Sugar Daddy chronicles 2

Jojo is banging on the front door and I am hidden in Jake’s wardrobe in his bedroom.

Let it be known that I have watched this scenario in many Nollywood movies, laughed it off and called it cliché because of course, that was never going to be me.

Except, it is me right now.

“What the fuck did I get myself into?” I ask and scoff, irritated by myself for the hundredth time since I got shoved into a wardrobe like chicken in a freezer. Jake’s jackets and suits drown me in the wardrobe, my nose inhaling the scent of the recently drycleaned clothes.

I hear Jojo’s voice from the sitting room downstairs and I wince at the thought of her boyfriend lying to her.

I exhale as silently as I can, scrolling through my phone to distract myself.

Jake promised to get rid of her as soon as possible and I hope he does just that.

I refuse to be kept in the wardrobe like he picked me from Allen Avenue.

I scroll through Instagram and Twitter and watch Youtube videos until I get tired and eventually step out of the wardrobe.

Jake comes in just then, apologizing and telling me the coast is clear.

“When did you step out?” he asks with a twinkle in his eyes.

Wait, does this one think this is fun?

He actually does. “That was so close!” he says and laughs. “Imagine if she caught us doing the thing for real”

We had just finished having sex, panting, naked on his floor when Jojo came in through the front gate.

I eye him. “I can see this is how you have fun” I say and walk towards the door.

“Hey, where are you going?” he asks “It’s late”

“None of your business”

And as I go down the stairs of his house and dart out of the house, I realize I have no idea where I am headed.

Maybe I can swallow my pride and call AKT.

I’m still too mad at Scott to go to his.

Besides, who knows if he is making up with the mother of his children right now.

I roll my eyes at the thought and scroll to my call log.

I frown as I realize I had a call from AKT some minutes ago.

What’s weirder is, I actually picked.

Wait, when did I pick AKT’s call without realizing…

Oh, hell no!

I must have picked it somehow while having sex.

“Shit” I mutter

And I honestly wish I know why I am feeling so bad and feel the need to explain.

But the need to explain to him overwhelms me and I find myself calling his number.

“Hey, are you sure you don’t want me to drop you?”

Jake is standing behind me at the door, his hands thrust in a pair of black shorts he’s wearing now.

“Nope” I continue to wait for AKT to pick the call. It rings off the hook.

I try again.

“You’re not mad about the whole Jojo interruption, are you?”

“Of course not” I roll my eyes and wait for AKT to pick up.

“We’re really not in a good place but I couldn’t turn her back. Plus she’s a drama queen…”

“Telling me bad stuff about your girlfriend doesn’t make you seem more appealing. Stop it” I say to him and I realize he’s tongue tied.

“i… I’m sorry… I didn’t…”

“Why aren’t you picking?” I say under my breath, frustrated that AKT has refused to speak to me. What in the world is going on?

Did he hear me have sex or something?

How could I have been oblivious to the fact that I picked the call sef?

“If you insist on going tonight, I can drop you wherever…”

“Fine” I accept Jake’s offer and wait patiently for him to retrieve his keys from the house while I try to decide whether or not I want to call AKT again.

“How are you feeling now?”

“I’ll be fine” she says. I can see she looks quite unwell so instead of doing what I feel like doing – walking out of the room and shutting the door firmly behind me – I sit on a chair opposite her.

She eyes me, props up a Pillow behind her and says, “You don’t have to be here you know”

I know I don’t have to. But that’s my child she’s carrying and if she’s unwell, I want to stay and be sure everything is alright before I walk out of the door.

So we sit in silence, both saying nothing for a while before I offer to turn on the TV in the room for her.

She shrugs “I don’t feel like watching anything but since you’re not going to say anything to me, I might as well watch Television”

I don’t know why I feel slightly guilty. But I feel like I am probably being a little too hard on her as I power on the TV and wait for the DSTV to scan.


I look at her as I take my previous seat.

“Can I call you Akin?”

I shrug.

She is silent for a while before she says, “I’m sorry if… I’m sorry for intruding your life this way…”

“Are you?”

She smiles sadly. “It’s so bad you don’t even want to see the honest part of me?”

“See, I know you might be trying hard to say sorry but you did change my life dramatically and it is very unfair to just appear in someone’s life and make them a Parent when they’re not ready”

She lowers her head “I’m sorry” she says. “I know how it felt but…” tears begin to roll down her eyes.

That melts my heart in some way. Or maybe it’s not melting, maybe all of a sudden, I just feel slightly bad for making her cry.

I don’t want to be the reason anyone is shedding tears.

So I march over to where she is and sit awkwardly by her side on the bed, “Hey, it’s not that serious…” I say but when she won’t stop, I add “Please stop crying”

After a few seconds, I drape my arm around her “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine” she says, trying to stop.

