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Sugar Daddy chronicles 2

The first thing that pops up in my head is to turn and leave. However, I stay there, wondering what this whole picture before me is meant to be.

I stay there wondering if AKT would do more than holding the woman carrying his child.

I stay there hoping he would earn my trust.

So I count the seconds in my head, waiting, hoping, thinking…

“Hey” startled, he springs up and marches towards me.

Cynthia has a blank expression on her face.

Something tells me she knows what she’s doing and this, this was no accident.

“When did you come in?” AKT asks and then, like one caught in the act begins to give me explanations why he was caught in that situation. “She was feeling pains and needed to be held… I didn’t want to feel like a…”

I hold up a hand to stop him.

“Excuse us, Cynthia” I say with a sweet smile, drag him by the hand and pull him with me to his Bedroom. I don’t say a word till the door is shut behind us.

Then, I face him squarely, my arms folded.

“Please tell me you don’t know that chic is up to something?” I ask, refusing to believe he can be that gullible. Come on, this guy has slept with half the women in Lagos, he can definitely not be blind to their wiles?

“She’s changed…”

“She’s changed tactics you mean to say?” I gasp in disbelief and point towards the door “The woman I just saw knows what she’s doing!”

AKT sighs, “See Sarah, Cynthia and I had a conversation yesterday and she apologized for everything she’s put me through. She is just trying to be a better person and I am not trying to second guess her”

“She’s trying to make sure you don’t see her coming”

“Everyone deserves a second chance, Sarah”

I gape at him in shock. No, this must be some freaking AMVCA worthy performance. This guy cannot possibly be telling me he is buying that BS his baby mama is selling.

But when I watch for seconds, expecting him to laugh and tell me it was all a joke, that he doesn’t trust her but I get nothing, I know that this is real.

He believes her BS. He has fallen for her bullshit.

“Akin, that woman has you wrapped around her little finger” I say quietly

He frowns, “I am offended by that. I am not stupid”

I hold his hands, “I am not saying you’re stupid, I am saying she is trying to change tactics”

“To what end?” he asks me

“To get you! To get you to be her whatever”

He chuckles. “Sarah, I am not going to be her whatever.

I sigh, “I know” or do I? Why do I even care? Oh, I remember, I am suddenly into him some kinda way.

I now think of him more than I think of anyone else, because of him I don’t care what Scott is up to, he makes my heart race and seeing him curled up in bed with Cynthia brought all sorts of emotions. Extremely foreign emotions by the way.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous” he plays with my cheek like I am some little girl. I slap his hand away.

“Akin, that woman is not innocent”

“No one is”

“See the way you’re defending her!” I raise my voice now, irritated at how quickly he now seems to come to her defence. “Come on, she’s the one who forced a pregnancy on you and who you couldn’t even stand some weeks ago”

“But she’s now changed. And I am not a Saint either so what’s wrong with giving her another chance?” he draws me close, demands my lips in a kiss and kisses me for so long I am left breathless when he’s done. “Nothing is going to happen, okay? I promise”

But as he smiles and kisses me on the forehead, I wonder if he knows it is not left to him to decide whether anything is going to happen or not. It is left to her and no one else.

Unfortunately, he cannot see her coming.


Cynthia and I listen to Ese as she finishes off with the day’s antenatal appointment.

“Thank you” Cynthia says when we’re done and walks towards the door.

“I will meet you by the car, Cyn” I say and toss her the car keys. When she steps out of the office, Ese faces me.

“Cyn?” she says with a smile. “Sounds cosy”

I laugh. “We’re trying friendship”

Ese folds her arms “And whose idea was this?” she asks me “Sounds too grown up to have been yours”

I hit her playfully “Come on Ese. I am a grown up man”

“Are you?” she says with a mocking smile. “Your behavior in the last year has proved that difficult to believe” she adds.

I laugh, “Well, she apologized for being insensitive, even apologized for getting pregnant like that and it was only fair to give her a chance” I say.

“Hmm. Apologized for getting pregnant like that? She did it and suddenly became sorry? How convenient”

I cannot believe how suspicious of Cynthia Ese is. It is almost like hearing Sarah speak all over again.

Sarah, my new girlfriend who doesn’t trust the mother of my unborn child.

My heart picks up its pace when I think of her as my new girlfriend.

I feel like a kid again; like I have been bought a new pair of my favorite sneakers and I can’t keep the excitement down.

I want to see her, feel her, hold her and talk to her.

I want to see her smile, watch her sleep, I want to hear her laugh.

I look forward to spending every time of the day with her and I don’t want to be away from her longer than I should be.

“You don’t trust her, do you?”

