Hi guys, I am currently trying to bring you another episode of Squadi but this evening, I opened Scribespad and there was a love letter waiting for me Lol.

A Reader, Ola, expressed his/her concerns about this site’s navigation and my personality.

As for the former, I got to work immediately (not to say I haven’t in the past but this time, I changed the theme completely) and remodeled the blog. Now, navigation has been made “easiest”. You can go to the homepage and see for yourself.

I apologize for difficulties you might have had in the past but I did try. Clearly I should have tried a new theme.

Now to my personality, I am not a “conversation” person with people I am not very used to so a lot of time, I have to tell myself, “Tomilola, these are people who love your work and will buy your work if you ever put a price to it” and then give myself sense Lol. A lot of people misunderstand my responses most of the time, and honestly, I don’t blame them. We don’t know each other personally at the end of the day so it’s normal for you not to get my “behavior” sometimes.

So I apologize for coming off “defensive” and “rude” at any time in the past.

However, the reason I come off as defensive and rude is usually when I have worked really hard to post and it seems my effort is not appreciated. You just might never get it but believe me, it is not easy typing out words. These things come here looking short but they are long as hell on MS Word. Ask Sally, ask any other Writer.

Actually, no Squadi episode is less than nine to ten pages. Some are twelve pages long. And sometimes, I write just before I post (yeah, imagine all the hours).

So when the ONLY thing someone says is how short it is without saying anything else, it actually is very painful.Makes me think, okay, with all that work I did this is what I get? Some even write how they’re not feeling a particular series and don’t care for it. How’s that fair? Yeah, I do delete comments I will rather not respond to if I think I will say something wrong.

Imagine if you put your effort into doing something for someone and then they look through it in seconds and all they say is “sorry, too small” no “I appreciate your effort but make it longer next time” at least?

Trust me, not a nice feeling.

Anyway, the purpose of this long story is so we can save our relationship. Can you please use the comment section below and tell me things (constructive criticism please) you don’t like about my perceived personality?

I didn’t put this in a post because I didn’t want it to take away the attention from the post. Please, don’t hold back. I promise fast responses.

Good evening and, thank you.