Hey guys, catch up with the second episode of Bomaventure: The Adventures Of A Nollywood Wakapass

Adventures of a wakapass

See eh, being an Actress in Nollywood is too hard jare. Sometimes, it is just easier being an Instagram sensation. It is after all what half of my mates in the business are.

Abeg forget that tin, these New Nollywood people, most of them are more popular on Instagram than in real life. I am not abusing them o, I just dey butter my point.

Which reminds me, I said I was going to ask, does anybody know who is interested in advertising jeans, human hair and makeup? Or those teeth whitening things Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose and other celebs in Hollywood advertise on Instagram all the time?

I need to start doing advert since people will not pay up. All these useless onigbese people that call themselves independent producers.

My anger knows no bound right now


Before you think I am always angry, let me come and explain how and why I am this angry.

So today o, I carried my legs and went to Ogba. If you’re in this our business, you will know the people I went to meet.

As I have said before, I will not be calling names beht I can and will describe.

These people had one big show on television one time like that, the name of the show is the name of a green precious stone. They refused to pay all the people half of the people on that production (they can owe ehn, deir name for be Owolabi) so when they wanted to continue shoot, actors did not come back and they changed major faces (buahaha only in Naija will sometin like that one happen. Beht wetin I sabi, me upcoming actress).

And the owner of the studio has correct big house in Berger o and he can fly in and out of the country ehn, if to say na Benin e fit don turn to Winch. Living large and owing everybody, smh.

Anyway, because I am broke, I carry my legs there to ask for my money. As I reached their gate, the gateman said the Oga at the top was not around. What’s my own, I sat in the compound. I kuku don’t have job.

Nobody has called me to come and be wakapass in a film in a while sef. As I sat, I started playing candy crush.

Suddenly, the owner of the studio entered. I suspected the man (and his hideous bushy hair) wanted to dodge me because how can somebody be that tall and not have footsteps?

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