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My third boyfriend, he is young at heart; a young at heart 60 something year old.

He likes it when I call him bae and he even likes skinny jeans.

You people think RMD is the only fine grandpa there is inside this country. Abegi, my boyfriend is very fine. I would have shared photo but I donโ€™t trust all these thirsty hoes.

So all I share is his ankle, and little finger, and knee caps. Even his thumb I canโ€™t share because you know thumb is like signature (thumbprint hello???), it is peculiar abeg.

Argue with your ancestors if you want, I know what I am saying.

Anyway, since I have been engaged for a while now and I know I am not marrying soon, I came to greet my boyfriend.

Oh please, donโ€™t judge me, he likes it when I call him boyfriend not Sugar Daddy. Like I said, he is young at heart.

Anyway, after different chandelier styles and titanic moves, I laid on his chubby laps which are stuffed in his distressed pencil jeans.

And no, it is not a pretty sight. Be thankful for things which you do not see, my people.

โ€œYou want to go to Dubai bebe? Because I just feel like sending you to Dubaiโ€

Do I feel like going to Dubai? Do I feel like going to Dubai? Is this one even alright?

โ€œI will think about itโ€

I have already thought about it and I feel like going, but shakara has to be made.

โ€œOkay, I will send you there for breakfast next weekโ€

It should be noted that I danced salsa, etighi, azonto, shakiti bobo and skelewu in my head. But in my body, I just smile.

โ€œAnd you will go and eat lunch in UKโ€ฆโ€

His phone rings before he gets to finish his sentence and just as he gets off the phone in his high pitched voice, he says, โ€œIโ€™m in VIโ€