry out, grab Tania and tell her it was time to leave.

She was not in the mood to have her mother disrespect Michael now that he was dead.

He was a good man to her, a good lover and would have been a good father if they had kids. He did not deserve to be talked about like this.

“I sha invited Emma for lunch on Sunday afternoon.”

Toni gasped, “Why did you invite Emmanuel here? Sundays are for family!”

“And the Kudaisis have been family for almost two decades now. You have known the boy and his sisters since you were a little girl. It should not be a surprise that he is coming over for lunch.”

Angry, Toni turned and made for the Kitchen entrance. “Don’t forget to greet your father before you leave.” Her mother said after her as if she was oblivious of her insensitive behavior.

Crossing over to her Father’s Study, Toni greeted the old man and explained to him her discussion with her mother regarding Ayo.

Leaving out the Emmanuel part, she bade him goodnight and left the house with Tania.

More than ever, she needed that hangout. Maybe then, she would drown her anger in the event of the night.

She could not believe her mother still disregarded Michael even after his death.

He had been the love of her life.

“You okay?” Tania asked when she pulled up in her House minutes later.

Toni nodded.

Tania had moved into the Boys’ Quarters of the House Michael built six months after they got married. And even though both women had almost nothing in common, they had developed a strong bond and formed an even stronger friendship.

When Michael passed, Tania had been the one who gathered Toni in her arms every night when her body rocked violently from the tears she shed.

“Are you sure?” Tania asked again when they stepped into Toni’s house.

“It’s my mother and the ‘Michael was not a real husband’ talk again, jare.”

“She’s still doing that?” Tania asked, shocked.


“You should not let it get to you,” Tania said and she nodded. Maybe it was time she stopped letting it eat into her so bad. “Meanwhile, I don’t think there’s any dress in that wardrobe that screams ‘I want to  have fun for the first time in my adult life’ so I think you should wear something from my wardrobe.” Before Toni could protest, Tania had dragged her all the way to her mini flat and shown her dresses she could pick from.

Not one to let any trend pass her by, Tania had a wardrobe filled with trendy dresses and most of them were new.

“I think this would be really good on you,” she said and threw a deep red silk dress with plunging neckline at Toni. The dress was sleeveless and was inches above the knee.

And even though it was something Toni would never buy, she fell in love with it the moment she saw it.

“You like?” Tania asked minutes later, when Toni, in the dress, stared at her reflection in front of the mirror.

“Yes,” Toni replied, “I actually love it.”

Tania screamed in excitement and both women scrubbed, took turns to shower and dressed in Toni’s bedroom later.

Tania took it upon herself to fix Toni’s makeup and only said they were good to go after she was satisfied with her work.

Toni drove but took directions from Tania as they found their way to a Club some thirty minutes away.

When they stepped in, Toni’s eyes widened in shock at the half naked women, dancing seductively on a Pole.

“Jeez, Tania you didn’t say we were coming to a Strip Club.” She said, trying to contain the surprise she felt.

Tania grinned, “You definitely didn’t want to be at a Club where you’d have to dance. Here, nobody would disturb you.”

“This is a Strip Club for goodness sake, I do not want to be here!” she turned to leave but Tania pulled her back.

“Okay, if you don’t like it in thirty minutes we can leave…” she noticed Toni was about to protest and she added, “Please?”

“Fifteen minutes!”


“You better not think I would be here a second after that,” Toni grumbled and followed Tania who held her hand and guided her to an empty table.

Eros was already filled as usual and it was a surprise they found an empty table.

The place was one of Tania’s spot to visit and she did because of the men not the women.

Here, she had met two of her exes – both wealthy men with physically attractive looks.

She had not dated for a while and she hoped tonight was going to change that. Making space for Toni, she grabbed the menu on the Table.

“I don’t understand you sometimes. Who hangs out in a Strip Club?” Toni asked, looking around the club, wary.

Loud music was playing and three barely clad women were hanging on different Poles, deftly swinging on them as if they were born to do this.

Despite herself, she ogled them, marveling at how professional they seemed in their business.

She wondered what Michael would have thought of her hanging out in a place like this one.

Dragging her attention to the Menu in Tania’s hands, she trailed the pages with her finger, trying to decide on a drink.

“They don’t have nonalcoholic drinks?” she frowned, taking a closer look at the Menu.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t bring you here to drink Juice” Tania said and snatched the Menu out of her friend’s hands. “They have nonalcoholic drinks but you, my friend are taking liquor tonight. Sorry.” She beckoned to a Waitress who Toni noticed was dressed in a tight skirt which stopped above the knee, a sparkling white shirt and a pair of black stilettos.

Toni felt like she was in a movie scene. She had never seen this type of place before.

And somehow, she found it intriguing even though she didn’t want to be there.

Loud laughter rang out from the Table near them and Toni saw a group of men ogling one of the Strippers, while cheering them on.

Clearly, she was giving them a good show and they were enjoying it.

Irritated, Toni wondered how the woman felt okay to use her sexuality this way. She was one for a woman owning her sexuality, but dangling her lady parts this way was not what she would term liberating.

To her, it was more sexually binding for her – these men were objectifying women like this one. It only confirmed the fact that some men looked at women as sexual objects and some women had absolutely no issue with that.

