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Cynthia’s mother is sitting across me in my bedroom, I cannot really tell what she is thinking, but I strongly sense it has a lot to do with murdering me with her bare hands.

There is a Bible clutched in her hands. The Bible has her surname and initials on it. Her fingers open the Holy Book, she begins to turn to the new testament.

I fear I know the passage she is looking for. I have heard it too many times from my own mother.

“Do not defile the marriage bed…”

Ehen, I said it.

It is what they all turn to whenever they’re trying to tell you sex before marriage will guarantee you a straight Visa to Hell or that you’re doomed for trying to have sex without putting a ring on it.

I honestly wish I can jump out of the window and leave this house for these people.

“I am not the type to convince a man to marry her daughter” she begins to say after reading the passage “I am not that type of mother”

She doesn’t seem to be the type of mother that smiles, or that tells her daughter to keep her legs closed either.

She seems to be the type that sweeps in like a Hawk when her daughter has trapped a young man with pregnancy. The type that conveniently whips out a Bible and gives religious reasons why her daughter should not be an unwed mother.

“However, I cannot watch while you refuse to do the right thing after impregnating my daughter”

“We consented to this…” I say to her and her brows furrow, warning me I may be going too far. I mutter an apology.

“I asked to talk to you in private because I assume we are adults and I can talk to you like the grown man that you are”

I nod, “Yes ma. However, I don’t think Cynthia and I want to get married…”

“Why not?”

I turn around sharply when I hear her voice. She is standing by the door, I see for the first time since I returned home that her crop top is gone and now she is wearing a short Dansiki which shows off her legs.

“I am sorry for interrupting” she hurriedly apologizes when she sees the look on my face. “But AKT, honey, I love you. I want us to work things out even though we started in an unconventional way” she adds, she has found her way to my side, her hands holding mine tightly.

Started things? This girl has to be kidding me. We did not start anything. We had mindless sex, she refused to buy pills and she moves in with me all in less than a month.

How’s that starting anything? Except she is saying she started something of course. Because all of these things were started by her.

“Her Uncles wanted to accompany me here today but I told them to wait first, let me talk to you like a mother. Besides, I did not think there was a need to come and embarrass our whole family here anyhow. We are not using Cynthia to beg you.” Cynthia’s mother stands, her Bible is closed now and she is on her way out of the door. “Please do the right thing before she starts to show” she takes a last look at me before she says to her daughter, “Cynthia come and show me to my room” then she disappears through the door.

I eye Cynthia as she takes her mother’s space opposite me on the bed. She moves closer. She smells of a strong feminine fragrance. I can’t place it, but I am almost certain I know it.

“Don’t mind my mother, babe” she says to me, a warm smile on her face. “See, I know she is sounding somehow but she is just looking out for her baby. The way you and I will look out for this baby when he or she comes in some months” her hands rub her stomach. “Please just think about what she said.” She leaves before I can say anything.

Once she is gone, I shut my door and turn the lock. Leaning on the wall, I begin to think of the events that led to that unfortunate night when I buried my cock inside Cynthia. Punching the wall with my fist, I curse myself out.

I should have just gone home and had a cold shower, watch an old movie with my favorite beer and wank if I had to release.

Cleaning off my sperm from the sheets would have been a better idea than sticking my cock into Cynthia. Now I am stuck for life.

My phone rings, it is Steve.

“How far?” I ask as I march into the bathroom, I turn on the water heater. It is quite cold outside and I need a warm bath.

“Can you send someone to deliver the wedding suit and dresses?” Steve asks me. I tell him I can.

Steve previously asked me to be his Best man, but I turned him down.

I am not sure it makes a lot of sense to be the Best man at a wedding that came to be because the Bride and the Groom decided to betray the one person who was loyal to them the most.

Besides, I am tired of being made to look like an idiot. Standing behind them as they exchange vows is guaranteed to make me seem like an idiot. A bigger idiot than the idiot I have been termed in recent times.

“My Assistant will do so in the morning” I say to him. We go on to talk about other things and Steve says he is excited about the white wedding. Nervous and excited he says and I assure him that it’s normal.

I have never been married, I probably never will but I guess being nervous comes with walking down the aisle with someone you really love.

We talk about other things they will need for the wedding and by the end of our conversation, I see that I am looking forward to the event myself.

“So who is your date?” Steve asks some seconds before the call ends.

“Nobody” I say and he makes a comment about me being unable to find someone after I have slept with all the women in Lagos.

I call him a fool, he laughs and he gets off the phone.

