Adventures of a wakapass

You remember I told you that I have three boyfriends abi?

Well, boyfriend #2 is an Actor. He won one of these talent hunt show for acting over five years ago and his career has refused to leave the runway.

Fornication is part of his problem, I am the remaining part of his problem.

Mad person.

Iโ€™m so mad at this person sha, I am still fighting the waterworks but I will hold it for as long as I can.

See, we started dating or as he put it, I started dating him years ago after he won that show.

I cannot even recollect the number of times that we have done it. Name the position, chandelier, underground movement, overhead bridge style, Titanic style (I spread my hands and well we take it from there) and Ceiling fan style.

Oh donโ€™t even go there, these styles exist and I can prove it.

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After doing the life out of me, this guy come tell me say we are not together. Omo, I went in and he later said โ€œletโ€™s see how this goesโ€

In my head, this goes to relationship so I didnโ€™t bother to be checking in every month. I mean, is he my period? Why will I be checking every month if things are the same?


But maybe I should have been checking in.

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