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Swept Away | by Kevin A. Williams. More beautiful in person! Love it:

Rihanna, water on the rocks and half eaten Apples are our companions.

Water on the rocks because we filled the Jug with ice and cold water.

Rihanna is singing Love On The Brain on the Home Theatre. It sounds so good and the beat seems to be different in an excellent way.

Don’t ask me if it is because the speakers are good or because I am listening to it with him.

On the Tray near us on the bed, water and ice sits halfway in a jug. Near the water are two apples. They are half eaten and are the only ones left from the four apples we brought from the Kitchen downstairs.

I am currently lying on the bed horizontally, my head on his chest with my hair spread out and my legs crossed on the bed.

I can hear his heart beat.

His hand gently strokes my arm.

“Do you think this would work?” he asks me

My eyes fixed on the ceiling; I shrug “I don’t know. I’m the last person to ask that question”

“Why? You don’t want to try?”

I want to. But I also don’t know if I am ready for a relationship with him.

His life seems topsy-turvy at the moment and Heavens know how unprepared I am for drama.

There’s still my sister and her maniac husband.

“I want to try” he says suddenly and from the way his heart has increased its pace and the silence that follows his statement, I think it is safe to say he is as nervous about the whole thing as I am.

His hands find mine, “Let’s try, B”

I pause and for a long time, even I wonder if I would let out words.

“Let’s try”

I say.

After a few seconds, he says “Roll over”

I do.

“Kiss me”

And I obey that too.

Cynthia is setting the Table for breakfast when I find her the next morning.

After checking for her in the room and realizing she’s not there, I stepped out for breakfast and find her dressed in a silk maxi dress, busy with setting the Table.

“Hey” she says with a smile. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t sleep for long and I decided to come help the Chef” she waves towards a seat “Sit and join me. Set it for two actually”

“You cooked that?” I ask, curious. I want to know how much she has invested in this breakfast business.

She chuckles. “Nah” she shakes her head and draws a Chair out, “The Chef did without my help” she grabs a golden fork; my mother had taken it upon herself to get me golden cutlery the last time she was in Dubai. It had cost a ton. I know this because she made me pay for the errand I didn’t send her.

But I have to admit, I love the cutlery.

Total waste of money but it seems different (of course, considering it costs several thousands of naira), lovely and dignified.

At first, I reserved it for special occasions or when I brought home a high profiled chic I wanted to fuck, like the one time I was chasing this top Banker babe.

She had been beautiful, leggy and had hair that seemed straight out of Essence magazine.

Hers had been the most beautiful natural hair I had seen on a black woman and the curls drove me crazy simply by staring at it.


I remember how many times I ran my hands through them before, during and after sex.

It was orgasmic on its own.

Her caramel skin, smooth and well taken care of was something I wanted to drown myself in while I banged her.

She’d been the object of my fantasy for way too long.

And because she wasn’t the type to hop into bed with any man, I had chased her like a Biker in a race.

I remember how many Italian Restaurants witnessed my face in Lagos and how many times I went with her to see movies and how much she liked to take me with her to Mango, Dior and other high end stores where she shopped.

The latter though, she did just to let me know she was a high maintenance babe because never did she allow me pay for anything she picked.

And boy, did she shop for a lot?

When she finally visited my home, I brought out the heavy golden cutlery, treated her to nice dinner, had her chauffeured back home but not before I fucked the shit out of her in my bed, in my shower while warm water cascaded our backs and against my dining table when no one was in sight.

Of course, I had bought her the world before she left the country.

She was the best lay I had for a very long time.

Rumor has it now she is dating some top Politician and would be coming back to get married soon.

Good for that Politician, he got himself a nice one.

However, after her, I decided my cutlery didn’t have to be for any special person, I used it whenever I wanted and with whomever I wanted.

“How was your night?” Cynthia asks, her fork picking bacon from her white square shaped Plate. Another one of my mother’s buy.

“Great” I reply, remembering how Sarah and I talked late into the night before she slept off in my arms.

Holding her till morning had been more beautiful than I could have imagined.

I pause, my fork filled with bacon hanging midair when I realize I am now Sarah’s boyfriend.

I am now in a relationship.

It is still a strange feeling, I must say.

But I also like it in a way.

It’s exhilarating. It’s beautiful and I realize, I want to see her so bad.

“Are you okay?” Cynthia asks and I nod in response.

I return to my food.

The woman in my thought emerges now, she is dressed in one of my Shirts.

“Hey” I say when I see her. Standing, I walk all the way to where she is and hug her tightly. “Did you sleep well?”

