“You told him to come and pick you up, why?”

He has incredulity boldly written on his face like the catchphrase on a Billboard on an expressway and somehow, I find relief in the shock he feels.

“Because I want to give you privacy”

He gasps, “Sarah, you said you were okay with our arrangement”

“Well, I am. I am just trying to make sure you have enough time for your tryst tonight”

He grabs my elbow as I try to make it past him. In that moment, both of us stare into each other’s eyes, our mouths uttering no words.

I am not sure what he is thinking or feeling, but I know I am thinking a thousand and one things.

Should I leave this way? Should I be rushing off to Scott when I don’t want to take the offer he’s been dangling for weeks now?

Should I not just pass the night here and keep to myself instead of stirring trouble? Why am I rethinking this?

He pulls me closer gently, my heart races and my lips quiver.

What is he about to do?

Is he about to…

“You forgot the gift I gave you” he says, nodding towards the gift bag sitting by the bedside.

I nod, trying to hide the utter disappointment I feel that he is not trying to convince me to stay.

“Have a nice time at Scott’s” he says to me and leaves the room before I can get any word out.

I grab the gift bag and hurry out of the house, my legs covering more than two stairs at the same time as I make for the entrance.

Scott is waiting for me in his car, a frown on his face when I emerge.

“What are you doing here?” he asks as I get into the car.

“I needed somewhere to hide” I reply, shut the door and lean my head on the Seat.

“Hiding in AKT’s house? Permit me to ask, but why?”

I throw him a frosty look and say, “Drive”

He obeys me but not without asking me countless times during the drive to his new apartment why I am hiding at AKT’s.

“Stop asking me why I do things” I snap when I stroll into his house.

He grabs my arm and draws me closer to him in one swift move, “Sarah, I cannot share you with another man. I do not want to share you with another man. Please stop seeing AKT”

There, what I realize I wanted to hear from AKT.

I’m an idiot, I discover.

When did I even start all the rubbish fantasies featuring AKT?

I stand on my tippy toes, grab Scott’s face with two hands and kiss him on the lips.

“Make love to me”

He obeys without protest, taking me to his bed – which is much smaller than AKT’s – and slowly pulls off my clothes.

I try to pour my mind into it.

I need to. There is nothing but hurt in taking the only other option.

“What do you mean you haven’t had a DNA test done?” Kaycee frowns, she looks at me like I am an idiot. I am an idiot.

“I already told you I don’t want that child looking at me somehow when he or she is born”


“Have a freaking DNA test and worry about what to say, to a child that might not be yours in eighteen years, later.” Kaycee swigs the bottle of Fanta she brought in with her when she arrived my Office about thirty minutes ago.

I shrug, “I will tell Ese”

“Ese as in the woman you were sleeping with and who fell in love with you but whom you didn’t hesitate to break her heart, abi?” she shakes her head in irritation. “You must really pride yourself in this Yoruba Demon nonsense”

She is referring to what my close friends and Steve now refer to me as – Yoruba demon.

During the wedding reception, after I tear myself away from Sarah’s Hospital bedside, the guys and I settle for a drink and they discuss my sexcapades around Lagos.

Of course, they are mostly pleased and, they christen me in the process.

“I think it’s actually insulting to refer to him as Yoruba demon” Steve says, to which I say, “Thank you”

However, I am soon to find out I spoke too quickly, “He is bigger than that. Dude literally fucked two cousins in this Lagos and had chics fighting over him in his House. Abegi, that one don senior demons”

Our friends laugh, “Correct guy” one of them says, patting me on the back.

“I suggest Yoruba wickedness in high places” Steve says to which someone adds, “Or Yoruba principality and power”

They all laugh at my expense and somehow, I laugh too.

The jokes were funny even though I found myself wondering if sticking to one woman isn’t the way.

But I have also learnt sticking to one woman is lethal – they tend to fall in love most of the time.

However, with Sarah, I am beginning to wonder if I am sleeping with Lade instead of sleeping with her alone as initially planned because I am growing fond of her and I genuinely enjoy her company or because I don’t want her to feel something for me.

At least not something like love, because I am certain she currently feels disdain for me with the whole Lade issue.

“Ese is a good Gynecologist” I tell Lade, my fingers deftly typing on my Laptop keyboard. I am sending an Email to a client in Hong Kong.

“And the only good one in Lagos?” she scoffs, “Before we know it, she would be back in your bed because she is good at other things”

“Don’t be silly, Kaycee. I am really done with her. She’s drama”

She eyes me, “Indeed”

I click send on the email and look at Kaycee, “So you want to know what Lade is doing here”

She nods, “Yup”

“She hasn’t said yet”

“What have you both been doing if not discussing the reason she suddenly appeared in our lives?” she asks and before I can say anything she adds, “You Ho! You have been sleeping with her, haven’t you?”

