I stroll into the Kitchen, phone glued to my ear while I return the calls I missed while I was asleep for four hours.

Sometimes, I miss being broke and being left alone by the entire world. Crazy but true.

When I was broke, nobody called me so much and nobody tried to push a baby on me.

My feet hit the bare floor in the massive Kitchen in my home. Cynthia is half-nude – dressed in nothing but a lacy crop top that stops a few inches from a round breasts and a pair of tiny shorts that barely cover her firm butt.

I pull my eyes away from her body and occupy myself with what she is doing; whisking eggs while she hums a tune I cannot quite place.

Cynthia is a very hot woman, one that many men will most definitely fall head over heels for but she does not hold my interest anymore.

Not since she decided to force a baby on me.

My story has once again made it to the Press and a couple of people are insulting me and my decisions but the truth is, I had sex like any normal man, made mistakes and tried to salvage those mistakes, yet I am still hooked by a gold digging whore because she had plans from the very beginning.

So why should I want to have the baby? Why should I want my first child to come through a woman who waltzed into my life because of my money?

I get off the phone, my thumb hovering over the number of the last person I have to call back when I am startled by an incoming call.

It is Sarah.

She has not called me since the week before when she found out I was responsible for Cynthia’s pregnancy. I have called her numerous times since then but my calls have been left unanswered and unreturned.

I also went to her Office once and was told by the Receptionist that she was on break with her Boss Scott.

The latter part fueled up different sorts of emotions in me. Emotions I barely recognized and that I am unwilling to think about.

Swiping the screen of my phone with my thumb, I pick the call.

She speaks curtly and straight to the point, “Mr Akintunde Thomas, this is Sarah from Oge. Good morning, we got a call from your friends Kelechi and Steve, asking us to drop their wedding clothes with you.”

Yeah of course. With me, so I can fuck your brains out before you return.

The ache in my pants remind me of how badly I want her body beneath me, how much my hands have longed for her breasts and how insane the overwhelming want for her drives through me.

“Sure. Please bring it to my Office” I say, promising to text the address to her as soon as possible.

I get off the phone with a smirk on my face, my legs leading me to the fridge where I grab a bottle of lemon water.

Cynthia has a smile on her face when I turn some seconds later.

“Did you sleep well, babe?” she asks, her hair is pulled in a tight bun that flatters her oval shaped head and her lips are painted a deep shade of purple. She does look pretty but she does not do to me the things the voice of Sarah does to me.

I think of how to suppress the weight in my pants, the weight I got courtesy of one voice over the phone.

“Yes” I respond to Cynthia and make for the door.


“Stop calling me babe” I say to her. It is the third time I have had to correct her and I wish she would stop already.

I am being civil by allowing her stay in my house, I cannot be civil for too long. She needs to stop already. I am not her babe.

She has caught up with me now, her soft hands rubbing my bare chest, her lips planting kisses on the nape of my neck.

“I want to do something about that” she says, her hands slowly finding its way to my hard cock. I try to shake her off but her hand slips into my pants instead.


“Sshh..” she says, her teeth gently biting my ear. “Let me fuck you, babe. Let me remind you how good I am”

As her hand begins to work on my cock, giving me a good handjob, I try to tell myself there is nothing I can do.

The woman I want is not going to make an appearance till later and there is an experienced one standing in my Kitchen, desperate to pleasure me.

“Stop…” I am losing the will to push her away and I know I am going to bury myself inside her in a few seconds. Willing to make it worth both our while since I have decided to do it anyway, I carry her to the Kitchen table and almost knock down the glass bowl containing the whisked eggs on the Kitchen counter.

“Did you turn off the heat?” I ask, my hands tearing off the lacy top she is wearing.

“Yes” she breathes, her tongue pushing through my mouth as she guides my really hard cock towards her moist inside. “Fuck me, babe” she whispers and I push into her, thrusting in and out like I am at the sex Olympics and I have to win a medal.


Ade made me call him and I am not exactly excited about that.

When Kaycee and her husband to be refused to pick our calls and became unreachable, we called the only other number that the couple had listed if we couldn’t reach them.

Normally, it is what we do for our clients, tell them to drop any other number we can reach them by if their major numbers don’t go through. But truth is, we have never had to reach them through those alternate numbers.

So when Kaycee and Steve’s number wouldn’t go through, I became stubborn and called the hell out of it for days.

Then, days to the wedding, which is on Saturday, Ade strolls in, chicken sandwich and green tea in hand while she orders me to call their alternate number.

Of course, when I do that too, it is unreachable.

“Hmm… this is strange. Hopefully all is well” she says, as she turns to leave, she gets a call either from Steve or Kaycee. When the call is over, she faces me. “They want you to drop it with their cousin AKT” she says to me, “Isn’t that the guy you’re dating?”

