“I don’t want you getting the divorce… well I wish you weren’t married but the woman is dying, trying to get her to sign divorce papers isn’t exactly what people who have hearts do”

“And I have a heart”

“Yes you do”

“And it beats for you”

“As mine does for you”

We giggle like teenagers and fall into each other’s arms. I stick my toothbrush in my mouth and help him button his white shirt.

When my fingers reach the collar, he grabs my hands and says “You know you’re really beautiful, right?”

I lower my eyes. For some reason, hearing the words I have heard many times in my life makes me melt.

“Thanks babe”

“I like when you say, babe”

I ditch the toothbrush, “Babe, babe, babe, babe” he laughs, tickles me and I laugh hard

“Stop stop Akin!” I say in between fits of laughter. “I will stain your shirt o” I say and he tells me “Well go ahead, I have hundreds of white shirts”

He keeps tickling me for a few minutes more before his phone rings and he tells me I’m lucky.

“It’s your shirt that is lucky. Something I would have stained.”

“We would see if it is you that is lucky or the shirt when I get off this call” he says and proceeds to pick the call while I hurriedly brush my teeth, ditch my clothes and step under the warm shower.

When he pulls the door to the shower booth open some seconds later, he has a somber look on his face.

“Is everything okay?” I ask

“Adele is dead”


Adele had been married to a Lebanese once. He died, left her all his money and properties.

They shared a daughter too, a beautiful girl who looked every inch like her late mother.

Holding tight to Sarah now, I walk up to the girl, Court.

She was talking warmly to a couple when I caught up with her. Sarah, dressed in a knee length black dress her legs protected from the cold morning by black pantyhose, holds on to me while we wait.

“Funerals are weird to me” she says in an audible whisper

“Why? They’re normal”

“Yeah, normal but weird” she squeezes her face as if trying to communicate something she is worried only she would understand. “I feel like half of the people who come don’t care about the dead… and I feel like the remaining half are thinking about when it would be their own time. Like this could be me o or this is going to be me only I don’t know when”

I smile. I like how her mind works.

I place a kiss on her forehead. “I understand you. However, I also think that is normal. Funerals are more for us than for the dead. The dead person has crossed to the other side. Whether we bury or not is really none of his or her business.”

“But burial/funerals are important to us because we not only get to say goodbye, we save ourselves the stench that will emanate from the corpse”

“You know” I say and she chuckles.

The couple talking to Court leave her now and I join her where she’s standing, holding Sarah’s hands firmly.

“Hey” I say and we hug. I only saw Courtney a few times before Adele and I separated but she’s quite cool.

Not one to have an opinion on her mother’s relationships, she stays as far away as possible as she can from anything relating to Adele’s love life.

Plus, she is schooling in Michigan and never really comes to Nigeria.

“I’m sorry about your loss”

She smiles, “And yours too”

I return the smile and we say nothing for a few seconds after that.

“She wanted you to have the…”

“I don’t think I want to keep those things—“ I notice Courtney’s look of dismay and I quickly add, “I understand how much she wanted me to have them but we were separated for a year and it just doesn’t feel good to have them”

“Respect her wishes, Akin” she says to me and I manage a smile.

I want to respect Adele’s wishes but what do I want to own her property for.

“I want you to have them, Court”

“She wanted you to have them. Besides, she willed everything she thought was mine to me already.” When she sees I want to hesitate, she adds “My mom loved you and she wanted you to have those things, I wouldn’t be here anyway so just take them and keep them. It’s not nice to return gifts”

And with that I let it go.

We discuss her and her plans and when she would be returning to Michigan, share a few laughs before I leave with Sarah.

“I don’t know if it is weird but I want to make love to you so bad right now” I say to Sarah as we exit the Church premises.

“Good. ‘cause I am not wearing panties and I’d hate to not use this opportunity”

I look at her and grin, I love this one.

I love how we think the same way and are fascinated by the same things.

“There’s a hotel a few kilometres away” I say checking my Google Maps.

“Wonderful, now let’s go and make you cum” she says, tugs at my hand as we walk to my Car.

I have been working on my designs for weeks now and I don’t know if it is because of my relationship with AKT but I seem to have gotten the extra drive to finish some of my creations in such a short time.

Ade flips through the pages of my design book and hands it to Scott.

They both fall silent for a while before Ade asks “What do you think?”

I think Scott thinks she’s baiting him so he says, “You first”

“I love it” she says and even though I worked day and night on those designs, I am still stunned. “Beautiful. Every single one of them. Sarah has clearly learned a lot while here” she looks at me and winks, “It is only us you’re showing abi? You’re not showing this to another design…”

“No” I say, still shocked I could have easily impressed Ade Bajowa

“I love them too.” He says to me with a smile and I return it.