Minutes later, I shed my clothes and find my way to the Shower.

Then I begin to think of a thousand ways to avoid a wedding to the woman carrying my child.

Running away tops the list too many times.


I bite my lower lip, Scott’s head is buried down low and he is planting kisses all over me in the most sensitive places.

I try to stifle a moan but he orders me to let it out. My hands find his head and I stroke it gently as he continues to eat me out.

My legs circle around him when I suddenly feel my climax coming.

“Fuck” I say as I cum, he raises his head not too long after, places kisses all over my boobs before strolling into the bathroom.

I find my red thong and wear it, pulling my red velvet bodycon down, I am fully dressed before he returns.

There is a box of cupcakes on the table in front of me in the Hotel room. Scott surprised me with them earlier at the Office. I open it and grab one, savoring the deliciousness as it hits my tongue.

“I got you a Givenchy dress” he says as he returns into the room, “It’s lovely. You should wear it for the wedding”

I cock an eyebrow,”What wedding?”

“SteveKay2016” he replies, taking a seat near me, his hand on the remote control. He powers the TV, we wait for DSTV to load.

“You didn’t ask if I want to go. You just bought a dress” I mutter, trying to suppress the anger inside of me. I hate when people think they can do whatever they want because of some position they hold.

“I didn’t think you wouldn’t want to come” he replies, his eyes find mine. “Do you not want to go?”

I shrug, “I haven’t given it a thought”

“Give it a thought”

“I am not sure it is okay to go public with you when you’re going through a divorce”

He shrugs, “It is really nobody’s business”

“Not even Ade’s”

“Ade knows we’re fucking”

The half-eaten cupcake falls from my hand.

His indifference is the only thing more shocking than the information I have just heard.

“Did you tell her?!” I yell.

He frowns, “And why would I do that?”

“So why are you so unbothered?”

“Because it is not the end of the world.”

I swallow hard, I muster all my strength to clean the cupcake off the floor with a paper napkin.

“How did she find out?” I ask as calm as I can. I have wiped the cake off the floor now and I am heading towards the Trash can sitting in a corner of the room.

“The other day when we were fucking in my office, she heard moans”

I cringe as I realize my other Boss heard me having sex just a few days before.

“Relax, nothing is going to happen to your job”

“I am barely concerned about my job. I can get another. I cannot get another reputation”

His eyes briefly hold mine, he settles it on the TV seconds after.

“Your reputation is fine. We will get married”

My legs are numb, I find my way to the bed, hold it as I sit.

“We’re not getting married. God, Scott what is wrong with you?” I don’t understand him anymore these days. What is wrong with him? A sudden marriage proposal from nowhere?

“What is wrong with getting married to me?” he asks. I look him over, he is so handsome, so unreal sometimes. Maybe that is why I have fooled myself into believing he can never do anything wrong.

But here he is, trying to ruin both our lives.

“If we get married, do you know what damage it will cause to my career? People will think I came in between you and your wife with my vagina”

“They won’t”

I scoff, “I am sure you’re unaware of how loved your wife is by her thousands of fans”

I grab my bag, “Please rethink this marriage thing and no, I am not coming with you to SteveKay2016” I open the door and slam it shut behind me.


I hear noises the next morning. It is quite early, so I am utterly confused as to why there is so much noise coming from my house at this time of the day.

Grumbling and desperate to find out who relocated Balogun market to my house, I make for the stairs.

As I near the sitting room, the noises become louder and I pick my mother’s voice.

She is trying to control the commotion but she is failing at it. I know this because her voice is drowned by the hysteria surrounding her.

When I finally find the reason for the trouble in my house early in the morning, I am more confused than when I was startled from my sleep seconds before.

There, standing in my sitting room, yelling on top of her voice at Cynthia and threatening to beat her is the Waitress from the Lounge I was fucking weeks ago.

The girl I was sleeping with before Steve and I went to Oge and I met Sarah.

“What is going on here?” I ask and when nobody seems to answer, I yell out the words again.

Everyone faces me now, including the Waitress whose eyes are boring into me now with so much anger.

“How dare you, AKT? You dog!” she screams.

“Excuse me?”

“You got my cousin pregnant how dare you?”

This has to be some sort of dream.

“How is she your cousin?” I ask, utterly confused.

“She stole your number from my phone you idiot! Did you ever ask how she got your number? Or how conveniently she opened her useless legs for you?! You dog! I am not leaving here today until I yank that useless pregnancy out of her” she says.

I blank out as the noise returns.

Of course, things couldn’t get any worse.