Please what is your definition of traveling out?

It means going to a Country outside Africa, abi? Or what is the point of saying you traveled out of country and went to Kenya? Abeg, Kenya is in Africa, you did not travel out. You traveled around.

There is a difference between traveling out and traveling around.

So that is how this Actress turned Producer came o and said she wanted to shoot her first film and that she wanted us to travel out to shoot it. I was very happy. I was not only going to be getting a correct role; I was going to be shooting outside Nigeria.

I started to create hashtags; #AboutToGoShootOutsideTheContinent #YourGirlIsWorking #WorkWorkWorkWork #YallWouldLoveThis.

You may wonder if I had gotten the script before I started all the hashtags. I hadn’t. I didn’t even know what the movie was about but abeg, I was going to be acting a real role outside the continent and that was all that mattered.

That is how we ended up in Cotonou o. I don’t have a problem with Cotonou, I just have a problem with ending there when I was supposed to be somewhere else.

Anyway, I asked this Actress that Madam, I thought you said we were traveling out? She said, ehn is this inside your Country? Have you ever been here? Is this not you traveling out?

I kept quiet. Shebi it is to act and go home. But alas, it was not just to act and go home.