So some minutes ago, my friend Yemi Adeyemi (who by the way wrote the hugely popular Nollywood box office hit Taxi Driver and, 8 Bars And A Clef guys! I assure you the scripts were good :-D) decided to be dropping bars anyhow and one of the things he said to me inspired the direction this episode went. Clue: the entire thing AKT said to Sarah about the dinner date he typed to me and I just had to steal it and use it. He’s such a Writer, I know. Cooking up lyrics like he’s Kanye West or something. Anyway enjoy.



I am downing the second glass of cold water filled with ice when AKT finds me in his spacious kitchen.

When I see him saunter in, his hands stuck in the pockets of his grey slacks, his body fit into a sparkling white V-neck shirt, I turn and face the Chef who is currently fixing me plate of delicious efo riro. The soup smells so good, I can barely ignore it.

However, as AKT stops spaces away from me, I realize that ignoring him is harder than I envisaged.

The steamy bowl of Efo riro somehow becomes hotter than the 6ft tall individual currently gazing at me.

“Hot” I say when I am handed a table spoon by the Chef and even I am not sure who I am referring to as hot – Mr AKT or the extremely good to look at bowl of soup on the table in front of me.


“No need to apologize” I say, using my spoon to decide whether I want to scoop the ponmo in tiny pieces or the strips of smoked fish lying in the bowl.

With one hand, he gently grabs my arm and even then, I refuse to look into his eyes.

“Please” he says softly. His touch sends tremors into my body but I ignore the deep want he creates simply by the touch of a hand.

“You have a family…”

“She is not my family” he says, “Cynthia does not belong here and I have made her realize that already” he reiterates. “Please Sarah”

The Chef excuses himself quietly and vacates the Kitchen, leaving us both alone in the large space. I begin to look everywhere but the man near me. I check the white walls, the high ceiling, the AC, the Gas Cooker, I’m on the way to checking out the marbled floor when he holds my face gently and turns me to look into his eyes.

His eyes plead; the words his mouth didn’t speak being loudly communicated by that single look in his eyes.

“Please Sarah”

“What are you even begging me for” I ask him

Before he can respond, I add “You are just begging me because…”

“Because I want to make love to you, Sarah. I want to strip you of every single thing you’re wearing, touch you the way no one else has ever touched you, bury myself inside you while you moan my name and make sweet love to you the way you’d remember even when you’re old and grey and take your last breath”

I gape at him in shock. Who knew Mr Playboy was such a lyricist.

However, if I thought he was done with the lines then I must have had another thing coming.

“When you are having a tough day, I want my touch to be the one thing that will remind you of several reasons to smile” when he sees my cocked eyebrow he says, “It would not be your reason to smile, it would be the reminder that you have several reasons to smile”

He pulls me closer to him, our bodies just a few inches away from each other, our hearts beating fast and almost loud enough to make beats to a song with a fast tempo.

I swallow hard when I realize this is worse than I thought. This man here is a bad idea, yet here I am in his multi million naira house, melting at every single word that comes out of his mouth.

His mouth crushes into mine, his tongue demanding what I am certain I can give even though I am fully aware of the exhaustion to follow.

I let him in and kiss him passionately, my hands thrown around his neck. Balancing me on the table in front of us, he pushes aside the steaming bowl of soup and kisses me like his life depends on it.

We both gasp for air like two people drowning in a massive body of water, our passion igniting us and setting us ablaze the way I didn’t think was possible.

“Shit” he mutters and suddenly stops. “We cannot do this here.” He says to me, a look of disappointment on his face. “I would only do this where and when I am certain nobody would walk in through the door”

I nod, get off the table and straighten my dress.

“Let’s do dinner tonight” he says to me and I immediately shake my head, my attention returning to the abandoned bowl of efo riro.

“I don’t think that is a good idea…”

“Why? You don’t like food?” he asks, laughter dancing around the corners of his mouth. Wait, has he always been this handsome? Yes, he has.

But question is, have I always found him this attractive? This good looking? Has he always appealed to my senses this much?

I was out looking for a Sugar Daddy when I met him, I was not out looking for someone to make me feel… wait, what the fuck…

Shit! I am liking him!

Sarah, you okay?”

I nod too quickly, my hands getting immediately busy as I desperately try to bury the shock of my sudden realization beneath some action.

