This episode will make sense only if you remember the first Sugar Daddy Chronicles. However, I understand it’s been a year. So you may need to read an episode again to remember who the character Lade is. And of course, you already know Adele is AKT’s older lover who he was married to and who was responsible for his wealth at a point. Refresh your memories about how Lade made her first entrance into our story HERE 


Taking care of a situation is always a good thing.

Your sleep became peaceful, you stop worrying about the issues of life and you know you can screw the girl you want to screw without some random chic who got pregnant for you on purpose waltzing into the room.

I am neck deep in work that morning when my phone rings. And because I have been looking for a reason to take a few minutes off the overwhelming paper work, I decide to pick the call.

It’s Ese.

“Hey” I say into the phone the moment my finger swipes across the screen. “What’s going on?”

“Akin” she says, “This chic you knocked up, where did you find her again?”

I sigh. This is probably a sign that Cynthia is throwing tantrums.

“I already told you Ese. She was supposed to be a one night stand but unknown to me, she and her cousin had some sick plan going on or as it were, she planned to snatch me from her cousin so she can get pregnant by me” the more I narrate the entire story of how we got here, the more irritated I become with myself. I should have known better than sleep with a random chic at a Restaurant. I had a million and one babes on my phone who would have willingly come through but I chose one I didn’t know and who could have been carrying a thousand and one STDs.

“Right. She’s being such a drama Queen and I have currently run out of ideas. Maybe you should come” Ese says and I shut my eyes tightly in a bid to keep a lid on my anger.

Cynthia was playing tough but as cool as I am, I go all the way whenever I get mad.

I remember the first time I someone got me so mad and I went out of my way to deal with them.

It was in secondary school, I had been the Library Prefect in SS3 and there was this particular guy who consciously broke rules because he liked to undermine me and the other prefects.

His father was rich and he had his name plastered on most of the buildings in School because he had commissioned them. This somehow gave this guy the opinion that he was invincible and could get away with murder if he wanted.

If anyone told him to do anything, he simply told them point blank that he couldn’t.

Then this day came, he’d walked to the Library doors with his shirt tucked out and his trousers sagging almost down to his knees.

“Junior, the rules state that you tuck in your shirt and pull your trousers up to your waist” I said to him as he made to push the doors open. He’d been in the company of two girls, both the prettiest girls in our set at the time and both clearly enthralled by him and his father’s money.

“Who cares what the rule says?” he asked me with a condescending look in his eyes and again made to open the door. I pulled him back gently and his eyes were immediately filled with disdain. “Don’t ever touch me again, you hear me?”

“I’m sorry” I apologized, “But you cannot go in there. If the Principal or the Librarian happens to see you, I will be in trouble”

“Better you than me” he said and stepped into the Library, his companions giggling behind him like he was one of those Disney Stars on Cable Television.

I was not certain what gave me the boost to go after him or what gave me the nerves, I just knew that my feet floated in the air and I was standing in front of him in a few seconds, “Please get out” I said.

There was a brief look of shock on his face before he asked, “Are you mad?”

“No” I responded, “But I will be if I let you take a step further”

He gasped, “Do you know who I am?” he asked incredulously.

“I don’t care. Get out now”

And that was when she shoved me hard and I lost my balance. As my head hit the Library floor, my anger rose higher than the building itself.

I was livid and he was going to understand what it meant for Akin to lose his cool. Grabbing his sparkly white Adidas sneakers, I dragged him back. Before he could wrap the sudden action around his head, I aimed for his trousers and pulled it all the way down.

By then, we had gotten the attention of the whole Library.

“I don’t care who you are or who you think you can be because of your father’s money, I am in charge here and you will listen to me” speaking the words, I shoved him against the wall and slapped him hard across the face.

He was dazed.

He was still dazed when the Librarian came out seconds later.

I did face the Principal and almost got suspended for fighting in the Library later but that was the last time Junior Olawusi ever dared me.

And it was the last time I ever went crazy while hell bent on getting back at someone.

But Cynthia was pushing me now and I was going to deal with her.

“Where is she?” I ask Ese

“In my Office”

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes”

I try to channel my anger into speeding to the Hospital after I get off the phone with Ese but it does not really work.

My emotions cannot fathom why Cynthia is still being difficult after everything I seem to have done right.

As I park my car and go in search of her in Ese’s office, I try again to calm my nerves but it is not working. Marching all the way to Ese’s Office, I open the door and slam it shut behind me, my gaze on Cynthia.

