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Sugar Daddy chronicles 2

The only time I have seen a man make a woman’s heart race and her body’s heat turned on without flames is in a movie.

Either that or in a romance novel.

There, words effortlessly flowed on the things the man did with his fingers in a room full of people, both aware of something intimate he was doing in a public place. Something the others had absolutely no idea was going on.

To be honest, as a teenage girl, it was one of my fantasies. I’d sit on my favorite couch in my Parents’ house, my legs curled up, my teeth unconsciously biting my lower lip while I allowed my mind travel far as the words allowed itself into my mind.

I’d replace the white guy in the romance novel with my favorite Actor or celebrity at the time – RMD was a constant at the time – while I imagined myself in the most beautiful couture dress my young mind could conjure.

As time went by, the couture dresses became edgier and my hair became less boring. One time, I was reading an historical romance and instead of the flowing dress the princess was clad in, I chose a jumpsuit with a flowing cape and traded the hair cascading her shoulders with a Mohawk.

However, fantasy had nothing on the reality that now presented itself to me like buffet at a Yoruba party.

Like the different delicacies, the emotions I feel vary with every touch. And like the deliciousness of each food, each emotion is undeniably sweet.

I hate that I love how I feel.

“Stop” I whisper to him but if he heard me he does not act like it.

“So how did you people meet?” my mother’s voice jolts me out of my “situation” and even though I’d rather pull out my hair than narrate my first meeting with AKT, I welcome the distraction with a wide grin.

“At Oge” I say, “He’d come to pick something up”

“And from the moment she walked in, her hair pulled into a bun and her face with little or no makeup, I knew I was going to make her mine” he adds, his hand has now found its way between my thighs. I squirm, giggling at my mother who has a dreamy look in her eyes.

I hate that she’s being led on by AKT and I but I would rather that than let her know what his hand is currently doing to me under the table.

“Aww so beautiful” Esther says, her eyes darting from me to AKT.

I know Esther is aware of the nonexistence of a relationship between AKT and I but for some reason I am desperate to find out, she’s egging us on.

“So AKT, do you really like Sarah or you just want to sleep with her?”

The silence that follows my brother in law’s question casts an awkward silence on the Table. Actually, he might have as well filled up a keg of water and thrown it on the food laid out on the table.

Willing to ignore him, I grab a knife and begin to cut the fried chicken laps in my plate.

“I like Sarah”

AKT’s hand squeezes my thigh, his finger reaching for my G-string.

“She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and I bet she’s a sweet girl”

I chew the chicken in my mouth a little too hard, certain that the sweetness he meant had to do with my body.

Briefly, images of AKT and I tearing each other’s clothes off while we made wild love flashed across my face. I swallow the chicken in my mouth hard and lower my eyes, worried that other people can see the dirty things my mind has managed to conjure.

My mind has always been wild, unwilling to be tamed and definitely able to travel far without a Visa.

And even though it helped my career as a Designer, it was currently threatening to put me into trouble.

AKT’s finger, pulled my pant aside.

Sarah, you should have worn jeans

Earlier, I had settled for a clingy maxi dress with slits that ran all the way up to my thighs. It was a dress I had designed when I just started work at Oge and I was sentimentally attached to it because it was my first.

Interestingly, it is a basic design; thin straps with a material that hung tightly and slits that ran all the way to my thighs.

Nothing more, nothing exciting and definitely nothing out of this world.

Heck, there are hundreds of dresses like that hanging out in shops in Yaba.

“So you are not sleeping with each other”

My cutlery clatters, making a loud noise as my brother in law starts to steer his unnecessary conversation into dangerous territory.

“Babe” my sister’s voice cautions, “Leave them be”

“Should I?” he asks, “Sarah is like a sister to me” his eyes are on me now. “And I would hate for a man notorious for sleeping with women without any form of commitment, treat her like a paper napkin”

Oh no!

My mother and sister cooked a delicious meal but my brother in law is threatening to cook up a storm.

And shall we not mention the fire AKT is sending into my body with his hands. Fire I was not even aware my body could handle before now.

“I like Sarah” his fingers are currently on their way into me, I grab his shoulder, afraid I might scream out in ecstasy if I don’t. Holding him tight, I smile at my family.

“That’s right” I say with a nod.

“You like me too, babe. Don’t you?” he asks with a knowing smile on his fine  face; his choice of a white shirt and black pants did a lot for his already good to look at face.

I hold on to my response but when his finger slides into me, I spit out the words. “Of course. I like you” I say breathlessly.

He begins to work the finger into my wetness, “How much, babe?”

“Very much” I respond quickly. I am not sure for how long I can take this, my mind is in overdrive, my body threatening to go into spasms. I bite my lower lip, desperate to keep the excitement under control.

But just like before, I can barely do anything about the situation under me.

And even though it is all going on under me, I am barely on top of it.

My brother in law’s chuckle tells the table he is barely convinced by what we’ve told him.

“I am expected to accept that you like her?” he draws out his phone and flashes the screen at AKT from across the table. “You like her and you knocked some random chic up?” he shakes his head in disbelief. “Sarah, I am utterly disappointed in you. This is who you settle for?”

“Babe!” my sister raises her voice a notch higher now, her eyes blazing with enough anger to engulf us all in the dining room. “What the heck is wrong with you?” she asks, “You think hating him will make her run into your arms?”