“No. And if I didn’t carry out that DNA test by myself, I would have said she was not carrying your child” she says to me, her face has taken up a serious look.

“My girlfriend seems to think so too”

Ese gasps. “You have a girlfriend now? Now that’s surprising!”

I laugh. And as I begin to talk about Sarah, I realize asides from wanting to watch her laugh, smile, eat, talk, I also like talking about her.

“I’m glad you finally decided to settle down” Ese says “Good for you”

“You nko? Seeing someone now?”

She nods and chuckles “For a while now actually” the way she lowers her eyes, I see she likes this person.

“When were you going to tell me?” I ask

“It’s not like we’ve been talking relationships” she says and begins to update me about the guy in her life.

Ten minutes later, after we have both laughed and caught up she says “Your girlfriend might be right, you know. Women have instincts and most times, they are right”

“You think Cynthia is up to something?”

She shrugs “I honestly cannot say for sure. But something feels off about that transitioning. Even you would agree with that”

“It’s quick I agree but come on, everyone deserves a chance until they prove you wrong”

“Hmm” she says and hugs me goodbye after reminding me she has other patients.

I send a quick message to Sarah, telling her to get ready for lunch as I meet up with Cynthia at the car park.

She has refused to move in with me and reluctantly agreed to stay in a Hotel I got for her for a month.

“I will be looking for a House while I’m here sef… don’t want you to take me for granted” she said when she eventually agreed to move into the Hotel which is owned by one of my good friends.

Like I can ever take her for granted.

Cynthia is rounding off a phone call when I get into the car.

“So yours or mine?” I ask her.

She has been staying at mine since she came over last week and I don’t want her to think I’m chasing her away.

Besides, she’s not hurting me or taking up space in the house.

“Mine, I don’t want your girlfriend to think I’m trying to be funny” she says to me

I laugh, “Come on, Sarah doesn’t think so”

“Indeed” she says “It’s like you don’t know women, we have our ways”

Clearly. That is all I have heard in days “ways of women”

“Still, she doesn’t think so”

“I will sha go to mine, don’t want trouble”

I nod, “Right after we get your drugs” I say as we drive to a Pharmacy. After getting her drugs, she gets an Uber and goes home.

I am halfway through lunch with Sarah when Cynthia calls me.

“Looks like I forgot the drugs in your car o” she says to me and I cuss under my breath and then tell her I will bring it over before serious traffic begins to build up.

Glancing at my wristwatch, I realize that has to be right away. I abandon my lunch.

“Let me guess, Cynthia” Sarah says when I end the call

“Yes. Imagine, she forgot the drugs we went to get after we left the Hospital in my car”

Sarah looks irritated. “When are you going to see this woman for who she really is?” she asks me coldly. “She is clearly trying to start something”

“Sarah, not again” I snap. What I hate about her suspicions is the fact that she thinks I will be stupid enough to fall for Cynthia’s wiles.

Doesn’t she know I have my own mind?

Or am I supposed to be the guy who just falls for anything because I have no sense whatsoever?

“I’m not hungry anymore” she pushes the plate of food away from her and stands.

Without saying a word, we both head out of the Restaurant towards my parked car.

“You know, Cynthia is here to stay…”

“Of course” she snaps

“Sarah, you knew about all of these before you came into my life” I say to her. She is acting like this is a problem all of a sudden.

“Yeah, maybe I should have thought twice”

I’m angry when she says that. I totally lose it. I think it is because I expect her to be more understanding.

“I cannot abandon the woman having my child because you are not comfortable with it!”

“Did I ask you to? Of course, she comes first.”

“This isn’t about her. This is about the baby”

“Is it?” she asks. Angrily, she continues, “You really think Cynthia suddenly changed? That she just stumbled on how stupid she was and decided to have a change of heart just because? Goodness, for a man your age, you’re naïve!”

“Don’t do that”

“Do what?”

“Insult me”

She scoffs. “You’re suddenly naïve and also terrible at English. Wow”

I try to control my anger. “If this isn’t working for you, you can leave sha. You know that right?”

She gapes at me incredulously and that is when I realize I shouldn’t have said that.

“That is not what I meant to say and you know it” I say when she makes to get out of the car. “Can we please just give her a chance? She is trying here. Let’s meet her halfway”

“No, you meet her halfway. You’re the one who knocked her up and the only one buying her bullshit.” She opens the door now

“So you’re just going to run away? What you feel for me is not strong enough to make you wait?”

For a brief second I think she might wait but when her hand pulls the knob and she steps out, I lose the hope.

“Sarah, if you leave…” if she leaves it will hurt me, it will almost kill me because it will mean I have had my feelings thrown back in my face again.

