Hey guys, so I thought to have a small discussion, you know, some sorta open conversation thing since I don’t have money to host y’all to drinks somewhere fancy yet.

I wanted us to talk about my Ebook SQUADI: The Originals.

You see, because SQUADI is a series (SQUADI: The Fall Of Ajerun is probably next in the SQUADI series and EYIN ESE, currently running, has characters that are related to the SQUADI series. Yeah I know it is historical, so wouldn’t it be fun to see how xters from old times mix up with modern day xters?) it matters what you think and I love conversations of course.

So here I am, throwing it open.

All my constant commenters and ghost readers (here’s looking at you lara Ayanbanjo nee Hammed) have to comment.

So Modus, Jay, Hibukkun, Queen Jiddah, Birdy, Dotun,Datoks, Β Modupsneb, Pelumi Hadassah, you cannot escape this!!! And yeah Gorgeous too (oh yeah, after we had that argument, you’re still not allowed to go. Sorry. Lol).

And because I didn’t mention your name, don’t think you can skip this o.

Ehen, where was I… okay, yeah, so tell me, what were your best moments in SQUADI? Your least favorite moments and, your favorite xter.

And of course, what you hope to see in SQUADI: The Fall Of Ajerun. You know, moments you loved so much in SQUADI: The Originals and that you hope you’d see again.

Please be honest.

Oya sound off in the comment section guys!