Hey guys, top of the morning to you.

I got your messages on the Dangerous Passion post and yup, I am so continuing. Your wish is my command, you already know.

Meanwhile, I thought to tell you something, that is, drop advert here (haha) for those who haven’t bought my books or who don’t know that I have books. Yes, that is the ‘something’

Shall we?

This year, I have published three Ebooks. Yaay! Lol

First was in February.

And it is titled The Reunion.


Synopsis – Ibukun Soetan is broke, thanks to her Ex and her poor decisions. Now, desperate to get her Company back on its feet, she goes in search of potential Investors.

However, when she is reunited with the handsome Yemi Edwards who had a crush on her when they were Teenagers and who now sits on a multi-million Naira conglomerate, she is certain she has struck gold.

Except, now, Yemi does not seem to want her heart anymore. Not even when she is willing to give him.

Download The Reunion HERE for FREE 

And there came SQUADI: The Originals, one of the few works I hold dear to my heart.


Synopsis – Hakeem Rasaq is spoilt, overindulged and an entitled rich kid who desperately wants his father’s attention. Unwilling to wait for an inheritance that would be his in four years, he decides to scam his old man of the millions that would be his eventually.

Recruiting a brilliant computer wiz, Ajayi, to hack into his father’s account, Hakeem’s plan gets more people than he bargained for when Yellow a Bus Driver and Ekanem his father’s side piece hop on the train.

What happens next is not something Hakeem would have ever bargained for – not the dramatic turn of events, not the shocking revelation and definitely not the strongest love and friendship he has ever felt for anyone in his life.

SQUADI: The Originals is one of  Okada Books best selling books of the first half of 2016. Find out why for just N100. Buy HERE

In August, I decided to write the story of a dead guy who strongly believes his wife murdered him.

It was different but it was refreshingly different.

Something I had never done before but something I had so much fun doing.I was telling a simple story in a way I had never done but in a way I hoped would sell a message and pose questions my generation wants to ask but has chosen to remain silent about.

So with the calm Ibadan presence upon me and the comfort of my father’s house shrouding me, I wrote my first short Ebook, With Love, From The Grave


Synopsis – When Mahmood dies, he is certain his wife Eloho murdered him. So he decides to stalk her and find out for himself.

However, he soon begins to learn the surprise won’t come only from Eloho. His best friend also has surprises for him too! And so does every single person he thought he knew.

Clearly, looking at life from another angle does reveal a lot of interesting and shocking things!

With Love, From The Grave is witty, interesting, romantic and sometimes even surprising. And I have gotten the best reviews so far based on this work.

Download With Love, From The Grave HERE on Okada Books, HERE on Kobo Books for non Nigerian Readers and HERE on NETShop.

Your reviews and opinions regarding my works are ALWAYS welcome. Of course, as an Artist, I do get emotionally attached sometimes and feel the need to defend my art.

However, I have also learned through my growth as a Writer that once an Art is created and put out there, it is subject to all form of criticism and perceptions from the consumers of the art.

So feel free to say how you feel, discuss and say your mind.

I personally love discussing people’s opinions about my works. So it is always welcome!