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It’s about to be a couple of exciting ‘Ember’ months, Lovelies!

As you may have suspected, Sugar Daddy Chronicles is coming to an end pretty soon. At least, it won’t outlive September.

Ugh, I’m excited to move on too! Lol.

And once it is done, I will be writing Falling For The Enemy a story of romance, sexy dangerous guy, fine woman and more romance. You know me, I love romance. I’m unashamedly going to write about love stories till I die.

I’m excited to write Falling For The Enemy for you guys while Eyin Ese picks up too.

These stories are going to be hot af! I’m serious.

Meanwhile, you guys have been with me for a while now so I will be keeping it real with you. Especially since the last week situation (the one about the price of my ebooks). Falling For The Enemy will eventually be bought, so be prepared to buy it.

It will be for ordinary N500. So will Eyin Ese.

I don’t want you guys to feel cheated or feel any type of way about anything I do that is why I am telling you this.You know, basically ensuring we’re on the same page.

I have blogged ten prose fiction for free in my life (given out one Ebook for free) and I feel it’s about time the coins start rolling in. In Jesus name. Amen. Lol and you guys know how “easy” it is for Writers in this country. We literally have to slave harder than the average Artist to get our money right.

So Please, while I get better and ensure no story is like the last you read from me, abeg support your girl by buying the books too.

And support Sally, and Tomi Adesina. And every single writer who works hard. ees not easy.

God bless you.

All my American and other obodo Oyibo peeps, I have made available my book With Love From The Grave on Kobo. All other books I write will follow suit. It’s way easier for you than Okada Books. Same with iPhone users and others who for some reason aren’t down for the Okada.

Lastly, for those wondering if I ever will blog anything for free again, Of course! I will blog SDC for free till the end and I am starting another series at some point which I will blog for free till the end too.

It’s a love story that was inspired by the hit ABC show, Scandal. All the people that know me and see my Twitter bio hehehe, know I am a huge Shondaland member. So I will be blogging a fan fiction of Scandal.

And nah, it will definitely be Nigerian-ish, will be crazy and will probably shock you so much you won’t even see it coming.

You already know your girl na.

Shout out to Modus, Queen Jiddah, Dotun Olajiga, Lara Hammed, Jay, Gorgeous, Hibukkun, Datoks, Ebi Horsfall,Mazi Gerald, Timayin, Chinonso Wyre and every single person who has been supporting me with comments on this blog. Also shout out to my ghost readers. And the ones who ALWAYS buy everything I write. I love you guys so freaking much. You have no idea how much your support keeps me going.

Trust me, you will never know. But I swear to you, it means so much. God bless you now and forever.