Okay, so I DID say I was not going to be ready for Eyin Ese in a long time because I was genuinely stuck.However, a miracle happened while I was at Sally’s on Tuesday; I was telling her about the story, and the more I talked about the characters (Adeola especially) the more I wanted to get back into their lives and continue the story. Who knew gisting about Adeola was going to help me? I would have faced the mirror and talked to myself about her tey tey haha. Anyway, Eyin Ese is so back! And for real this time. And believe me guys, this is going to be thrilling and intriguing and nothing like you have read. I’m serious. So be prepared and tighten your seat belts. 

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When the morning came, she realized he was gone.

Adjusting her eyes to the morning light, she realized her companion from the night before was nowhere around her.

Gone was the body warmth she had to admit she enjoyed as sleep captured her the night before and here now was the slightly chilly morning breeze.

Instinctively, she hugged herself in a bid to shield her tender skin from the unfriendly weather.

Sitting up, she found his men gathered in small groups, preparing for the journey which still lay ahead of them.

They barely acknowledged her, a situation she knew would rapidly change if she moved an inch.

Yet, she stood, looking around for any sight of him whatsoever.

Vaguely, she wondered when he stood and left her side. Was it during the night? Was it before morning came? Or was the lack of his strong body against hers the reason she woke?

Stretching her limbs, she realized what an irony her current situation was.

As the Princess of Oyo Empire, getting up in the morning alone sent a lot of people in a state of unrest – not because she was going to have their heads if they took her orders quietly, but because they liked to make a fuss in the Palace.

The Princess is awake! Sing her praises! She must not be kept waiting! Empty her chamber pot! Prepare the maidens that would lead her to the stream if that is where she wants to bathe today! Prepare her meal. It must be hot!

It was certainly not this quiet and sane.

Yawning, she realized how surprisingly sweet last night’s sleep had been.

She had never been more comfortable sleeping uncomfortably in her entire life.

The night before, she had drifted off to sleep in his arms, convinced there was not going to be a need to wake because she wouldn’t be able to find sleep.

However, the morning came before she knew it and surprisingly she had slept peacefully on the ground in the middle of nowhere.


As she made to move, she felt the heavy weight of a coverlet by her feet.

Brows knitting in a frown, she bent slightly to retrieve the thick material made from animal skin.

He had covered her while she slept?

She definitely was not being treated like a Prisoner.

And that made her wonder what his plans for her were. Her mind wandered to really dangerous ideas and for her sanity, she stifled the thoughts.

She would have to pray to the gods that whatever plan he had didn’t include maiming her or raping her to death.

The latter sent shivers through her body and as she dropped the coverlet, she wondered if it was the gentle wind that made her shudder or the thought of being raped to death by her family’s number one enemy.

Sensing she was being watched from the corner of her eyes, she allowed her eyes find him behind the Trees.

His face was what she’d intended to look at but it was his body that her eyes strayed to.

He was bare chested, his upper body nude under the morning light, the brownness of it enthralling her.

She swallowed hard as she slowly dragged her attention back to his face.

There, waiting for her when she met his gaze was a slight smile. He looked away then, his attention directed to one of his men.

Determined to rid herself of the embarrassment she felt, Adeola grabbed and covered herself with the coverlet and found her way to the river bank.

The embarrassment trailed behind her like tails between her legs.

She had never been caught roaming a man’s body without shame like that in her entire life.

Neither had she felt that feeling her body gave when her eyes looked into his.

Her body tingled, her lower region vibrated and when she ditched the coverlet and entered into the massive body of water around her, she attributed the wetness between her thighs to the river.

The coolness hit her as the water rode up to her thighs.

Shutting her eyes, she peeled off the little clothing on her back and strolled into the water, her fingers twirling as it hit her with its coolness.

The morning was slightly cold but the heat created simply by staring at the enemy had to be cooled and so, she found herself being grateful for that cold river on a cold morning.

The gods help her, because it made no sense. That which briefly happened to her while she ogled his manliness made no sense.