“Let me get you tissue” I say and march to the bathroom. I return with tissue paper some seconds later and hand it to her.

“Thanks” Cynthia says and cleans her eyes with it. “I had a plan…”

“If this upsets you, Cynthia please don’t talk about it”

“I feel bad, Akin”

“I know but what is the point on dwelling on the past if it hurts so much?”

She blows her nose in the fresh tissue in her hands and sniffs as she tosses the used tissue in a trash can near her. “Yeah I know but we’re expecting a baby, I would like for us to go forward being friends at least”

“We’re not enemies” I point out

“I know. But you hate me…”

“I don’t”

She sends me a look of disbelief.

“I swear” I insist. “Seriously” I add

“I believe you” she says with a slight smile

“See, I was shocked and disappointed the way things turned out but hey, maybe moving forward I can get used to it…” I remember the call I put through to Sarah earlier and how hurt I still feel knowing she was somewhere having sex with Scott. It made me put things in a different light and made me realize I have to find a way to organize my extremely disorganized life.

I decided to start with Cynthia. And so when she called that she wasn’t feeling too good, I had driven all the way to see her and called Ese.

Feeling it would have been insensitive to leave her all by herself, I drove her to mine after Ese told her she had to rest for a few days.

I have a house staff that can be at her beck and call, so staying at my house for a few days cannot hurt.

“I know” she lowers her head “I had just broken off my boyfriend…”

“The one that works at the Restaurant?” I remember the guy that saw us just after we had sex the first and only time we had sex months ago

She nods. “And I wasn’t really in a good place and my cousin was always talking about this guy she was fucking with the large bank account and who could fuck so well…” she stops, looks at me and sees that I am listening.

I think she expects that I wouldn’t. But she has to know I am interested in the backstory of how she decided to pop up in my life without warning.

She continues, “And I was jealous. I wanted my own piece of the cake”

“So you just came for the guy”

“Yes. I wanted you… or maybe it was the idea of you. And being a Waitress is tough, Akin. Life is not exactly easy on the streets. Sometimes, a girl goes too far in trying to make things easier for her”

I marvel at her honesty and begin to see her in a different light.

“I know it’s selfish and unfair and I shouldn’t have treated you like that but I was simply hustling” when she sees the incredulous look on my face, she hurriedly adds “And I know doing that with a baby is wicked but I couldn’t help it”

I nod. I respect the boldness she’s got to say the truth but at the same time, that’s a lot to take in.

You think you want people to be honest and then they say the truth and you’re wondering how to take it all in.

“And hey, have you seen yourself in the mirror? You’re hard to resist”

I chuckle.

There is a long pause before I say “It’s fine, Cyn…” I pause “Can I call you Cyn?”

“As long as I can call you Akin”

“Sure. You already have the go ahead” I smile

“By the way, Cyn makes me remember when I was younger and my cousin used to call me Cyn… short form of Cylinder…”

“It’s not even close” I say

“Don’t mind her. Hater”

We laugh and after a while, I tell her I have to go.

“I need to sleep” I say to her and leave the room.

I haven’t gone past Cynthia’s room for more than a couple of seconds when I am informed of a visitor.

Puzzled, I make it to the sitting room where Sarah is waiting in a dress so gorgeous, my heart skips a beat.

“Hey” she says

“Hey” I say

And I find myself watching for so long without words.

She’s beautiful, this one. And if things weren’t so complicated between us at the moment, I’d have walked to her, scooped her up in my arms and made love to her for as long as I can.

“You called” she says and I simply shrug. “What now, you don’t talk?”

“What should I be saying?”


“Well there is nothing for me to say”

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“There’s nothing for you to say. How can there be nothing for you to say?”

I take two steps forward and stop as if scared to go further. “Because there’s nothing for me to say”

“So why did you now call?”

“Because I thought I had something to say”

“So what changed?”

I shrug.

“Why did you do that?” she asks

“Do what?”

“Walk forward a little bit like you were coming to me and then you stopped”

“Because I wanted to come to you”

She nods slowly, “So why don’t you want to come anymore?” she asks

“Because I don’t know…”

“Come if you want to come”

So I step closer and stop a few inches from her.

“That’s all?” she frowns

“What do you want me to do?”

“What did you want to do?”


“You don’t want to know what I want to do Sarah. It’s crazy. Once I start, I can’t promise to stop”


“Then don’t stop”

Heavens know I have been waiting to do what I do next for too long and I am also aware it makes things more complicated.

But if I could stop, then I wouldn’t start. Because that would mean I have control on how I am feeling.

But I can’t stop, so I start what I can’t end… or control.

I hold her face in my hands and kiss her.

And when she kisses me back, I lose my fucking mind.

This girl’s got me fucked up.


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