I shake my head vigorously. But I must have been drunk if I thought for a second that Ade saw that.

“Nice. You can drop it off for us on your way home. Since he is your boo, call and ask when you should come” she tells me, her sparkling white teeth digging into the chicken sandwich in her hand.

I roll my eyes inwardly and suppress a frown before calling AKT. I manage to be as civil and official as I can but deep inside, hearing his voice has done a lot of things to me and has put a lot of unofficial and uncivil thoughts in my head.

I want to fuck him bad.

However, as hard as I try, it is very hard to let go of the thoughts of him thrusting hard into me.

So on my way home, I find the Receptionist getting ready to leave too.

“Sarah, abeg wait. I think we should share a Cab, I am sleeping at my boyfriend’s today” she says with a grin as she reapplies powder on her face.

“Oga is going to hear it tonight” I say with a wink. She giggles and ignores me.

When she is done retouching her makeup, she faces me. “Oya”

“I am going to somewhere first sha” I say to her as we push through the glass doors that shields the entrance of our office.


“Ade told me to drop something off at Adeola Odeku” I say and she tells me that is the same street her boyfriend’s office is on.

A thought hits me, “shey you will kuku help me drop this then?” when I see she is about to object I say, “I promise to buy you lunch tomorrow”

She grins and nods, “Fine. You bought me with lunch”

We share a laugh and I sigh in relief as I realize I will not be seeing AKT tonight.

I don’t trust what I can do and I definitely will not be breaking my number one rule of hooking up with men like AKT tonight.


When I am told there is a person from Oge waiting to see me, I am excited with the thoughts of seeing Sarah walking in through the door. However, when a pretty chocolate skinned lady dressed in body hugging Ankara strolls in through the door, I am utterly disappointed.

She hands me the huge bags containing Steve and Kaycee’s clothes and makes to leave.

“Where is Sarah?” I ask, unable to hide my disappointment.

“She is downstairs” she replies.

I gape at her in shock, “Why didn’t she come here then?” I ask

The girl shrugs, her brows furrow, her hands outstretched as if to ask why I am asking her that type of question.

“Can you ask her to come here and see me?” I ask, then quickly changing my mind, I say, “You know what, never mind”

She smiles and like one who has been freed from slavery, rushes out of the Office.

I move to the Window of my Office, dial Sarah’s number as I settle my eyes on a yellow cab which I assume is the one that brought her and her companion here.

The call rings out, she is refusing to speak to me, I realize.

Worried and refusing to think of the consequences of my actions, I dash out of the door and head for the Elevator.

The Cab zooms off just as I get downstairs, angry at her and irritated at myself for going all the way for nothing, I make my way back into the Office.

My mother is waiting at the house when I return. Cynthia has whipped something up for dinner and she is having fried yams and fried eggs.

I greet her and try to escape whatever she has come to discuss by aiming for the stairs that lead to my room.

However, she stops me when she calls me.

Walking back to the dining room, I listen to her tell me about Cynthia and the unborn baby.

“I don’t want her to start showing before you people get married. Besides, her mother does not like the idea of her living here without any arrangements made towards the wedding.”

I gasp, “What wedding arrangement?” I ask, petrified. I thought Cynthia was staying here till she birthed the baby? Where is the marriage talk coming from?

Surely, my mother doesn’t think I will take the wedding suggestions she made a week before seriously, does she?

“You will not allow a woman give birth to my first grandchild outside wedlock, would you? It is unheard of and I will not have a hand in that” she says, her fork has found a fried yam which she marries with a large chunk of fried eggs and guides quickly to her mouth.

Cynthia clearly likes to experiment with a lot of things in the Kitchen. I have not been eating her food, but she has been cooking quite the delicacy since she forced her way into the house.

Last week, she cooked some nice smelling jollof rice that almost got me drawing out plate and spoon. But I was too mad at her to touch anything she cooked.

Instead, I looked up my favorite Chinese restaurant and had them deliver my favorite Chinese meal.

“I think marriage is serious” I say as Cynthia strolls into the dining room. she refills my mother’s glass of water and kneels slightly when my mother thanks her.

“So is having a baby” she sends a disapproving look my way and I look away. I am not ready for this life and she has to know.

I don’t love Cynthia and even though we fucked, I don’t want her having my baby.

Heck, I don’t want her staying in my freaking House. But I am too much of a gentleman to do anything rash.

“You’re getting married and that is it” my mother says with a note of finality and I make to head for the room instead. I am too tired to argue.

However, I have barely made it far when my mother calls me again.

“Mommy, what is it again?” I snap. I need to shower and get some paper work done. I don’t have time for this rubbish.

“Your mother in law is around. Come and greet her”

My jaw drops.