1 I have read in the comment section that a few people think AKT and Christian (Grey) bear certain resemblance. I am glad you can find certain character traits you think reminds you of a character but i must say, they have nothing in common. The power AKT possesses which makes him think he can get whatever woman he wants is not a Christian Grey thing, it is a general thing men like that have. 

If you followed the first SDC, you will remember that AKT was a first class mumu and, he loved and got his heart broken many times by the only woman he ever loved – Kaycee – who dumped him to marry his cousin. This (story) is his reaction to all the pain he has been caused. He is protecting his heart and punishing the whole female kind for his pain. His new behavior/character is some type of coping mechanism.

So he is no Christian, except we’re talking religion lol.

I am putting this out because comparing characters takes the originality from your character away and I was not modeling AKT after Christian Grey in any way. AKT is AKT. Christian is Christian.

Lol. Enjoy.


I fight the urge to grab my phone and text him. Actually, after what seems like a lost war against my willpower, I grab my phone and begin to compose a text.

I type and cancel three times before I finally toss the device in my bag, hold on to the seatbelt, while I focus my attention on cars we speed by.

I barely acknowledge the Driver and he does same too.

He seems like one of those Drivers that have been thoroughly trained to dress impeccably, mind their business and drive like a gentleman.

I wonder for how long he has been with AKT and how many women he has driven like this.


I am still trying not be mad at him. Something seems wrong with him and I am wondering if it is all a cover or if he is just naturally an idiot.

The car stops and I realize I am back at work. I mutter “thank you” and step out of it into the waning afternoon sun. A gentle breeze blows across me and I wonder vaguely if there will be rain later.

Stepping into Oge, I find Scott talking to Ade about our event tonight. I greet them both and make my way into the room where Ade and I were working our asses off earlier.

Busying myself with the work we have left, I lose any thought of the outside world.

Being a fashion mogul has always been my dream since I could dream dreams and even though it seems like I have to work my ass off and look for funds, I am still confident I will one day be as revered as Ade Bajowa. Maybe even more.

“Sarah, my office. Now”

It’s Scott calling me. I abandon my work and follow him to his Office. Ade tells me I can leave when I am done with Scott so I can prepare for our event later tonight.

The door to Scott’s office shuts gently behind us when we enter and I am startled by the way he immediately hits my back against the wall, his eyes blazing with anger.

“What are you doing with AKT?” he asks and without giving the room to answer, he continues, “Do you know the reputation he carries around? Are you willing to be someone’s plaything?”

I try to push him off me but that’s harder than trying to lift an iron rod with a finger. “I am not anybody’s plaything”

He crushes his mouth into mine and I struggle to resist him but that is not working. “I am going to scream and Ade will find out about us if you don’t stop” I manage to say while struggling to get him off me.

He pauses, then slowly, pulls away.

He still looks angry and I wonder why he is that angry. Why is he angry at all? We have an affair but we aren’t exclusive.

He’s married…

“I’m getting a divorce”

I gasp.

“My wife doesn’t want to be married anymore and frankly, I don’t think I want to either”

I don’t know what to say. My legs wobble, so I manage to make my way to his desk where I lean against the furniture made from bamboo.

“I thought…” well, now that the words are out, I am not sure I thought anything. “Sorry” I say simply. I don’t feel anything for the state of his marriage and I wonder if that makes me a bad person or if it simply means I don’t know him enough to care.

“Let’s take time out together, Sarah. Go on some holiday in some random city. Just you and I”

His hands are stuck in his pants now, the anger from earlier seems to have fizzled too.

“You are not in the state to travel”

I am not even sure when we started telling each other about personal things. It used to be our number one rule to keep stuff like that away. It was his freaking rule.

“And when did you start telling me about your personal issues?” I ask him. He ignores him and takes his seat behind his desk

“Enchanteur has offered to give you the dress for tonight’s event. Give them a shout out on social media and through our Instagram account.” He says to me. Enchanteur is one of the biggest stores in Lagos, “Jane will do your facebeat, so you have no excuse not to show up tonight”

I simply nod. “Will that be all?” I ask after a few minutes has passed and he says nothing.

He nods.

I let myself out of his office, pondering on what happened minutes before.

