Because you guys are bae…

Black Art African American Ill kiss every part of you.

She sashays towards us in the crowded Lounge, her black long curls cascading her lean shoulders. Dressed in a metallic mini dress, she commands attention with her pretty brown face and her gorgeous body as she consciously ignores the stares men cast her way.

“Jojo” Karen says and grabs her as she finally reaches where we’re standing by the counter. I’m on to my second cocktail and the Hen night hasn’t even really kicked off yet.

Blame it on the many things I have on my mind and how sore I still am about the whole Scott situation.

“You remember Sarah, yeah?”

Jojo’s face lights up as she grabs me into a fierce hug.

I am not ecstatic about the hug, neither am I vested in this little Reunion we have going on here.

I should have stayed in the House. But considering my sister and I are still at war over her stupid Husband and I can’t stay at Scott’s cause I am fighting with him, I stayed at my colleague’s place last night and here I am at this thing because I literally don’t have anywhere to stay tonight. Her boyfriend’s sleeping over.

Maybe you should actually make up with your Sister.

I shrug off the suggestion my mind makes to me.

The only thing more unfair than what my sister did to me is her refusal to see she’s wrong.

“Can you imagine Sarah has been working at Oge all this while and I never ran into her?” Karen says to Jojo over the loud music.

“Oh really? Wow. And you never saw her for once. See life o” Jojo says before asking me “So what do you do there?”

I clean

I am tempted to say.

Actually, I am not a fan of questions like “So what are you doing now?” or “What do you do” as a conversation starter.

What if I don’t want to tell you what I am currently doing? What if I just decide it’s none of your business? What if I am an armed robber and I intend to burgle your house tonight and telling you is a clash on interest.

“Junior Designer” I reply with a faux smile pasted across my face.

“Hmm” she says unimpressed. “I work at GTB. Level 2. And can you imagine, I just joined like 2 years ago o”. She may not be impressed by my job but she clearly is about hers. Which is good, I mean who is to be her biggest cheerleader if not her?

“Good for you.” I say simply, not bothering with the fake smile this time. Bitch don’t deserve it.

Karen drifts away from us and disappears into the dancing crowd behind us where someone is hugging and congratulating her.

“And I have a nice apartment in Lekki and my Car is one nice SUV like that… You won’t believe how good God has been”

And I am  not sure if I am peeved because Jojo is being such a Bitch or cause the alcohol is settling in especially since I am latching on to my third glass, I ask “Marketing?”

“Ugh, I couldn’t market myself to anyone talk less of a product or an account” she says, a manicured hand wearing a gold bracelet driving back unruly curls.

“Oh okay. Was just curious. Heard Marketers have their way at the bank and get as lucky as you…”

Jojo wasn’t exactly the brightest kid at School – and I do remember not really liking her at the time – so it takes her a few seconds to get what I am hinting at.

She eyes me before she says “Nothing of such I can assure you”

“Hmm” I say, wearing my most unimpressive look.

I glance at my watch, I want to go home but it’s too early to appear at anybody’s home.

I haven’t even decided whose home I want to go to.

“Have you met my boo, Jake?”

I glance up in time to see Jojo clinging to Karen’s brother. He has a smile on his face and if I thought before then that his looks were basic, then I am reminded by that smile that it is not in any way basic.

He’s clad in yet another White Shirt. This time, a V neck one that bares a little smooth skin and shows off a gold necklace.

“We met yesterday” he says and stretches out a hand.

“Not really” I chuckle and take the hand.


He returns the laugh. “Don’t mind me. I tend to carry work everywhere I go”


He shakes me firmly but gently. “Jake Osagie”


“Sarah Smith”


We hold each other’s hand for a brief moment, each of us gazing into each other’s eyes like there’s more we have to say.


I so want to rebound with you, Jake!

Or whatever hooking up with someone else for a fling after you realize you’d never get the man you want for yourself is called.

“Jake also works at GTB but he’s an Oga at the top” Jojo breaks into my reverie and only then do I detach my hand from his.

She places a hand across his shoulder and a head on his chest, her other hand protectively on his lower chest near her head.

“Oh” I say

“I’m just an Assistant Manager don’t mind her” he hurriedly says.

“Right” I say again. Like I care for what position he holds at the bank. The only position I am interested in him having is the one on top of me, while my legs encircle his waist or under me while I throw my head back and moan or behind me while I arch my back and he takes me from there.

“Maria is here” Jojo sulks, glancing at her phone. “Babe, can we go pick her together?” she asks Jake

“Isn’t she just out there” he asks

“Yeah but you know how my cousin can be. She’ll be cranky and stuff cos it took her forever to find this place and I don’t want to take the brunt of that.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine” jake says and Jojo sulks as she disperses.