She grabs her portable Wifi and hurls it at me. I try to dodge it but it hits before I can move. “Ouch that hurts na” I say

“Are you mad? She is going to settle in your life…”

“I can’t be romantically involved with her…”


She honestly thinks I would be romantically involved with Lade? The only woman I have ever truly loved is Kaycee, I have never felt that way with someone else, never. Lade definitely cannot bring me back to that point where I cared about her.

I am too far gone.

“I’m serious”

“So why are you sleeping with her?”

“She’s easy lay. Easy and sweet” I love sleeping with Sarah more though.

“Don’t be stupid, your life is too dramatic at the moment to add Lade’s pussy to it”

I shrug, “When has it not been dramatic?”

I am silently referring to the time Kaycee left me for Steve and I think she knows.

“Okay. Just find out why she’s here” she says, grabs her bag and stretches her hand for the portable Wifi.

I hand it back to her. “Kelechi”


“Steve is in love with you”

Her face wears a serious expression, “I know”

“He won’t mess around with Lade”

“He’s a man, AKT”

I sigh; she must not know the man she married. Steve’s decision to marry Kaycee was hard to make.

He was in love with her yet he walked through life like he wasn’t because he knew the moment he went for her, our relationship was going to be threatened.

Yet, he did.

Steve was not the guy who made stupid decisions, yet he made that decision. He made it because he was absolutely and insanely in love with her.

Somehow I suspect he may love her more than I did.

Because the guy I know would only make a decision like that if he knew he couldn’t live a second without her.

“He’s a man who is undoubtedly in love with you”

She smiles wryly, walks to the entrance with the words, “Find out what your girlfriend wants” then she exits.

And because I don’t want her hurting or doubting my cousin’s love for her, I grab my phone and call Lade.

“Aww, missing the P?” she asks on the phone.

“What did you return for, Lade?” I ask

“Ahan, you couldn’t wait to see me before asking me on the phone?”

“Answer me, I don’t have time for this”

She sighs, breathes heavily into the Phone. “I’m broke, Akin”

I am not sure if the floor is spinning or if it’s me imagining things. How is Lade broke?

Her family is one of the richest in Lagos, how is she possibly broke?

Unconvinced, I say “I’m serious here”

“And I am too” she says, “I am actually really broke”

Nah, she is going to need more than reiterating it to convince me. “Explain”

“Like you know, I floated a Lingerie company for plus sized women back in the US. I got an Investor but we didn’t make as much sales in the first two years and Dude eventually pulled out”

“Your Dad is the only Investor you need…”

“He’s broke. He made some stupid financial decisions too many times in the past few years and now, he’s broke”

“It doesn’t even make sense”

“That he’s broke? Anybody can be broke, AKT”

I remain silent for a long time, then I say “What does this have to do with me though? Or with Steve”

“One of you is my baby’s Daddy, you have to support me” she replies.

I gasp in shock, “You’re seriously doing this nonsense? Dangling your own child in men’s faces without coming forth with the truth…”

“Calm down. We can finally have that DNA test now”

“Oh we better”

“Might not be yours though” she says before hanging up and I find myself seriously hoping it’s mine.

I can’t imagine the drama this would start if that kid belongs to Steve.

My life on the other hand is very dramatic, I can take a little more drama.

I lean back on my chair and I’m about to return to work when I get a call. It’s some random chic I used to see but who I had to break up with because well, she started getting too attached.

“AKT na wa o, so you are expecting a baby and…”


“So until your baby mama put it on Instagram and Snapchat, you didn’t want to tell us. And you know I wanted to have your baby last year but you were like…” I end the call and open my Instagram App which I never use.

A few messages pop up on my Whatsapp and they’re talking about the post.

I don’t have to search for Cynthia, she already tagged me.

Her photo is that of cute white baby shoes with a simple caption that reads:

A new life on the way with the bae. @TheAKT

I call her but her number is switched off, unsurprisingly.

Livid, I dial Ese “Ese, can we have that DNA test first thing tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah, sure. I have an appointment with her then anyway”

“Good. Please do”

Here I am expecting two DNA tests to be performed. I am not sure how I feel knowing those two kids could be mine and how I would control being a baby Daddy to the mothers of those children.

If I knew Tuface or Wizkid personally, this would have been a perfect time to send an SOS text.

However, I don’t. So I lean back in my Seat and do the only thing I can do – look forward to the coming days.


So guys, let’s discuss, Is AKT’s fear of love and commitment valid? I chose this question because two episodes ago, I realized a lot of people were irritated with AKT’s decision to sleep with Lade on a whim. However, remember this is also a guy that was literally a mugu in love for Kaycee in the first SDC.

So what do you think about the new AKT? Should he simply get over it already and move on or enjoy his Yoruba Demon phase?