“Excuse me?” I say, “Why would I run into your husband’s arms?” I am actually utterly confused right now. Yanking AKT’s hands off from under me, I direct my full attention to my elder sister and her husband.

“Oh please shut up” Esther snaps and that is when I see the disdain in her eyes. “You think I don’t know what is going on between you two?”

I gasp. “Wait, what?”

“You think I didn’t see all those mornings he walked into your room while you were naked and you did nothing?”

“Exactly, I did nothing. I did nothing with your husband!”

I catch my mother’s reaction from the corner of my eyes. She looks petrified, her eyes widening in shock with every single revelation.

Esther grabs a paper napkin in anger, wipes her hands furiously as if taking out her frustration. “Why didn’t you tell me if it was nothing?”

“Because I didn’t want to break your heart”

She scoffs, slams the used napkin on the table. “Or you liked it”

I stand then, “No, you fucked up bitch. I didn’t like it. Unlike you, I was looking out for my sister. I didn’t want her to feel more hurt than she already felt. You were going through hell, what good was information like that going to do to you?”

“It would have given me grounds for divorce, you imbecile”

Her husband gasps in shock, “You wanted divorce?”

“Of course, you fool. You think I wanted to cope with your bullshit forever?”

“All of these things was going on and none of you mentioned to your mother?” my mother asks in anger, “I raised you both better than this. And you Sarah, what were you doing, doing nothing while your brother in law broke into your room? why didn’t you lock the door? Why were you seducing him?”

The words throw me off as soon as I hear them, I am barely audible when I speak next, “What?”

“Oh come on, Sarah. You know your way with the men you want, surely you could have done something about it since it happened the first time”

There’s a long stretch of silence as I glance at my mom and my sister. Hurt, disappointed and angry, I stand and pull AKT’s hand, “Please take me out of here”


I have quite the interesting family. I mean, my cousin took the woman I loved right under my nose and put a ring on it before I could even think.

So I cannot say that I am immune to family drama and awkward family situations.

However, Sarah’s family drama which I have to admit was more interesting to see than the delicious and well prepared meal we just had takes the trophy when placed side by side my own family drama.

And as much as this is something for reality television, I find myself feeling deeply sorry for her.

If there’s anything I learnt at that dinner, it is that she is seen as the black sheep of her family.

The one who is held responsible for things she is clearly not responsible for.

The one who is blamed for situations beyond her control, the one who is expected to fix things bigger than her.

I glance at her tiny frame beside me, she looks overwhelmed but that’s about it.

Her pretty face has not been marred by the stress that should have come with the drama that just played itself out and she’s not as angry as I expect her to be.

Something that makes me worried and tells me, this is not the first time she’s been taken to the Gallows.

My hand instinctively finds hers and I squeeze it gently.

“Who’s home?” she asks me

“Nobody” I say and quickly add, “Just my Chef and the maid”

She nods and says nothing more till we get into my house. At the tall gates that lead into my house, she says, “Tell your security guard to tell your visitors you don’t want to be disturbed”

And just like that, I find myself obeying someone I would normally not obey.

Someone I would normally not even be this worried about.

And only then does the realization hit me. I had accepted Sarah’s family’s invitation to dinner without thinking about it twice and I had honestly had no qualms about it.

Earlier, as I dressed up, I told myself I was doing it because I couldn’t say no to her family. Her sister and her mom had been nice when asking me so it was the right thing to do.

However, when I opened my wardrobe and chose the white shirt over the yellow colored Polo that was my favorite, I knew I was going because I wanted to see her again.

I wanted to see her, I wanted to hold her and I undoubtedly wanted to make love to her.

I wanted my name to be the only thing on her lips while my tongue teased every single part of her body and I wanted her to climax for me the way she’d never done while being touched by another man.

I wanted to make her mine through my touch and I wanted her to always remember that.

I open the door to my house and she steps in, looking around before heading towards my room.

“Where are you going?” I ask, surprised she is not going to the sitting room instead.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she asks with a smirk, giggling she slowly takes a staircase at a time. Winking at me, she pulls her red dress above her head and drops it before taking another staircase leading to my bedroom.

Taking a look at me, she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to her feet.

“Come to mama” she says in a loud whisper and disappears into the room.

I am sure that is the fastest I have covered the stairs in my house because I breathlessly arrive in the bedroom some seconds later.

Lying on her back, a hand behind her head, Sarah smiles seductively at me.

And as I step closer to her, I am reminded by my body how desperately I want to be buried inside this woman.

Leaning on one hand so I don’t rest my weight on her, I kiss her hungrily like I have never kissed any other woman, not even Kaycee.

The kiss was breathless, quick and it eased us into the next step; button after button came loose and in a few seconds, my white shirt and black trousers piled up on the clean tiles in my bedroom.

Our gazes locked as I tore open the wrapper of condom in my hands, and without saying anything, both of us knew we wanted this moment so bad and nothing could stop us.

Nothing, except Cynthia’s voice which rang into the room that instant.

“So this is why you told me to pack out?” she asks and I whirl around in frustration.

Cynthia stands at the door, eyeing us in disdain. “Anyway, my father says I cannot stay in his house and I don’t have money. So please leave what you’re doing and come and fix that”

Arms folded, she leans on the wall and refuses to move another inch.

Sarah sighs from under me. “You should go” she says and when I face her, my heart breaks at what I see – this is going to be the last time she’d give us this opportunity.