Rising up to her waist, the allowed herself be immersed in the Osunbo river, splashing the water with her hands, a smile creeping up on her oval face.

The water woke her up; invigorating her senses and offering her a refreshing feel she so desired.

How she loved to play in water.

Back in Oyo, she swam every single day after bathing while her maidens waited for her with her fresh clothes and beads.

Sometimes, she invited them to join her but the maiden had been trained to remain detached to the royals.

Adeola loathed the culture and customs they sometimes upheld.

It is the way our fathers did it

Her mother would say. Like their fathers had not created the rules that worked for them and them alone.

What was wrong with creating their own rules and abiding by it?

Or had their fathers laid down strict orders regarding that?

Submerging herself under the water again, she blew bubbles and giggled when she raised her head. Her hair was wet, the Suku she had recently made dripping water but she gave no attention to it.

She loved playing with water. A bird flew over, lowering itself before flying away.

Adeola laughed as she splashed the water in her hands and bird flew higher.

“Change of clothes for you; we leave soon. Be quick”

She whirled around when she heard him, cursing herself for forgetting her current predicament and getting lost in her own world.

He was standing there holding some clothes neatly folded in his hands.

And for the second time that morning, she was embarrassed.

He was not supposed to find her splashing water like a little girl with no care in the world.

She was a grown woman, she had to act like one.

Her mother’s warning resounded in her ears again, now that she was miles away from home.

A woman should always behave like a woman; never should you be caught slipping. Never.

Yet, she had managed to get caught slipping, not once, but twice with the same person; the one and only enemy of her Family.

Willing to drown the embarrassment she felt, she let her eyes linger on the clothing he brought for her.

“Where did you find those?” she queried, puzzled that he had found fresh clothing for her while they were camped in the middle of nowhere, facing the Osunbo river.

“You ask too many questions for a woman” he said, dumped the folded garment by her other clothes and marched away.

Oyekunle tried to bar the images of her naked under that water from his mind.

Surely, he was not going to be undone by the sight of a woman bathing in the River, water covering her chest early in the morning.

And not just any woman – The Enemy.

His eyes had beheld many women in his life; exotic, glamorous and sensual women he had seen and had felt naked under his body in Tede and during his many travels.

It was not a strange occurrence to have the most beautiful women in Tede getting in and out of his bed from time to time – all he had to do was point at the one he wanted and they would come rushing, begging for his royal touch.

And those ones were different from the ones who pleaded to be his plaything.

He did not like manipulating women and most times, he declined their request. However, more requests still came, all because they wanted to be the one pleasuring the next King of the great Oyo Kingdom.

However, if he was so used to women piling up for his touch, why was it so hard to shove images of the one bathing in the Osunbo River out of his head?

Why did he want to watch her nipples harden for him while he gently teased them and listened to cries of ecstasy whilst she was lost in passion?

Why did he think of her deliciously golden body squirming under him while he thrust into her at night – and during the day? Why were thoughts of her naked in his bed so tantalizing, so exciting and so rousing?

Why was he always quick to forget she was the enemy when he was close?

Surely, this was no form of magic, was it?

Her charms had infiltrated his senses and he needed to be certain she was not bewitching him, so he became determined to be frostier in his dealings with her.

The enemy was the enemy and she was going to be treated like one.

Not even if her body seemed like that of a goddess.



The stench of sickness and death welcomed them before they had barely ridden through the mighty gates of Saki.

Oyekunle tried to wrestle the heavy burden that fastened its hands on his rugged body but despite the strength he possessed, even he failed to win the war against the unseen beast.

Flies perched on the faces of the children he saw filtering some of the houses and their bulging stomach which weighed down their frail frame told him how close death was to consuming them.

Racing through the streets of one of the biggest town in the North of Oyo, he made for the House of his strongest ally in the north; Oyelese.

His large compound opened up to him and his traveling companions when he reached there. Housing a big house and at least seven other Huts, the compound was wide like an Eagle’s wings and as long as the back of a strong Horse.

