Hi everyone, I have gotten a few complaints from people about downloading the Ebook.

  • if you’re having problems refilling your account, I don’t know what the issue might be but I have sent a message to Ofili and he has asked everyone having issues with the App to send him an email at Ofili@okadabooks.com. He says he’ll respond immediately.
  • If you’re new to Okada Books and the link I provided yesterday isn’t helping, download the App through your App store first, then search for Squadi. As of now, it is the second book on the ‘New’ category, which is the first category you’d see when you open the App. You cannot miss it.
  • If you use an Apple device, Okada Books is not available on that platform yet. So that leaves us with the option of PDF copy. However, that is going to be after you have promised (via email) not to ever share, forward or mail your copy to anyone else (because that would be wrong, the idea is for everyone to own a copy) and, after you have paid a fee of N500 for your copy. Below are my account details, should you be interested in the PDF copy of SQUADI: The Originals…

Tomilola Adeyemo

0126827430 GTB.

Please type in your email address in the comment section only if you’re interested and I will respond to you via mail.

Remember, you are not allowed to share your copy.

Please let me know if you’re having other issues in the comment section. Meanwhile, we sold 42 copies (on Okadabooks) and 2 PDF copies in 24 hours. That’s not bad at all for someone who’s never sold a book and I appreciate your efforts. God bless everyone who’s put their money in this. May you never lack. xx