“I was clear with my instruction” I say to Lade who has a smirk on her face in the guest room.

“Come on, AKT, I was just saying Hi”

“No you weren’t, you were looking for trouble”

She shrugs, “Maybe. You know me too well”

“Lade, we had sex and that is it. This means nothing”

“I feel offended that you think I will try to ride back into your life on the wave of amazing sex”

She looks slightly peeved and I relax my mind.

Actually, Lade is the only woman right now I can sleep with and not feel any type of way about. Don’t get me wrong.

I was very clear about my decision to screw any girl without commitment since Kaycee broke my heart and I am unapologetically sticking with that decision for as long as I live.

So all I need now is a woman who doesn’t want to get married to me or be in my life forever because of my money or the present state of my bank account.

I want to be free.

I have given love a chance before and it hurt me too many times.

I’m done falling for anyone. I’m really done.

“Who is she?”

“Someone you don’t have to know” I respond and begin to dial my friend at a popular online store on my phone. I need them to deliver clothes to the house for Lade so she can wear them and get the hell out of my hair.

“Your girlfriend?”

“If she were my girlfriend you think I will be here in this room with you?” I ask her with an arched eyebrow before returning to the task at hand; making a much needed phone call.

“I don’t know how you do it these days, you’re now a naughty, naughty boy so anything can happen” her hand is on my cock again and she squeezes it lightly, a sly smile on her face.

“What did you return for? You are yet to tell me that part of the story” she frowns, I continue, “Or did you think your pussy was too good to forget how suspicious your sudden return is?”

“One more round and I will come clean”

The recipient of my call picks it, “Hey, Trish. How is it going?”

Lade has zipped down my jeans, her hands are working my cock into her mouth now. I hold the back of her head with my free hand as I continue speaking into the phone. “Can I get a purple floral boho dress delivered to my house?” my hand continues to guide Lade’s head in and out of my erection. She is still so damn good with the head. I vaguely wonder if Sarah can top this. I would really like to know.

“And a pair of red Victoria’s Secret pant”

I listen as Trish confirms my order and tells me I will get it in an hour.

“Thanks Trish”

I end the call and punch in my details into my mobile banking App. Transferring some thousands of naira, I send the money to Trish and toss my phone on the bed.

Lade removes her mouth and licks me with her tongue from my balls all the way to the cap of my cock.

“Did you miss this?” she asks

“Very much” I say to her and again, she pushes the whole thing in her mouth. When she sees I am on the verge of cumming, she removes her head.

“Come. Against the wall”

“No. the dressing table” I take her to the dressing table in the room, turn her back against me and order her to look into the mirror. “I want to see your face when you moan my name and cum” I say to her, hold her ass with one hand and ease into her from behind.

She moans, I glance at her reflection in the mirror as her face takes on a sensual one. She is lost in the passion of our sex and I am about to lose her some more.

Grabbing her boobs in my hands, I watch her arch her ass as I push in and out of her in rapid thrusts.

She moans my name again and that fuels the rhythm with which our bodies join each other.

“Fuck, I’m coming” she yells through her teeth and I spank her ass as I tell her to get it over with. However, I realize I cannot wait for her as I feel my own climax coming. I still as I pour myself in her or the condom as it were and pull out.

“Selfish naughty boy” she says to me as I make for the bathroom. “You couldn’t even wait for me to come”

“That’s really none of my business”

She follows me to the bathroom but stays at the entrance, “What happened to you, Akin? You used to be more…”

I look at her from the bathroom mirror; she seems to be desperately searching for whatever word she wants to say to me.

I frown, “More what?”

She folds her hands across her chest, “You’re not even as patient with me as you used to be”

I lower my head as I wash my hands with the anti-bacterial soap sitting on the white wash hand basin. “It’s not just you”

“You used to be more sensitive, Akin. More feeling. Who fucked you up?”

I dry my hands with a paper towel and stroll into the room. “People like you”

Her voice has gone increasingly lower when she replies me, her hands holding mine gently. “Akin, I am sorry if I contributed to this person you have become in any way”

“In a lot of ways” I correct, trying to remove my hands from hers. Lade was a total bitch to me while we dated. She meant a lot to me but I meant scarce nothing to her. Yet, for some reason best known to her, she stayed in the relationship with me.

And of course, started hopping on my cousin’s dick after a while.

He didn’t know who she was because I never introduced them but she knew who he was because she’d seen pictures and heard about him.

Running into him at a Lounge had been all she needed to screw him and complicate our lives.

By the time we both found out, we were in love with her. She’d been playing her games well and she had sucked us both in without our knowledge, needless to say Steve and I fought over her for almost a year.

“But you weren’t this bad a year ago”

“What can I say, time changes everything”

I am making for the door now, ready to meet Sarah and hear what she has to say about seeing Lade half naked in my house and the reason she came here unannounced looking like she’s been dragged under a bus.


When I look back, she has a concerned look on her face. “I’m sorry for everything”

I scoff, “Are you?” I ask and slam the door shut behind me.


I am trying very hard to lose the thought of AKT and his half naked girlfriend from my mind but the more I try, the harder it becomes.

Clearly, he is sleeping with this woman and she is proud enough to step out in his shirt with no pants.

It is none of my business to be honest, we are not dating or anything and I don’t want to be bothered about whatever he has chosen to do with his manhood. However, what bugs me is the increasing difficulty I am having at dismissing the way I am feeling about this situation.

I hear a knock on the door, “Come in”

AKT strolls in, he has a gift bag in his hands.

Earlier, he sent in a hundred thousand naira to my account. This is way more than the amount I paid for the Hotel room and I know he’s being generous and that I should not mind. After all, I love being spent on.

But somehow, I feel like I was being paid for sex and the feeling won’t leave as hard as I try.

He places the gift bag by my side, “I hope you like it”

I look into it and find three pairs of Victoria’ Secrets lingerie and a velvet box carrying a diamond necklace.

I cannot hide the shock on my face. I know how expensive these things must be and I wasn’t expecting them. “Thanks” I manage to say. He nods in response and leans on the dressing table in front of me.

“Is everything okay with you?”

I shrug. “Not really”

“What’s wrong?”

“I am not sure I want to talk about it” I set the bag aside, still enthralled by that diamond necklace threatening to blind me with its bright and sparkly stones.

“Is it your family?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, AKT”

He shrugs. “Alright then” walking towards the door, he says to me “Let me know when you need anything”

“I’ll be fine” I snap before I realize it. “Sorry” I mutter when he faces me with a puzzled frown.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine really” I say with a forced smile. “You can get back to your girlfriend now”

He chuckles, “Is that what this is about? You’re jealous?”

I lose the smile I have worked an effort to produce, “I am not jealous” I say, “What is my business with who you mess around with?”

“Exactly” he says, then smiles. “We seem to have an agreement then?”

I nod. “Yeah whatever”

“No, you have to say yes or no. Is it an agreement? Are we going to move on with our situation without you expecting commitment of any sort?”

“Get over yourself, I will not be expecting commitment” I snap, this time, meaning to.

“Hey, I’m just trying to look out for us here”

“Yes, we have an agreement. I will not be chasing you around town in a wedding gown begging for you to marry me”

He sighs and somehow, that is responsible for the knot in my chest.

“I’m relieved” he says, “Thanks Sarah” he marches towards the door. “Have a good night” he adds and slams the door shut behind him.

I am not sure what is responsible for my next move; the unexplainable pace at which my heart is beating or the need to tell myself AKT and his babe don’t move me, but I pick my phone and send Scott a message.

Can you come pick me up?