That person in there is not my boss. He seems like a cloned version of him. I have never seen Scott in his feelings, neither have I seen him being driven by emotions of any kind.

As I return to join Ade, I wince at the idea of spending the night with him.

It is going to be a tough one.


It has been two weeks since I last spoke to or contacted Sarah. Between being consciously staying away and spending half of my time in the air while making business trips, I have been quite busy.

However, I have managed to keep myself updated via her social media accounts. I know her and Scott have been attending “work events” together and I know she currently is at the Lagos design and fashion week.

I am not going to make calls to her. I will see how long she can hold on to this firm decision not to reach out to me.

I scan the departure lounge of the Muritala Mohammed international Airport and find my Driver waiting for me.

Hopping into the backseat of my car, I turn on my phone and find out I have numerous messages waiting for me.

One is from the Waitress I was fucking in that place Steve came to meet me the other time and the other from the one I had fucked the day Sarah and I last saw.

The former was cussing me out and the latter asking for us to see desperately. Problem is, I don’t remember giving the latter my number and I am quite confused as to why she is sending me five messages in an hour.

I dial her number, telling myself this better be good as I wait for her to pick, “Yeah, hello” I say when I hear her voice.

“Hello, this is Cynthia” she says, her voice sounds low and I find myself straining my ears to actually hear her name.

“Yes, Cynthia how can I be of help to you?”

“I need to see you ASAP” she says and I almost laugh out loud. Does this one think seeing me is that easy? Nah, fam.

“Cynthia, you’re going to have to tell me whatever the issue is right now on the phone”

“Okay” she says and then adds immediately, “I am pregnant”

I blink rapidly, “I am not sure why this is any of my business”

“It is hundred percent. You’re responsible, AKT”

I blank out.


“You knocked a girl up while having random sex” Kaycee is gaping at me, I feel like I am a chicken with horns, cause she is looking at me like I am really strange, like really, really strange. The baby in her arms also frowns that moment, I am not sure if I am imagining things but it seems like the baby is condemning me too.

“Yet, I am the one you called a cheap prostitute over a year ago” Kaycee adds and continues feeding the baby.

“It was a moment thing” I say weakly in my defense

“Well congrats, now you’ve got a lifetime thing from a moment thing”

A few seconds pass before I continue, “I don’t know what to do”

“Neither do I” she responds with a shrug.

“Kaycee now, I didn’t come here so you can make me feel worse”

“Worse? I thought I was making you feel horrible sef, I think I will work harder at it” she leans forward and places a kiss on the baby’s forehead. “Your Uncle AKT is a man whore” she says and the baby chuckles.

Okay, I think that baby was born an adult. Or what else is the explanation for all of these.

“Kaycee suggest something now”

“Start by asking to see her and find out what she wants”

“Hian, what she wants ke? What if she wants something I can’t give?”

“Like becoming a father and taking responsibilities abi?” she shakes her head, “But you can give sperm. Asewo”

I relax my head on the sofa, lost in my troubles. Yeah, I have overdone this one and I am going to really pay for it.

Cynthia is waiting for me at some spot close to the Restaurant where she works when I find her. She is wearing a bland expression and for a second, I am not sure she will take my offer kindly.

“Hi Cynthia” I say while I take a seat, “Want anything?” I ask.

She shakes her head, “Let’s just talk”

I wish I can see through her.

“Okay, what do you want to do with the baby?” I ask and before she can answer I proceed, “I know a very good Doctor who can get this thing out and fast and you can move on with your life after then. So when will you be ready for the D&C”

Moments pass before she answers me, “Never”

“Excuse me” I say

“I am never going to be ready to remove our child”

“You do realize I am not ready to be a father, right?”

“You have everything it takes and I am ready to be a mother. We can make this work. I am keeping this baby and we will be happy for it”

I try to laugh it off but she is just watching me, unmoved.

Desperate, I lean forward and tell her, “Cynthia, that is a terrible idea”

She smiles, “Is it? Because I don’t think so” she grabs her bag and makes to leave, “Try not to be a deadbeat dad, AKT. You know the press loves to feed on stuff like that”

She has made it past the door before I realize how fucking deep in trouble I am.

I am being screwed and this time, it is far from pleasurable.