“Madam, what did you say is wrong with you?” I ask her the moment I lay my eyes on her.

“I don’t understand why she’s running tests or doing anything on me at all without you here. Is that how to be a Daddy?”

“Is the way you whored your way into my life how to be a Mommy?”

She hisses, “Oh please, get over it. See, you have made your own moves, now is time to make mine”

“Excuse me?”

“I will not see any Doctor without you and you will never miss any Doctor’s appointment, else, it will be hell.” She stands, grabs her bag and walks towards the door. “Have a nice day” the door shuts behind her.

“Again, you should have used a condom” Ese says after she leaves. I slump into the chair Cynthia was sitting in before.

“Most stupid mistake of my life”

“Can I ask you something?” Ese asks and I nod. “When do you want to do a DNA test?”

“No. I don’t want to do that to my child. It makes me feel somehow. What if I do and the child is mine?”

“Then the child is yours, AKT! How can you take responsibility and all the accompanying drama without being certain?” Ese looks at me in utter disbelief, “This woman is trouble and you want to risk fathering a child with her without double checking? First you fuck her without protection and now you want to bring a baby into the world without being certain the baby is yours? AKT, don’t be stupid”

I sigh. She is right. I have just always pushed the thought away because it scares me to look in the eye of my child forever knowing I once doubted his or her paternity.

“She’s almost 10 weeks gone, we can do one without alerting her.” Ese tells me gently and I nod.


“Sorry you have to go through all of these but next time, stick it in your pants” she warns and I chuckle.

“Thanks for looking out, Ese”

As I make my way back to the Office minutes later, my phone rings and it is Kaycee. I know she is calling to rebuke me for the whole Cynthia situation and I brace myself for it as I pick the call.


“AKT, how are you?”

“I’m alive”

“Lade was here last night”

Wait, what?

I slam my foot on the brake and send myself lurching forward when I hear that. I had not seen that coming in a long time.

Thankfully, my seatbelt grabbed me back and saved me from hitting my head on the steering wheel.

What is Lade doing in Nigeria? She skipped town before we could have a proper discussion about her child the last time and now she is back and…

“What did she want?” I ask.

Lade birthed the child I am certain is mine. However, in the last few years, she has dangled that child in front of my cousin, Steve and I so many times, we are dizzy from trying to figure out whose child the boy really is.

And let’s not talk about how she slept with Steve behind my back even though she was my girlfriend and how I still kept sleeping with her even after I knew the terrible things she’d done.

Lade was one woman I kept falling for her wiles. You could call her Yoruba Jezebel but she was slimy and evil and yet, still had her way with her men.

I remember now how Steve had washed his hands off her when he fell in love with Kaycee. It was how I knew the deal with Kaycee was for real and I let go.

“She says she can’t reach you and she wanted Steve to get in touch”

I hiss. I had blocked her on all forms of social media for obvious reasons. The last straw was when she went behind my back last year and slept with Steve while I was out of the country.

“Why? Has she decided who she wants her child to be for now?”

“I don’t know. But AKT, see her. I don’t want that woman around my family”

I understand that, besides Lade and I had scores to settle finally.

“Fine. I’ll call Steve and get her number”


After she hangs up, I realize Sarah is right for the thousandth time; I do have too much drama going on around me.


I have Lade chauffeured to my house later in the evening. It is simple, I am trying to prove a point to her.

When she got pregnant with my child or Steve’s depending on whose child the child is today, her Parents had objected vehemently to her having it.

Actually, they had objected to her getting involved with me from the moment they found out we were a thing.

I was too broke for her and she was supposed to be out of my league. Her Parents both come from popular wealthy society families and she was not expected to settle for less.

So I was unimportant.

And that is why I want her to know that now, I am standing on my feet without sugar mummies or any help from anyone. I am financially fine.

I have a glass of wine in my hand when she is ushered in by my maid. Before coming home, I went to the Spa and had a massage and a facial done.

I also got my manicure and my pedicure so I am really groomed.

I picked up a Balmain jacket, a white Yeezy shirt and a pair of denim on my way home and ensured I doused myself in my favorite fragrance; an expensive one I got in Paris during my last trip there.

I don’t believe in wearing your money loudly but Lade had to know I had become a rich man. I needed her to be put to shame.

And I was right, she was shocked when she walked into my house and saw me standing in the sitting room.

She still looks good and very fuckable; her hair is still short and her body still as hot as the last time I saw her.

She is wearing a flowing boho dress with a plunging neckline which shows massive cleavage and a slit that runs up to her smooth thighs.