“What?” she spits

The coldness on her face breaks my heart. And anger and frustration wells inside of me.

Why would she leave now when I am falling in love with her?

Why would she leave me hanging when she knows I am trying to right my wrongs, to make things work. Why would she leave when my world is slowly adjusting to having another human being so close to my heart?

And I realize I wouldn’t forgive her if she shuts that door.

“If you leave, don’t come back” I say and I want to add “because you shouldn’t be leaving” but I don’t.

Because she shuts the door in my face and doesn’t look back.


It starts raining shortly before I reach Cynthia’s and a little traffic stalls me.

For the first time, I wish I had gotten her somewhere close to me.

Navigating through the cars on the busy expressway, I soon make a turn to Cynthia’s street.

My heart is still hurting from watching Sarah leave and I’m still angry that she walked away without trying to fight for us.

Pulling up at the gate, I greet the Security guard, hand him a thousand naira note as I take three steps at a time and make for Cynthia’s Flat.

I am about to knock on the door when I hear moans.

Panicking, I turn the knob. When it doesn’t open, I realize she has locked it from inside.

I knock. I am worried. Is she in pains? Her voice seems muffled. I know pregnancy is hard for some women but Cynthia’s has got me worried for days now.

I pull out my phone and try her number, when it rings off the hook I ask the security guard if she’s home.

“She dey. She get visitor sef” he says, supplying me with extra information. Visitor? I have never seen anyone around Cynthia since we got together.

Not even a female friend.

The door opens now and she steps out, closing it behind her.

“Hey, what took you so long?” she says running her hand through her disheveled hair.

“Are you okay?” I frown

She nods and yawns “I was sleeping”

I could have sworn I heard moans.

“The Security guard says you have a visitor”

“Not my flat. Maybe my neighbor” she says, reaches for the nylon in my hands and makes to turn back into the house “I don’t feel too good. I just want to use the drugs and sleep” she says “Bye. Thanks” she says and tries to lock the door.

I stop it with a foot. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come and hold you”

“Aww…” she smiles. “I like it when you hold me too. But not tonight. Can we do it tomorrow? Or I can come over later tonight if Sarah won’t mind”

“No problem” I say, retrieve my foot and let her shut the door.

Then I go down the stairs and head towards the security guard. “Oga, I need you to do something for me” I say to him, certain that my 1k had bought my friendship for a while.

He nods at me eagerly.

I run my plans by him. He smiles

“No wahala Oga”

I slip him extra two thousand naira “Oga, no wahala” he says as he collects the money. “No wahala”


I wait impatiently for Ese to come into her Office.This is probably the most anxious I have been about anything in my life in recent times.

I am also tempted to call Sarah, but I don’t.

I want to be sure about what I came here for first.

Ese strolls in, a look of confusion on her face “She is not pregnant anymore, AKT” she says to me.

If I say I understand her, I will be joking. “You’re not making sense”

Ese leans on her desk, facing me “She is not with child. She is not pregnant”

Yesterday when I left Cynthia’s door, I planned with the Security guard. My plan had been easy, I had told him to take photos of whoever came out of Cynthia’s Flat for me.

I heard moans, she denied having a visitor, there was no way it was a coincidence that she stopped me from entering her Flat.

It had never happened before.

So as I sat in the Security Guard’s tiny room, my car parked three streets away, I waited for him to discreetly take photos of Cynthia’s visitor.

I had gotten the shock of my life.

The photos featured her kissing and hugging the same guy I had seen with her at the Restaurant he first and only time we had sex.

She’d told me they were done.

So I planned with Ese to tell her to come in for checkup. Tell her something about her baby being in danger after going through some results and do another DNA test.

I wanted to be very sure. Ese had told me it was no use. She was probably having sex with another man but that didn’t mean the baby wasn’t mine.

And even though I didn’t care that she was sleeping with someone else, she couldn’t do that while my child was inside of her.

So I insisted on another DNA.

Except this shocking result came up.

“She is not pregnant anymore” Ese repeats “I swear that she was before” she is more confused than she was when she walked in through the door with the news.

“So what happened?”

“That I am dying to find out too”

“Thanks Ese” I say and march out of the office. I go in search of Cynthia, hug her fiercely and place kisses on her forehead.

“Babe, I have a surprise for you tonight. It’s been a long time coming and I cannot wait anymore to unveil it”

She smiles “What is it?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now, would it?” I ask and she chuckles.

“I guess not” she says

“Cool. Call your mom, I’ll call mine” I wink and lead her towards the car.  “It’s about to be an eventful night”

If she thinks she is the only one who’s good at playing games, then she has to have another thing coming.

I’m about to school her.