Hey guys, I mentioned two days ago that I am currently working on a short novel that will be out on Okada Books very soon. But you already know how I roll; I give you an idea of what you’re investing your money in. So here’s an excerpt from the Ebook. PS: I am not sure about the title yet but until this moment, it is the only thing I could think of. It definitely would change before the book itself finds its way to Okada Books. For iOS users, we’ll do it the way we did the last one i.e SQUADI: The Originals. Thanks.


Mahmood Garuba’s life was suddenly cut short just as he asked for a divorce from his wife of five years, Eloho. Certain he was murdered by his wife because he was done with their marriage, Mahmood will only RIP when he finds out who truly killed him. So now, his Ghost is on a self-imposed investigation. One he intends to do thoroughly.


The morning I died was a seemingly normal one.

Actually, nothing unusual or extraordinary had happened that morning; except my death of course.

It had rained – light showers of the morning rain had just only stopped – and I was getting ready for work, dressed in my favorite Blazer; a maroon colored, well fitted Blazer with a sparkling white shirt.

My wife Eloho and I had gotten into a heated argument, one of those that had plagued our lives for half a decade now.

I had told her the night before I wanted a divorce and she had been stunned beyond words.

“How dare you, Mahmood? I have done everything to please you in this marriage, how dare you hurt me like this?”

Truth was I was unbothered.

I have not felt the same way about Eloho in years.

Our spark disappeared without warning like NEPA one morning and it never came back. And because I was not the type of man who held on to a relationship that was not working, I started seeing my Secretary.

Adanna, the light skinned, gorgeous and sexy young woman who answered my calls, organized my day and eventually started warming my bed… or as it were, my Office desk.

The first day we had passionate sex still stands clear in my mind.

She’d been working overtime because my Best friend Tade and I had been in a meeting for long and we needed her to take the minutes.

Sitting opposite me a few spaces away, it had been hard to look away from her smooth fair laps, which was obvious because of the way her black pencil skirt rode all the way up.

I had ogled and she’d caught me.

Because I wanted to bury myself so badly between her fresh legs, I had dismissed everyone but her.

The moment we had the Office to ourselves, I told her to come.

“Do you have a boyfriend you have to run home to?” I asked, unable to tear my gaze away from her gorgeous almond shaped face; She’d mentioned once that she was a former beauty queen – one of those lesser known beauty pageants were the Winners won less than N500k.

She smiled, batted her full eyelashes and showered me with the deepest dimples I had ever set eyes on. “No Sir”

“I like you, Adanna” I said in a whisper, my hands finding her waist while I pulled her closer.

“You’re married” she said to me and I lean closer to her, my lips brushing her forehead.

“I want you. My marriage hasn’t counted for a while now”

When I demanded for her lips, she did not hold back. She kissed me as hungrily and as passionately as I kissed her. Overwhelmed by the passion that burned brightly, I shoved the files off my Table and balanced her on it.

We made love twice that night and we never stopped.

However, the night before I died, Eloho walked in on us and I was unapologetic.

“You’re my husband” she said, tears pooling in her eyes.

“Not after tonight. I want a divorce” I said to her and watched as shock slowly crept up on her hazel skin tone.

“Mahmood, are you mad?!” she screamed, her body trembling as a result of the blow I had dealt her, but I was done. I walked out on her and told her I was going to marry Adanna and nothing was going to happen.

But something did happen.

The next morning, after making my coffee and drinking it, my heart stopped, my favorite mug fell from my hands and broke into pieces and I died before I got to the Hospital.

Eloho’s face was the last thing I saw before I passed away. And I know she killed me.

Or I am certain she did.

See, unlike what Nollywood tells you, you don’t know who killed you when you die unless you actually stalk them and see if they really did it.

Well, they’re right about the stalking part because I am now on to Eloho and I won’t rest until she’s been arrested. Eloho killed me and she won’t get away with it.