Scott is still in love with me.

He mentioned that days ago via a text and I didn’t respond. But we spoke about the progression of his divorce and how bad his wife was taking it.

“She told me she thought having another baby would change things, Sarah. You were right, she was trying to change my mind with the pregnancy”

My heart broke for him and I told him we could only be friends. My heart belongs to someone else.

He seems to have accepted that.

“So I guess it’s time for a promotion then” Ade says and I gasp “We’ve been looking to hire young new designers as well, and since we got a foreign investor thanks to Scott here, we can afford to get new designers, promote you to head of the creative team and increase your salary by 60%”

I’m in shock. I want to scream but I cannot.


“So if you will have us…”

I rush to Ade and throw my hands around her “Of course I will have you!” I scream. I kiss her like a puppy before I remember it’s my boss.

“Sorry” I say and step away when I remember who she is but she’s not mad. Actually, she is laughing.

“Let me go and work on drafting the promotion letter and contract before someone else beats us to it. I heard Stylevista has been eyeing you recently” she blows me a kiss and leaves the Office.

“No hug for me?” Scott asks and I hug him “I’m proud of you baby girl”

“You taught me a lot, Scott. Thank you. And thank you for this”

“Hey, I wasn’t going to let Stylevista steal you”

“That’s true?”

He nods. “Ike and Laolu have been asking around about you, I only got lucky to hear through one of the models that strut our stuff on the runway at the last Lagos Ankara design week during a cocktail event last week. She was telling me in confidence. They wanted to make you head of junior creative design team and increase your salary”

“Wow I didn’t know I was hot cake”

We both laugh.

“I still want you to check them out though whenever they come through with the deal. I don’t want to seem selfish or anything. Decide if Oge is what you want or Stylevista. I know Ade would not like that I am telling you this but I love you and I would hate to deceive you into staying here if that’s not what you want”

I smile and hug him. “Thanks Scott”

I have almost walked out of the door when he asks “Hope you’re happy with him?”

My smile widens and I sense he got the answer before I said it. “Very”

He nods. “That’s all that counts”


It is all that counts.

Kaycee throws the ice cubes in the Jug containing the cold tea and hands it to me.

“You cannot even wipe the stupid grin off your face” she says smiling and I nod. “I am happy to see you’re in love” she adds

A year ago, I had told Kaycee I couldn’t love anyone else because I thought I couldn’t love anyone else.

But here I was, loving harder than I ever loved her and feeling the happiest for it.

“She loves you too”

“She hasn’t said it”

“Women like to front”

“True, she fronted a lot for me” Steve enters now and holds Kaycee from behind.

Sarah joins us almost immediately. “Hey” she leans over for a kiss as she picks up a tray of small chops from the kitchen counter.

It’s Sunday and Steve and Kaycee invited us over for lunch.

“I love you, you know right?”

It is the first time I am hearing her say the words and so I pause, let it sink in before “Hey guys, did you just hear what my girlfriend said?”

I know they did but the feign ignorance, “What did she say?” Kaycee asks

Sarah repeats shyly, “I love him”

“Aww” Steve pulls out his phone, “Please let’s have it on camera so in future when you people fight and hate each other with all those silly fights couples have we can just drop this for you”

“I love you Akin Thomas”

“Aww” Steve and Kaycee say and I shoo them  out of the kitchen.

“I know this is early and we’re just few weeks old but you know, if for some reason in future you don’t mind wearing my ring, I’d like to give you one. And then two, when you decide to wear white and exchange vows. I could give you my last name too if you don’t mind but if you don’t…”

“Shh…” she places a finger on my lips. “Surprise! I like surprise. And I like Lorraine Schwartz and Vera Wang too”

I laugh.

As we head out of the Kitchen, I realize how much I have changed since I met Sarah and how much more I am willing to change for her.

Love is indeed a virus, your system is literally never the same when you get it.

“You said you like surprise” I say to her when we get to the sitting room, “Well, here’s one” I hand her a car key and her eyes widen in surprise. “Happy three weeks anniversary baby”

“Oh no!!!” she screams and runs out of the house.

If AKT thinks he’s the only one big on surprises and giving anniversary presents out of the blue then he doesn’t know who is in love with him.

That night, after we make love and I sit in his bed with nothing but his shirt on, he comes in looking at me in shock.

When he smiles, I know he’s seen his new pair of shoes.

“Who are you?!” he asks in excitement

“Your Sugar mummy, bitch”

And he tickles me so hard I cry.

As we make love again, I realize this is what I want.

Forever and ever.



  • Sugar Daddy Chronicles.

Tomilola Coco Adeyemo.


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