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Minutes after we have made love had sex the second time, we both lay in each other’s arms, exhausted from the burning passion that consumed us both for minutes.

From where I lay on his chest, I can hear his heartbeat. It is beating fast and his breath slowly evens out.

I am as spent out as he is and so I take time to steady by breath too.

He places kisses on my forehead, his hand pulling me closer.

“I waited so long for this and now I don’t want to ever stop” he mutters in my ear, bites my earlobe gently and chuckles.

I roll away from him and set my feet on the tiled floor. “I have to leave” I say to him.

“It’s late” he replies, a puzzled expression on his face. “Where are you rushing to? Besides I thought you wanted to be away from your family”

“So I should hibernate with you because my family is currently high on drama at the moment, huh?” I say and walk into the bathroom.

Pulling open the doors to the Shower booth, I step into the booth and turn on the shower. As the warm water hits my back, I try to drown my worries. I don’t know how I feel about my Sister’s reaction to her husband’s questionable behavior towards me and how my mother conveniently took sides with her.

“Sarah, I won’t sleep here if that’s what is making you feel uncomfortable” AKT’s voice jolts me back to reality.

I shrug, turn on the Shower and wrap myself in a Towel before joining him at the door.

“So when am I seeing you again?”

“I’m not sure about that” I walk past him and stroll into the bedroom. He follows me.


“Look around you, AKT. You have drama following you like flies. I am not about to get in the midst of all of that”

Regret briefly flashes through his face, “Sarah, I am aware of the current situation but it cannot and will not be permanent”

“You call having a baby temporary?” I ask in mild shock.

“No, no that is not what I mean”

I am slipping into my clothes now, my hand reaching for the complimentary lotion lying on the bedside table.

“I mean Cynthia will be gone once the baby is here.”

“You cannot just get rid of the mother of your child, AKT. She automatically becomes family when that child gets here. She will forever be in your child’s life and you risk looking like a bad father if you push her away”

I generously rub the lotion over my body and find my shoes.


“But nothing, AKT. I might want you so bad and want a repeat performance of what happened tonight but I don’t like messing around with men who have baggage. You do have a lot of baggage and your mom clearly doesn’t want this woman to leave. So looks to me like you have a lot to settle in your personal life”

He sighs as I glance at my reflection in the mirror and grab my bag.

“Okay. Fine. But can we at least see one last time this weekend?”


“Please. It’s an event for CEOs and Senior Partners of big Tech companies in Nigeria and I want you to be my Plus One” his eyes are pleading when I look into them.

“Fine” I sigh and make for the door.

“And Sarah?”


“Send me your account number”

I smile and step out of the room.



Sarah is right; I have a lot of baggage in my personal life currently. However, I am willing to do something about it.

I am willing to put some sort of control over my Cynthia problems and manage it properly.

I want to live a life outside all of the drama she brought with her when she suddenly appeared in my life and I intend to work on that.

Stepping into my dining room, I notice that the Chef has laid out a nice breakfast for me as requested the night before.

A huge Jar of freshly squeezed Orange sits in the middle of the large table. By it, another Jar sits, that one containing fresh Lemonade.

Plates of bacon and egg sandwiches sit in white plates in front of each seat about to be occupied on the dining table.

I am texting my new personal assistant, a fresh out of College girl on my Samsung when Cynthia strolls in.

“Hey babe”

I nod in greeting, flash her a warm smile and hit send before joining her at the Table.

“Please sit” I say, drawing out a Chair for her.

I see a look of surprise on her face as she takes a seat.

“Thank you” she says with a smile of her own.

She smells of fresh roses I note. I also note she is fresh out of the shower and the smell of her cream lingers in the air because she only just applied it.

“Are we expecting guests?” She asks off the other three plates spread out in front of Chairs in the dining room.

“Yes” I say and take a seat near her.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes of course.” Her hand flies to her stomach instinctively. “The baby… Our baby is always making me hungry”

I smile at her as her mother strolls in.

“Mummy?” she calls, trying hard but failing as much to downplay the shock in her voice.

“Cynthia, good morning. Akin, good morning to you too”

“Good morning ma” I reply as my mother joins us just as Cynthia’s mother takes a seat.

“Good morning, ma” Cynthia says to my mother. “What’s going on, babe?” she asks me as my mother helps herself to a seat.

“Soon” I reply. “We’re waiting for one more Person”

My mother and Cynthia’s mother sit in silence but I am aware of how pregnant the silence is.

Each of them has questions but only a few minutes more and the questions will have answers.

I try to make conversation to fill up the space, “The sandwiches are really good, you should have some” I say to nobody in particular but hoping one of them will answer.

“Thanks” Cynthia’s mother replies but barely moves an inch. She eyes the plate and keeps her eyes on the painting hanging on the wall behind me.

I stand and make my way to the Kitchen where I tell the Chef to make me a cup of coffee.

I am not willing to sit in the midst of three women who are probably angry as to the reason they have to sit on a Table without knowing each other would be there.

As I wait for the water for coffee to boil, I remember how I put the call to Cynthia’s mother the day before.