Oyelese’s own compound did not feature hungry children or dead animals but the spirit of sickness and death hung around him like a stubborn fly too.

And it was silent, so silent the hoofs of the other Horses hitting the sand behind him echoed in the compound where they only just arrived.

Standing in front of his Horse, Oyekunle waited for one of his men to help their Prisoner, the Princess of Oyo to dismount her Horse.

She joined him where he stood like a Soldier, quietly surveying the area.

Oyekunle wondered what she thought of the Town her father’s army had helped destroy.

Barely glancing in her direction, he made for the entrance of Oyelese’s abode where three women were waiting for him with smiles on their faces.

“Oba lola” they greeted, kneeling.

“Oyelese nko? So’nbe nile?” he asked after his friend and the women nodded

“Beeni” they chorused

“E wifun wipe Oyekunle ti de” then he followed one of the women, who was the youngest wife of his friend Oyelese into a large waiting room.

Oyelese was the fearless ruler of the Saki – the one who nobody could remove – and who many envied but feared.

The trouble that befell him had only come to him because some other Towns wanted to acquire the land of his Fathers and his resistance had been the pillaging of his Town. Something they did with the support of the late Alaafin, the one whose blood had been shed by Oyekunle’s steel.

The women made room for him in a private chamber where Oyelese received important guests.

Taking a seat, they hurriedly brought gourds of palmwine, water and roasted goat meat.

Adeola stood near him, self-conscious in her oversized buba  and the extremely wide sokoto she had tied tightly around her waist so it wouldn’t fall to her feet.

“Why are you clothing me in male attire?” she had inquired while they mounted their Horses earlier.

He had wanted to tell her the most important reason – staring at her half naked was dangerous for both of them but he had remained tight lipped while he got her on the Horse.

“I am not comfortable in this” she had said to him but he had ignored and had barely said a word to her as they journeyed to Saki.

“Sit” he ordered now and she sat near him, leaving a lot of room between them as if he were a leper.

And she might not know, but that action of hers was highly beneficial to them both because his thoughts towards her were greatly impure.

Readying himself to devour the food laid out before him, Oyekunle poured himself some water to quench his thirst.

“Water?” he asked, raising the calabash he just drank from

Again, instead of dedicating her eyes to the Calabash held by his firm hands, her eyes settled on his moist lips. When he smacked them together to get rid of the moisture left there by the water he just guzzled, her stomach twitched.

She let her hands grab the calabash in his hands and she drank from it when he poured some water for her.

These feelings her body now surprised her with were foreign to her and she wished she could deal with them. When she handed the calabash back to him, his fingers brushed hers gently.

He was unconscious to the action but her body was not.

And so when Oyelese – a man built like a tall palm tree – sauntered into the chamber were they sat, she was relieved.

The two men sat and laughed with each other, an indication that they were friendly.

And when Oyelese insisted Oyekunle had to stay longer than the number of days he wanted, Adeola saw that their relationship exceeded friendship, they were brothers too.

“Eat and be merry, my brother” Oyelese said after a long talk during which they reminisced. “Tonight, I shall gather together the biggest feast this land has witnessed in a long time”

Oyekunle did not like the sound of that “Oyelese, I just rode through Saki, I can see the effect of the plundering by the hands of your enemies, surely, this is no time to be merry”

Oyelese disregarded his suggestion with a wave of the hand. “Nonsense my brother. In the midst of death, we should still strive to live and living is enjoying life and its fullness”

He managed a smile, but still, he disliked the idea.

When Oyelese fell silent some time later, his eyes roaming her body coldly, she knew he was fully aware of who she was.

So her blood ran cold and her eyes lowered in fear.

“I am glad you got her” he said coldly.

“She left us no choice” Oyekunle replied. The two men joined heads and whispered and Adeola’s hands began to shake when she realized she was the topic of which they spoke and her fate was being discussed.

Had she outdone herself this time?

