Happy birthday Chinonso. Enjoy this bonus episode. xo.


48 hours hasn’t passed but Cynthia already has her answer.

I sit in front of her, my phone glued to my hands as I text Sarah.

Hey you good?

The response comes in immediately

Yeah, why?

I type a reply in seconds.

Just checking in. didn’t know that was a problem.

Or is it?

Riiight. After acting like a dousche. Abegi

I smile and type

You know, where I come from, people say thank you when you save them from a situation.

She sounds miffed in her response

You want me to say thank you for your behavior? Lol. What do you even care?

And I pause, my fingers hovering above the keypad.

True, AKT. What do you care?

You don’t want the girl but you won’t let someone else have her. What do you care if she’s with someone who isn’t laying all his cards on the table? What do you care if she is in a relationship with someone… someone that’s not you?

“So here’s the thing…”

Cynthia has stepped into view now. She has in her hands an iPad which she clutches to her chest like her life depends on it.

“I didn’t think there was any need wasting your time when I know what I want already”

Damn right, you do.

“Let’s hear it”

I type out a message to Sarah

Because I don’t want you with anyone else. Because it feels somehow to see you with someone else, don’t ask me what somehow means…

“Are you here or you need time with your phone?” Cynthia asks, there is a look of disgust on her face when I meet her gaze.

I put the phone by my side on the couch, deciding I will send the text when I am done.

“I want a comfortable life…”

“Of course you will get a comfortable life; you’re carrying my child.”

She nods, “Let me finish”

I shrug. “Continue”

She glances at the iPad in her hands. “I want a Car…”

“You’ll get a Kia”

“I haven’t even said the brand I want”

“You don’t get what you want, you get what I give”

She scoffs. “Whatever”

“Since you have decided not to give a relationship between us a shot…”

“Not gon’ happen” I shake my head.

“Then you can’t have a wife until this baby is birthed”

I frown, “I don’t think I understand that”

I am not about to get married in the next decade but the fact that she thinks she has a say in that is what is making we wonder.

“This is your first child coming into the world, I need your hundred percent attention…”

“Well, might be the second. I am awaiting a DNA test.”

“You got someone else pregnant?” the shock on her face is so wide, I want to laugh.

“Some years back yeah. We are not sure who the Daddy is. And not like this is any of your business, I am just putting it out there”

She swallows hard. She hadn’t seen that one coming so it takes her a while to gather herself. “Whatever, you are not sure yet. So this child is top priority. You will be distracted if you have another woman in your life so I will rather we have the baby first, see how it all pans out before you get committed to anyone.”

I stare at her blank faced.

“If it’s any consolation I won’t be seeing anyone either”


“It’s no consolation. Move on”

She looks at me her brows creased in a frown. “Are you saying you won’t be seeing someone else?”

“I will see someone else, Cynthia. That’s not your decision to make”


“There won’t be a wedding but really, what does a relationship have to do with anything?”

“It takes your attention away from the baby coming! Fatherhood is something you’re not used to and I thought…” she shakes her head. “Never mind”

“Continue with your list” I say, my attention on the iPad. I wonder how many things she has left on that list of hers.

“I get a salary until I start work again”

“200k” I say

“300k” she counters


“Fine” she says

“The moment the baby is here, you will get a job and this money will stop”

She shrugs. “I work for my money that’s not a problem”

“Is that all?”

She puts the iPad away. “Pretty much”

I nod, grab my phone and make for the door. “Text me your account details” I say to her. I am about to credit her with the first N250k.

As I return to the message I was about to send Sarah earlier, I wonder if it is a good idea to tell her what I had initially planned to send.

Stepping out of the house, I realize she doesn’t deserve to be with a man like me in any capacity.

Scott knocked April up and she will be birthing their third child in some months but that is his wife.

Not some random chic he knocked up out of sheer irresponsibility.

So he still has his head, something I seem to have lost.

So maybe he deserves Sarah and I don’t.

Besides, having a baby isn’t exactly going to be easy. And who knows, the other child might be mine too.

How do I get used to being a Daddy and be doing what not with a new woman.

So, determined to do the right thing, I clear the previous message and type

You’re right, I shouldn’t care. None of my fucking business. Fuck who you want, S.

I hit send and press my Car remote, opening the doors.


I am not sure why I feel so hurt by AKT’s response.

I need to stop holding out hope for this man. It just doesn’t make sense.