I had just returned from the Hotel where Sarah and I had the most memorable sex of my life when I decided it was time the never ending drama stopped.

I called Cynthia’s mother and told her I was tired of the drama and going around in circles. I also told her that I would like to see her in person, take responsibility in person and put a few things in their place.

She’s granted my request to visit and I told my Driver to go pick her up for this morning.

My mother I called after getting off the phone with Cynthia. I let her know it was so things could go smoothly between Cynthia and I.

I had an Uber pick her up and here she is.

The Chef adds a teaspoon of Sweetener in my coffee and a little cream. He hands it to me and I take a sip, ready to take the morning.

My phone rings just then, alerting me of the presence of the last person I have been waiting for.

Grabbing my cup of steamy coffee, I saunter out of the Kitchen into the dining room.

There she is, looking as Chic as I recall her to be the very first time I met her.

I have a thing for Doctors who manage to look stylish despite their workload.

Ese is one of those.

With baby curls, a brown skin she takes time to tend to and an extremely stylish wardrobe, she is definitely my idea of a personal Doctor.

Of course, we have history.

Once upon a time, we fucked on her Office desk, in her bedroom, in her sitting room, her car, my car, my office desk and almost everywhere to be honest.

But she went and caught feelings and I was not down for that.

I let her go. She hurt for a long time because according to her, “She was not the woman who mixed sex with emotions” and the only man she ever felt that way about didn’t want her.

I apologized, even though I was aware of how much of a dick I seemed like. But honestly, I didn’t and still don’t have time for love or relationships.

I just want to have good sex and that is it.

And presently, Sarah is giving me great sex so anything that will come in the way of that, including the drama in my personal life, will be duly taken care of.

Which is how we arrived here.

I hug her briefly and point her to a seat. She chooses a seat near my mother and opposite Cynthia’s mother who is sitting near Cynthia at the end of the table.

I sit near Cynthia’s mother and begin, “Meet Ese Horsfall, she is a gynecologist and one of the best Doctors here in Lagos.” She is also the Doctor who took care of Kaycee and her OB/GYN.

“Good morning Mas. Good morning, Cynthia” she says with a dimpled smile.

“Ese is here today to start what she will be doing throughout the duration of Cynthia’s pregnancy; take care of her and put her through antenatal”

Ese nods.

“She is one of the most expensive OB/GYNs in Lagos but I have discussed with her and she will always be ready to be by Cynthia’s side should the need arise” I continue, “Cynthia can always call her from her house whenever…”

“My house” Cynthia repeats, there is a frown on her face. “I don’t understand”

“I have rented an apartment for you in VGC” I say to her and I cannot describe and will never really be able to describe the utmost shock on her face when I say that. “I paid a year rent and you will be moving there this morning. You don’t have to worry about furnishing. I have also taken care of that”

“You’re driving me out of your house?”

“Akin, what is going on here? Is this why you told me to come here early in the morning? To humiliate my daughter?” Cynthia’s mother asks and Cynthia breaks down in tears.

“I am not sure renting a fine house for her in VGC and getting an expensive Doctor for her is humiliating o” my mother replies

Cynthia’s mother glares at my mother, “You both planned this rubbish and you’re here telling me it is not humiliation? Where is the mother of a man’s child supposed to be if it is not in his house?”

“We are not married” I say to her

“Then marry her and get this over with!”

“I didn’t promise her marriage”

Cynthia’s mother stands angrily, “Ehen? And now that you have stuck your wayward international penis inside her and gotten her pregnant, you do not think it is enough to promise her marriage?”

I try to quell my anger, “I am trying to take responsibility of my child here”

“By sending her off to VGC? Ehn?” She claps her hands in amazement. “You are living here in Banana Island. You are sending the mother of your first child all the way to VGC?! VGC!!”

“Stop saying it like it’s a bad place” My mother counters. “At least it’s not Ajah or Sangotedo”

Cynthia’s mother waves a warning finger at her, “Please Madam, watch your tongue”

“Or what? Your wayward daughter spread her legs open for a man she is not married to and now, only my Son is to blame? Did they not do it together? Is he not taking responsibilities for it? What if she got pregnant for a man who doesn’t even send her, what will you do? Abi the VGC he is sending her to, is it not human beings that are living there? Can your own family afford the place?”

That sends Cynthia’s mother rushing towards my mom. Ese and I hurriedly hold her back just in time.

I knew there was going to be drama but this type of drama, I had no idea was going to happen.

“Please ma, calm down” Ese says to Cynthia’s mother who is now shouting at the top of her voice. “I don’t blame you people. I blame my useless daughter who slept with a man like a common prostitute and had no sense to use protection”

I eye Cynthia when her mother says that but refuse to say anything.

“Please, I have made up my mind and that which I have said is what is going to happen.” I say after Ese and I manage to drag Cynthia’s mother back to her seat.

“Cynthia, please you start antenatal today. Ese, please attend to her once she comes to the Hospital” I say to Ese who looks worn out by the drama already. “Meeting is over” I say and walk out of the dining room, unbothered about the angry women who I am certain are glaring at me as I exit the room.

Now to getting that Sarah back in my bed.