Should she have sat back in Oyo, becoming the woman the world expected of her?

Now she had been captured by the enemy and her life was flashing before her eyes.

However, she knew she couldn’t let fear take the best of her. She couldn’t let these men see her fear, she refused to wear it like an armor.

Oyelese eyed her frostily as he sauntered out of the chamber. One of his wives returned to clear Oyekunle’s calabash and gourd, her eyes roaming Adeola’s body.

Adeola felt like a disease in human form and she need not to be told that her days here were going to be the hardest in her life.

Yet, she braced herself for what lay ahead, because she had always been fearless and that night was not going to be an exception.



Osun gasped in horror as she peeped into her grove in Saki for the hundredth time that day – humans lay in waste, stillborns visited the womb of the pregnant and famine reigned in the land – causing her people great pain and discomfort.

She had never seen any like this since she became a goddess.

Never had she seen life so cruel and the world so unbearable.

Yet, she knew she could not just appear at her grove.

If she could leave Ode Orun as she pleased, then she wouldn’t be there in the first place.

There were rules, there were structures and there was Olodumare.

Sighing, she reluctantly pulled herself away from the vision she saw.

Pushing the doors of her chamber open, she floated into the water around her. But if she thought the images presented to her on Earth were disturbing, then the one she caught with the corners of her eyes were heartbreaking.

Standing spaces from her were Sango and Oba, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding each other tight like the Heavens were created for them.

Angry, she tore her eyes away from the sight and fixed it on the water instead.

It was not long before the heat filled her and she knew he was by her side.

“I have no intention of speaking to you”

“Neither do I”

“Then why do you stand by me?”

There was silence, filled with the gushing of the waters around them and the fishes that sang.

“Oba is my wife too”

She eyed him, “I am not certain I ever disputed that”

“You are jealous”

She gave him no response.

“And that was what brought you here in the first place”

“Like your anger brought you here” she countered, “You want to follow that line, Sango?”

“I am only here because I have heard certain mumblings among the other gods”

“I am not responsible for other gods’ mumblings”

Silence fell between the duo before he said, “Good then”

“Do you have anything more to say? Because I will like to be left alone”

Both held each other’s gazes, silent but realizing how much they wanted to be with each other.

He wanted to ignite her with his fire and she wanted to quench his thirst.

However, they would be damned if they spoke the words or made the move.

“There you are!”

They knew who it was before they both saw him.

Placing himself between them, he grinned “What a surreal picture” then he looked around quickly “One would have thought Oba was here just a moment ago”

“To whom do I owe this unpleasant surprise?” Osun asked Esu who giggled in return.

“Surely, a god can come visit his family friends!” he said with a wide grin

“We are not your family friend” Osun said

“I don’t consider you a friend of my family” Sango echoed and Esu laughed harder.

“I like this; this family unity that just happened. I love it. Brilliant!” he clapped his hands together then and Oba emerged, her face burning with fury at the sight of her rival with her Husband. “Oba, I thought you would like to be included in this family unity!” he breezed towards her and guided her towards the duo.

Opening his mouth wide, Sango expelled fire from his mouth. It swirled around Esu, burning him and throwing him off guard.

Quickly, the god of fate doused himself in water.

“All I tried to do was bring you together and I get burnt? Yet, somehow, I am the bag guy!”

Oba was about to focus her attention on Sango when they got another visitor.

This time, it was Ogun the god of iron himself.


They responded except Esu who was drowning himself underwater.

“Olodumare has called for an impromptu meeting” he said, “And it begins now”

Osun had been relieved to have Ogun emerge before what she knew would have been another battle between her and Oba.

It was not that she considered herself a coward, however, it was in Oba’s best interests that there was no war.

She won the last one and the one before that but now she just wanted to focus on how to ease her people’s pain.

Sitting near Ogun and Orunmila, she ensured she was many spaces away from Sango and his wife Oba.

The other gods had filled up spaces in the throne room, waiting for Olodumare to emerge.

When he did, they bowed in obeisance.

