Guys, how did your day go?

A while back, after a certain Reader (Ola) wrote to me on this blog about how he/she felt I could be “somehow” to Readers here when I wasn’t okay with certain comments, I decided to change my way of reacting to things I wasn’t okay with.

To start with, I decided to inhale and exhale, so I don’t become irrational while typing and, I decided to talk about it with you.

That way, we can get each other clearly and speak our minds.

Tonight, a certain Reader commented on my last post and that is why I am writing this article.

I am beyond pissed and scandalizedΒ to say the least. I cannot believe people still think a price “is too much for a work of art”.

A few months back, Sally and I had a conversation, during which she told me that when she decided to put a price on one of her works, a few people told her “it was too much”.

We discussed how unfair it is for people to say paying for a work of art is too much.

  1. We give out good works for free.
  2. We work our asses off to become better Writers.
  3. The amount we ask for is in no way too much.
  4. We are humans, we have bills just like everyone else.
  5. If you can get our work for free why can’t you pay for it??
  6. You are NOT obligated to buy these books if you consider them worthless of that price.

Do you know how much a Writer work their asses off to give free work? I worked my ass off for With Love, From The Grave. I worked hard to make sure my writing became better than what you had with even Squadi: The Originals.

Talking about Squadi, do you know how many views I used to get when it was being blogged for free? Do you know how many people have bought so far? a little over 140.

Yet, that book was mere N100! Clearly, some people will never buy your work even if you gave it out for N1.

They just like the idea of free!

Question is, if I got some cheap publicity in a Newspaper and had my shallow, watery work being talked about or “reviewed” would you tell me to charge N50 – N90 because N500 is too much?!

Yes, this Reader told me to charge N50 – N90!!!!

I am tired of Writers being treated like trash!

People buy trash for way more but a work of art is too much for N500?

I am a Writer for pete’s sake. I have bills! How am I supposed to pay them if someone is telling me “it is too much o” and to charge N90 because “fingers are not equal” and it is “Buhari times”? Would you house me when my rent is due or feed me when I am hungry? Would you send money home to my Parents to help with bills? Would you buy clothes to cover my back? Plus, am I not a part of this Buhari times? How do I go through it if I can’t get paid for my work? And you say you love me? No you don’t. If you love me, you’d see why I have to get paid.And you will never tell me a price I attach to my book is too much.

Do you go to a Wizkid concert and tell him to charge N90 o because you can’t afford it?

What do you do? You stay away. You steer clear.

Please don’t buy my work if it is too expensive for you. Because that would mean you don’t think it’s worth it.

And if it is not worth it, even I wouldn’t advise you spend your money on it.

At the end of the day, what’s money spent when the worth isn’t gotten.

With Love, From The Grave drops tomorrow morning for N500 only.

Have a good night everyone.