Scooping the hot soup, I guide it into my mouth and only realize when it hits that it’s still too hot.

His phone rings just then, picking it, he turns away from me and answers it in a corner.

I use the opportunity to open my mouth and fan myself before swallowing the hot but extremely delicious soup.

He returns, a smile on his face. “Why don’t you do something for me?” he asks

Hands on my waist, I nod.

“I just got notified of an impromptu meeting with some guys I have been dying to talk to in China for a while so I would need you to take me to dinner”

“Take you to dinner” I repeat, noting that my tongue is scalded.

He nods and hurries through his statement like someone on the run, “Take me to dinner at an almost expensive restaurant where you like to eat or have at least heard that their food is quite good… make me think you’re going to pay for dinner then tell me you didn’t come with your card and make me pay… then let me take you home afterwards where you may or may not choose to ask me in for a drink and where I may or may not get the permission to give you a shoulder or foot massage afterwards…”

I chuckle, he’s good.

“I’d think about it” I say and he places a brief kiss on my forehead. For a few seconds, he looks like he wants to do something else but he darts out of the kitchen instead.

I smile to myself for a few seconds but when I look up I find Cynthia standing at the door, her eyes boring into me.

And somehow, I realize that I just might get scalded with the way things were going and this time, it would have absolutely nothing to do with a bowl of soup.


I have been excited about making love to a woman once in my entire life. And it was Kaycee, my first time. Which makes a lot of sense because I was in love with her and she was my first.

However, I have never been more pumped about spreading the legs… slowly spreading the legs of  a woman while I buried my cock inside of her the way  I am now.

It’s absolutely crazy and I am not sure what is responsible but it is the way I feel.

I speed through the meeting with my guys in China, impressing them at how quickly things go.

I smile inwardly, even coffee has never given me this kick.

This woman is slowly becoming my favorite brand of caffeine and heavens know I intend to get high on her.

“Thanks Mr Thomas, we’ve been able to get ahead in this meeting I have no doubt things would go easily from here”

We end the meeting and I call Sarah to confirm her plans.

Is she still down with dinner? She hasn’t said anything since I last saw her and I am slightly horrified at the thought of her canceling.

I call her and she answers on the second ring. “Sarah” I call the moment her voice comes through. “Wassup?”

“I’m not sure dinner is a good idea” she says. I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until she says she words.


“I have to go AKT, I’m currently on top of something.”

She hangs up before I can talk and I am heading out of the office, making for the Elevator when my phone buzzes. It is a Whatsapp message from Sarah.

I allow the Elevator doors to close before opening it.

I am going to need you to do something for me. Hop into your fancy car, make me think you’re not coming over and then speed down here. Make me think you took your time and you didn’t pray away every traffic in your way – I like my men slightly cocky. Make me believe you’re not interested in the name of the Restaurant by not asking but still come over to BROOKE HOTEL. Then after dinner, we may or may not have sex… oops have foot or shoulder massage.

I smile when I read her message.

Your teacher taught you well.

I send.

I’m good myself. You’re about to find out.

It is safe to say my drive to the five star hotel she is currently at is the fastest I have ever driven in my life.

When I find her, she’s in a room which she got with her money.

I find her sprawled on the bed, clad in a red and black corset and black pantyhose.

“Lock the fucking door” she whispers.

I do as I am told.

“You were supposed to make me pay”

She chuckles, bites her lower lip sending sparks through my body.

“Since we just ate not too long ago, I ordered something very light and drinks”  I eye the food in a tray, my eyes taking in the little piece of clothing she has on. “So dinner”

“We’ll have dinner but first, I have to eat you”

Those were the words I said to Kaycee a year ago, except that time, I was willing to eat dinner before eating her but with Sarah, I couldn’t wait one more second.

I shed my clothes as I close in on her, in seconds, her corset and the panty hose lie on a pile on the floor.

I know I promised to make love to her but the way we go at each other like hungry lions makes it impossible.

So I part her legs in one swift movement and bury myself into her.

She’s as sweet as I imagined, as sweet as my fantasies of her and as sweet as I never thought she could be.

I thrust into her slowly even though my body wants more and all of her at once.

“AKT” she calls softly



And I obey her dutifully.