Hey guys, I am here to sincerely apologize for not dropping the Ebook as promised yesterday.

After I decided to release it via Okada Books, I got my Hush breakdown for scripting with a Monday (today) deadline and, I had to attend a premiere (High or Hell Water) representing http://www.tns.ng yesterday at 6pm. I have been extremely occupied and I couldn’t come through as I expected.

However, I should have come here and told you guys that when I knew I couldn’t make it.

So I’m sorry. The Ebook will drop on or before Thursday by God’s grace.

By the way, keep me in your prayers. Had a nasty migraine this morning and I threw up as a result. I need those prayers for strength. Y’all know I can only do half of these things with strength.

So keep me in your prayers. I believe in it.

And, if you haven’t downloaded or credited your Okada Books account yet, you still have time.

I love you guys.