“Cries of terror have filled Saki” Olodumare said once the throne had been mounted. “As you all know, Ogun is from Saki and sacrifices were made for the town when he was a mortal being.  And now that he has transitioned into a god, he cannot stop sacrificing for his People”

Ogun’s head was slightly lowered.

“That said, the people of Saki need you Osun and because things are done with structure here, Ogun will present to the whole court why Osun has to make her first appearance in human form since she became a goddess”

Osun did not know what to make of that.

“We reassemble before nightfall. Osun, if you do not want to make the journey, be ready to present to the court why you should remain here.” And with that, Olodumare rose.


When night fell, Oyekunle and Oyelese sat with their most trusted men around a fire, drinking and telling tales of sojourns and battles they conquered and lost.

As it was with tales of battles and journeys, some of the tales were exaggerated, some told with so much dexterity, even a little child could tell that they were tall tales.

But they all laughed still, reveling in the stories and holding on to it the way they held on to the women that graced their thighs.

Oyelese had gifted Oyekunle with a gorgeous maiden named Abisola.

She was robust, beautiful with full lashes that flattered her eyes whenever she blinked.

Oyekunle hoped she would quench the thirst Adeola had dug in him since the morning of that day.

He desperately hoped she would.

Because even now, as Abisola rubbed her hands around his neck and leaned closer so he could bury his head between her full breasts, he still thought of Adeola.

He wondered how she was faring with the other women in Oyelese’s compound.

Earlier, Oyelese had told him that his wives had figured Adeola out and they loathed her.

“One of them recognized her; she used to trade in Oyo before the plundering started you know. So she knows the Princess very well” Oyelese had mentioned before the other men joined them.

“This means they would carry hate in their hearts for her” Oyekunle had said, knowing it was the way of women. Or at least, it was what was said to be the way of women.

Oyelese had nodded, “Yes. These women have lost friends and loved ones to the pillaging. One of my wives, her sister got pregnant when she was raped and she committed suicide! She cannot be liked. Far from it.”

“But she is not her father and so is not responsible for his actions” Oyekunle pointed out

“Nonsense. She carries his blood in her veins.”


“You need not worry about the daughter of that vile creature, Oyekunle. Besides, my wives are strong enough to handle her”

Oyekunle had wanted to say that Adeola was a strong woman too.

It took a strong woman to do the things she had done since he first set eyes on her.

He still remembered how she followed him to Tede the night her father had been murdered clearly as day.

Pushing thoughts of her far away from him, he drank more so that he could sleep deeply when he was done with the beauty on his legs.

Adeola could barely sleep and so she sat on a stone outside the Hut that had been prepared for her and Oyekunle that night.

She was aware that he was drinking with Oyelese and some other men. She could see them faintly from where she sat.

And she wondered what they talked about.

She wondered if it included having her killed. Grabbing a small stone by her feet, she began to toy with it.

Her mother had to be worried sick by now.

“Help o! Help! Iyale mi! Egbami o!!”

Startled, Adeola stood and went in the direction of the noise.

When she found it, she saw it was one of Oyelese’s wives shouting. Sitting on the bare floor by a fire, she cradled her convulsed son in her hand and placed the other hand on her head.

Tears were falling freely down her face, her legs kicking the sand on the floor.

Adeola ran to her and held the boy, “Get water from the river…” she began to say “And the leaves of…”

“Will you get your hands off her, you witch!” two rough hands grabbed her and tossed her in the way of the fire.

Adeola’s clothing was caught in the flames and she had to pour sand quickly or risk being burned.

“Aje!” another woman spat at her before directing her gaze to the child having a seizure.

“You’re a Prisoner here, don’t bring your bad luck anywhere close” one said as they all crowded the woman on the floor.

Stung, Adeola pulled back gently and rested her back against a Tree.

A soft giggle caused her to look in the direction of the Hut she only just left its entrance and she found Oyekunle and a woman entering it.

Looking away, she lowered her head.

She should really not have left the Palace.