Hey guys, top of the morning to you. Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I will keep working hard to better my craft and to be the Writer you will never be ashamed of to share her works with your friends and loved ones.

So my youngest brother wrote a poem and he’s not even a trained writer or anything but it is so good, I thought to share with you. Please read through and sound off in the comment section with your thoughts! It will be appreciated.

Note: I changed the name of my upcoming series from Falling For The Enemy to Dangerous Passion. Just so you’re not confused when notification pops up in your email.Bless.

Please read Tunmise’s poem below. Very short read…



The ghosts arrive at night all dressed up in black, wielding their arms
They cover the city in an instant, the roads, the fields, the markets and farms,
They seek nothing but vulnerability of the stricken old and the newly born,
The mere announcement of their presence with guns, meant freedom was long gone,
The daughters grow to become their whores,
The sons take up their weapons and fight their wars,
Soon they shall return to draw life from the city,
And if you wish you to live, you’d swear them your fealty,
It is but a distant memory when everywhere was alive and everyone was active,
Before the ghosts came here and took the city captive.

  • Ghosts

– Oluwatunmise M Adeyemo