She shrugs and pulls herself away from the hug quickly.

“Sarah, meet Cynthia…”

“We already met” Sarah cuts me short. Then with a very cold voice she says, “I want to leave. I’ll buzz you later” she says and leaves the dining room before I can get a word in.

“Hope she’s fine?” Cynthia asks genuinely concerned when Sarah has left.

“I think so” I say, wondering what could be wrong with my new girlfriend. In fact, the only girlfriend I have had in years.

Did she suddenly decide last night was a mistake? Is she getting cold feet? Am I alone in all of that emotional space?

The many questions that pop in my head make the food in front of me seem unappealing. I push the plate aside and make to leave the dining room.

“I hope she’s not mad ‘cause I’m here because I can leave. I don’t want to affect your relationship anyway…”

“No” I say to Cynthia

“I can talk to her if you want, Akin”

“No need” I say as I make out of the dining room.

“I’m sorry” Cynthia says to me and I return.

“Hey, it’s not your fault” I say to her and go in search of Sarah.

When I find her, she is sitting at the edge of the bed in my room, her eyes fixed on the TV on the wall.

I lean against the wall, my gaze on her. “Is anything wrong?” I ask

“Nope” she says and stands. She has changed back into what she was wearing last night. “I just want to go”

I grab her arm just as she is about to make it past me.

“Sarah, why are you suddenly so cold? Like last night we weren’t lying on this bed telling each other we want to be with each other?”

She looks at my hand on her arm and back at me. Then she removes my hand. “I am going to be late for work” she says.

“It’s a Saturday”

“I work at a Fashion House. We sometimes do Saturdays”

She begins to leave the room when I follow her. “Sarah is something the matter? Talk to me”

“If you don’t take me, I am going to find a Uber or something. So are you going to take me or not?”

I sigh.

“Fine” I say “Give me five minutes”

The ride to my sister’s is very quiet. After I snap at AKT, he has not said much.

Last night was intense for me.

The most intense night I have ever had in my life and yes, maybe I am getting cold feet or whatever but I am not sure this is what I want.

This is AKT!

AKT the popular Lagos manwhore, the one who bedded all the Ladies like they were bed covers or something and the one who everyone wanted a piece of.

My sister used to say that a woman who dates a man who every woman wants will never really have him alone.

“Even if he never gives in, they will always find a way to share him with you. Could be through his attention or money or anything. Can’t trust these hoes” she would say

And when I woke up earlier, I asked myself if this was a right move?

Do I want to be in the middle of all of these?

I like the man but do I like the drama?

And of course, as I make my way to the dining room, there was his baby mama.

I roll my eyes now as I remember the innocent look on her face.

I didn’t even know she was at his. But what woman wants her boyfriend’s baby mama living in the house with them? Or popping up whenever she likes?

Especially one who schemed her way into his life in the first place.

I am sure she has a plan underway.

I am very certain.

I am not a Ho but I know how Hoes think.

They were fucking con artists.

AKT pulls over in front of my Sister’s house. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about whatever is wrong?” he asks before I get out. “If you’re worried about taking things too fast, we can slow the pace”

“Why do you even care?” I ask

“What?” he gasps “Sarah, I have not felt this way about a woman in God knows how long. I am not the man who does this relationship business anymore. But if I can’t get you out of my head then maybe keeping you is the way…”

I sigh, avoid his eyes as I play with the strap of my pink purse.

“See, I promise, I won’t choke you or be all over your space… we can even hold on with sex.”

I cock an eyebrow and he says “I’m serious. I just want to try this. I don’t want to know what it will feel like to stop doing this right after I started.”

I sigh.


He leans over for a hug and I hug him fiercely. I think it is because I am grateful he is fighting for us.

When he is about to leave his Phone rings. I catch Cynthia on the screen before he picks it.

Curious to know why she’s calling when he only just left the house, I linger.

“Okay… wow… okay, I will be right there…”

“Who’s that?” I ask as if I didn’t just find that out myself

“Cynthia. She’s having some pains… Ese says bed rest is good for her during this period, she needs me to help her with a few things in the house and the maid isn’t around”

I nod.

“I have to go” he says and blows me a kiss.

And as he drives off, something tells me I just signed up to be second fiddle to this man and his baby mama.

Not the baby, the mama. Because that Bitch damn well knows what she is doing.

By the way, one of my most constant commenters/reader Queen Jiddah came up with the name Akarah for AKT and Sarah. Lol I love it. Do you?

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