It is hard to pull my eyes away from her cleavage and her thighs.

I find my body reacting to her. This one I had not planned for.

She bites her lower lip as she moves closer, “Boy, do you look sexier” she says with a drawl.

Lade has always known how to catch her prey and as she inches closer, her smell invading my senses I know we will end up fucking tonight.

“I missed you, Akin” she purrs into my ear, her soft hands carelessly thrown across my shoulders. “So much” she says her lips close to me.

“Hi Lade”


She places a kiss on my lips, takes the wine glass from my hand and gulps it. With her thumb on the rim of the glass, she looks around the house. “Beautiful” she mutters, “You have done well for yourself. The girls weren’t lying”

‘What girls?” I ask as she turns to face me, a smile on her pretty face. I notice she has a second piercing on both ears.

“You’ve made a name for yourself around town, home and abroad, Mr Thomas” winking, she adds, “Or didn’t you know?”

I know but I didn’t expect her to also know.

“What are you doing around here, Lade?” I ask, trying to distract myself from the boobs peeking at me from her floral dress.

“I came to say hi” she sets the empty glass on the table, “And to be honest, I am jealous other girls are getting what used to be exclusively mine”

Her hand rubs hard against my cock, “Do you still like it rough?” she asks and I can see the desperate want in her eyes.

It would have been easier if she didn’t want me but she does and this is hard.

Zipping down my denim, she licks my neck all the way up to my ear. “I have been in need of your cock for way too long, Daddy” she says in a whisper, “So I need you to give it to me fast”

Pushing her tongue into my mouth, she kisses me fervently. Unable to push her away, I match the zest with which she kisses me, barely having time to gasp for air.

I know we will not make it up the stairs before anything happens so I tell her, “The guest room”

Dragging her along with me, I take her to the guest room and shut the door behind us.

Yanking off the flimsy material she is wearing, I strip her bare of her clothes and lay in awe of how good she still looks under.

Giggling, she pulls her red thong aside and slips a finger into her moist inside.

I suck on it the moment it hits my mouth and impatiently push the lacy material aside. It rips in my hand.

“That was expensive” she whispers, her hands pulling my jacket off me.

“I have money, I will buy your shit back”

She chuckles, “I like this new you. I think I am here to stay” she says and gets my shirt off me. Going for the denim,  she pulls it down to my thighs and pulls my hard cock out of my boxers.

“I can’t wait, we’ll have to do it like this” she says to me the moment her eyes see the readiness of my cock.


We kiss hungrily as my hand unhooks her bra and shows taut nipples and firm boobs. I suck hard on the nipples as my name escapes her lips. Holding the beautiful firm boobs in my hands, I say, “Do you have a condom on you?”

If she had this planned, she must have brought that, right?

“You know me too well” she says and leans over to retrieve a female condom.

I suck hard on her tits as she wears the condom, licking with my tongue those breasts I have come to miss so bad.

“Ready for you babe” she says and I push my cock in deep into her.

“Oh AKT, fuck me hard baby” she says and I hold nothing back as I fuck her as she likes it.


Seconds after Lade and I are done, she is panting under me when the Maid knocks on the door.

“What?” I snap, still trying to steady my uneven breath

“Sir, Ms Sarah is here to see you”

I stiffen. How? Sarah never comes here without being invited. She’s too cocky for that. What could be wrong?

I spring up from bed.

“Another one of your conquests?” Lade asks as I wear my boxers and reach for my jeans.

“One I like fucking a lot” I say to her with a silent warning. Lade’s pussy might be good to me but I am not about to let Sarah’s go either.

“Hmm” I try to reach for my shirt when she holds back to it. “Come on, you tore my pant and my dress, there’s something I’ve got to wear”

“But you’re not leaving the room” I say to her more as a warning than a statement.

“Yes but I cannot be naked here”

I shrug and wear the jacket alone.

“AKT?” Lade calls as I make to leave the room


“Be fast, I want another round”

I smile as I close the door behind me. Now I remember why she’s so hard to let go of.

Waiting outside the guest room in my sitting room is Sarah. She seems exhausted and… sad.

“Sarah, are you okay?” I ask as I gather her in my arms.

“Can I stay here for the night? Stuff happened in my house”

I nod. She can, of course.

“Let me get the Maid to make you some green tea to calm you down” I say to her and she mouths a thank you as I make my way to the Kitchen.

However, when I return some seconds later I find Lade, dressed in my shirt, sitting opposite Sarah on the couch.

What the heck does she think she is doing?


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