Throwing my phone somewhere on the Table in front of me, I grab a pair of Scissors and begin to cut out a fabric I need for a dress Ade asked me to make.

“Good afternoon Sir”  I hear the Tailors greet around me. I refuse to look up because I know Scott is looking for me.

I don’t want to hear whatever he has to say, so I ignore him and continue to cut out the fabric like he didn’t just show up at the door.

“Sarah, meet me in my Office now”

He leaves and I follow after a few seconds.

“The only reason I came here is because I don’t want people saying stuff about how I am disrespectful and…”

He crushes his mouth against mine and kisses me so deeply and with so much need, I give in.

We go at it breathlessly, our backs against the wall for a few minutes before he pulls away.

I straighten my Ankara top and smooth out my black pencil skirt.

“Sarah” he says, his hands holding mine tightly. “I know how cheesy what I am about to say sounds but I swear to you, I can explain”

I roll my eyes.

“I’m serious”

“Go ahead” I say, my arms folded across my chest.

“April and I had a heated argument a month ago. It was bad, she said really nasty things to me because according to her, I had finally ‘left her for my ho’. I got really angry and you know, hurled something at her”

He looks away, quite ashamed about his behavior.

“It hit her arm and my son walked in on us while she was holding her bleeding arm…” it seems like the memory is painful and I am tempted to tell him to stop if it is too hard to say but I want to know where this is all leading to.

“I go to her and tell my son we had an argument… it was hard you know? Not knowing what to say when all of that happened. April angrily went to our bedroom and I followed her.” He stops for a few seconds, then continues “I told her I was sorry. It was one thing to be divorcing her, it was another to hurl something at her. Then I asked why she was so mad since she was taking half of what I own anyway and she told me she still loved me and all that”

He sighs, “I tell her I am sorry, grab cotton wool and iodine from the First Aid box and clean up the wound. She reminded me of the first time we met and I remembered she had just been attacked and I helped nurse her wound… she kissed me and I just couldn’t push her away…”

“So you made love to your wife”

He looks at me without answering. “We’re getting a divorce, Sarah”

“But she is still your wife”

“I knew it was not the right thing to do but… Sarah, it’s just a baby”

“It’s not just a baby” where do guys get off thinking they can say something like “it’s just a baby”. Same thing AKT said weeks back.

“I know. I’m saying it’s not enough to bring us back”

“Go be with your wife, Scott” I say to him and turn to leave.

“Sarah!” he calls but I am gone.

I feel a lump in my throat and tears gather in my eyes so I run to the bathroom, lock the door and cry.

I don’t even know why I am feeling this way.

I cannot explain why.

However, in the middle of it all, I realize I cry more for AKT than I do for Scott.

After a few minutes, I step out of the bathroom. Someone I recognize from secondary school is standing outside it.

“Sarah!” she squeals in excitement

“Karen!” yeah, I remember her now. She was the most beautiful girl in my set and the one all the boys tripped over.

“What are you doing here?” she asks me as she hugs me tightly.

“I work here as Junior Designer”

“Aww really? And I have been coming for fitting and I have never seen you here!”

It is then that I discover the shining ring on her fourth finger.

“Probably on one of those days I went out for lunch or something. Hey, how are you? You’re getting married abi? Congrats babe”

We hug again and she says, “Wait, I want to pee. We need to catch up like crazy! Maybe you will even come for my Hen Party tomorrow night”

She shuts the door before I can tell her I am too messed up to be partying and drinking.

Soon, she emerges from the toilet and we walk to the Reception.

“Give me your number so I can call you”

A slim light skinned guy is standing at the reception on the phone. He is of medium height and he has slight dimples when he speaks. He is definitely good looking and if I wasn’t feeling so fucked up right now, he’s the type I would definitely flirt with in a Club or something.

“Meet my brother by the way” Karen says to me

“Oh” I say as her brother, the fine ass guy gives me a ‘thumbs up’ sign. He keeps talking on the phone.

Wearing a white Polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans, I have to say he looks extremely good.

Karen’s mother did birth beautiful babies.

“I’ll text you details, Sarah” Karen says and kisses me on the cheeks. “This is your Whatsapp number, shebi?” she asks as she grabs her bag.

I nod.

And as she exits with her fine brother, something tells me that is not the last I am seeing of that fine face.

So, looks like we have teams in the house. Team what are you? Team AKT or Team Scott? Me, I personally think I am hopping on Team the new guy. Seems like this isn’t the last we’d see of his fine ass! Haha