Jake joins me at the bar.  “So what are you doing at your sister’s hen night?” i ask

“Jojo asked me to come”

And just like that, we act like there’s nothing to discuss about Jojo and it’s the last we talk about her that night.

Even though things get pretty much interesting from here.

“Chairman” the Bartender hails him. Jake shakes hands with him. “Do you want to mix your stuff yourself or you want me to do it for you?”

I look from the guy in front of me to the one beside me.

“I kinda know a thing or two about mixing drinks.” he offers.

“Don’t mind him, he’s actually a certified Mixologist”

“Whoa! Make me something” i poke him gently on his shoulders.

“Fine. I’ll make you something, Lady in red” until then, I have forgotten I am dressed in a short red velvet dress with a plunging neckline and with thin straps.

Another one of my creation, one I have made for a few clients after they loved it on me actually.

Jake gets to work and I am happy for whatever is keeping his boo away from us for now.

I perch on a tall Stool and watch his hands deftly mix a special cocktail for me.

“Where did you learn this?” I ask

“Italy” he replies


“I actually own this place partly.”


I say nothing. He is done in a few more seconds and he hands me the reddish liquid after tossing a grape in it.

“Taste it”

I do and I love it. My favorite song of the moment comes up then and I hop off the stool, grab the drink and begin to dance.

I want to l’owo I want to l’ola I want to l’alafia

I sway my hips to the music and gulp the cocktail as Jake watches me with a smile.

“More?” he asks when I show him my now empty glass

“As many as you can make”.

I am dancing to Korede Bello’s Laye when Jojo returns with the girl I sense is her cousin.

If I thought Jojo was a bit condescending, it is because I haven’t met her cousin.

The Girl called Marie almost knocks me over when she strolls past in her heels and makes for the bar.

Jojo goes over to jake and I see them arguing over something before she grabs Marie by hand and drags her away.

“What’s going on?”

“Jojo can be dramatic. It’s nothing I can’t handle.” then he says as I watch them make for the door. “Marie ate bad Chinese and she’s purging. Jojo wants me to leave my Sister’s Hen Night just cos she’s leaving”

I don’t know what to say to that so I tell him, “Let’s dance it away”

Again, I am not sure if it’s the alcohol or if I am really feeling Jake that much, but our dance soon becomes sensuous especially when Rihanna’s Work comes on.

I arch my back and grind him slowly as the tune blares from the Speakers.

He’s a good dancer too and so he matches the sway of my hips, both our sweaty skin grinding together in sheer ecstasy and in an amazing rhythm as if we rehearsed this dance before now.

“Let’s get out of here” he says after thirty minutes and holds my hand as we push through the crowd and make for the front door.

A breeze of fresh air greets us as we step outside the full Lounge.

“Do you have to go home?” he asks and I shake my head.

Not like there’s anywhere to go to really.

“Should we go to mine?”

I nod.

In a few minutes, we’re in his Audi on the way to his House somewhere in Lekki.

The house is a beautiful surreal Bungalow with a well tended lawn and a low fence.

The latter he can afford to leave that way because he lives in a secure estate.

He holds my hand as we step into his House.

Turning on the AC we sit in his sitting room, turn on the TV and stare at the images in front of us, both of us aware non of us is interested in that which  we see before us.

I face him. “I want to kiss you, you know…”

He doesn’t let me finish, he kisses me deeply and I kiss him back, our hands roaming each other’s body like we have been starved for this moment.

He begins to peel off my cloth but stops midsection when he realized the fabric is stuck to my skin like glue. Instead, he removes his jeans and carries me.

“Sit on me” he says gently and I slowly sit, feeling the whole of him as he slowly makes his entrance.

My phone falls out of my pocket but I ignore it because I am lost in what I now feel inside of me.

So I lose myself; I throw my head back and moan.

“I wanted to do this since yesterday…”

He says and I smile as we have sex, knowing we both wanted each other that way from that very moment.

Nothing beats mutual want.

I stand by the Window of my room and stare long and hard at Sarah’s number. I want to call her but I can’t.

I feel calling her would mean I am asking for her to be mine but I can’t put her in the middle of my dramatic life.

Why do I even want her so bad?

Why is she the one woman I cannot stop thinking about when she’s not there?

This should have been good riddance but somehow, I am standing by my Window, holding my phone, needing to listen to her voice.

I realize my want has given way to need and this isn’t about wanting her close anymore, this is about needing her.

And so, before I think again, I dial her number and wait for it to ring.

It rings and I wait with bated breath for her to pick.

She does…


But instead of her voice speaking to me, I hear her moans.

And I stand there, listening for a while before I realize making that call was a stupid mistake.

Never again will I give in to a stupid want. Or need.

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