Her vibrating phone grabbed her attention momentarily and she told Tania over the loud music she had to pick the call.

Leaving her to make their orders, Toni hurriedly stepped out of the noisy bar and walked outside.

Picking the call, she heard a male voice on the other end. “Hello?”

“Hello, baby.”

Her brows creased, baby?

“It’s Emma.”

She froze. How the hell did he get her num… shit, her mother was not going to back down, was she?

“Hi,” she said, unable to keep the coldness out of her voice. She really wasn’t a fan of Emmanuel’s and most times, she found it hard to hide it.

Losing herself in the sight of the expensive cars that pulled up in front of the Club, she listened to Emmanuel tell her he hadn’t called all this time because he was in Spain and then Italy and then America, like she demanded for the information.

A tall, masculine frame caught her eyes as Emmanuel told her he had been very busy but now he thinks he can make out time to see her.

Stepping out of an SUV was a dark skinned man with a broad chest and equally broad shoulders, looking like he was the fiery god of Thunder. Her eyes dropped to the lower part of his body and she had to admit, she had never seen someone look so good in reality in her entire 29 years of existence.

She was not sure if it was her eyes, or if she was merely imagining him in slow motion but as he made for the entrance in his well-tailored blue Blazer and deep blue denim paired with a pair of Vans, he seemed to be walking in slow motion.

And it was not until he stepped into the same club she had just come out of that she realized she had left her mouth open all the while.

Shutting it, she swallowed hard and realized Emmanuel was still talking about himself and his boring travels.

“Emma, I have to go.” She said to him. “I will talk to you later.” She hung up before he could update her about his travels around the World, and returned to the Club.

She had to tell Tania what she just saw.

It was interesting and well, worth telling your girl about.

However, as she stepped back into the Club, she discovered Tania was already ahead of her. The guy she was so captivated by his physical looks, was standing in front of her, Tania’s hands rubbing his chest as she visibly flirted with him.


Olumide watched the woman in front of him as she flirted shamelessly with him.

Usually, women like her fascinated him. They were the types he liked and the types he messed around with.

The reason was simple – they didn’t think they needed to be chased or that they were too good for men like him or that the world revolved around their asses.

However, the woman he had seen talking on the phone outside earlier was the one who had caught his attention.

It was not the first time he was seeing her, far from it.

But it was the first time he was seeing her closely and boy, was she beautiful?

With a well-trimmed pixie cut and a red dress with a plunging neckline, he couldn’t keep the Lady In Red song out of his head.

She had doe eyes; the type he’d only seen on Women on TV and Magazines and that he knew was mostly artificially induced with Makeup. Hers was obviously natural and the way she lined the outer part of her lower lid drew more attention to the sensual look of her eyes.

Her light skin seemed like she constantly exfoliated and paid a lot of attention to it and if he didn’t have a lot of self-control, he would have leaned for a touch.

But he was not willing to piss the woman off. He was to be her friend, not a man that irritated her with his inability to keep his hands to himself.

Suddenly conscious of being watched, he turned around, and found her staring at him.

When their gazes locked, she hurriedly looked away. Amused, he watched as she made to walk past them.

He was not certain why the sudden diversion of her gaze amused him, he just knew it made her seem shy. Like a little girl caught doing something naughty.

She’d barely made it past him and his companion when he called out to her.


She frowned. “Me?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Forgive my manners, my name is Olumide Okubanjo.” Gently shoving the woman in front of him away, he stretched his hand towards the Lady in red.

Now that she was closer, he found out how underrated his initial thoughts of her beauty was.

She eyed his hand and he was worried for a second that she wouldn’t take it. “Toni.” She said simply when she shook his hand.

“Is this your first time here?” he asked her and her friend answered instead.

“Yes it is. But Toni wants us to leave in…” she took a quick look at her Wristwatch, “Five minutes”

“That’s because my thing isn’t hanging around Strip Clubs.” Toni replied quickly.

“What’s your thing?” Olumide asked, his brown eyes totally focused on her.

He had to admit, staring at her was not going to tire him in a long time.

Toni tried to balance on her heels. There was something intriguing about this man, something that felt deeper than whatever lay on the outside. She was not certain why she felt that way but it just simply felt that way.

“I don’t know… I don’t really do this.” She said.

“If you’re overwhelmed by the heavy presence of people and the noise, I could invite you over to my spot in there.” He said, pointing towards a private Exit.

Toni frowned, “You have a spot here?”

Olumide nodded, “My mentor owns this place.”

“Interesting.” Toni said. What sort of Mentor ran a Strip Club?

“I would be glad if you could join me,” Olumide hoped she would say yes. But when she began to shake her head, a polite smile on her face, he knew she was not coming with him.

“We would love to.” Her friend said with a smile, grabbed their purses and said “Please lead the way.”

“Thank you…”


“Nice to meet you, Tania.” He extended a hand for a handshake. Even though Tania’s hands had met his body, his was only just getting accustomed to her hand.

As they proceeded into the VVIP section only he, Goke and Sina used, he marveled at his luck that night.

Thanks to her surprising visit to Eros, his work was easier.

Hopefully, her over eager friend helped his mission go smoothly so that by tomorrow morning, he would have gotten what he wanted and would disappear from her sight forever.