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“I am not even supposed to be working today, Scott” I sulk. Scott has been trying to convince me to go to work later this evening and I am having none of it.

I have been working and will continue working with Ade till very late and then when I am done, I am expected to meet Scott at some event our fashion house is being honored and go as his date.

There is fire on the mountain in my house and I like events but honestly, I am exhausted.

“I know you’re not supposed to be working but I got this Invite for you before Ade called you to come to work”

I pause, look over my shoulder at AKT who is neck deep in work. He is acting like I am not there, like he is alone or something.

He is still pissing me off with the things he said earlier. However, the gorgeousness that is him is making it hard to stay mad at him.

Photos didn’t even do him justice at all. The best photo of him I have seen is not as beautiful as he is in person.

And let’s not forget to add how divine he smells.

The very first day I met him he was smelling of something strong. I cannot place the smell but it smelt great.

Right now, his smell is milder and I guess he is smelling of just bathing gel and body spray.

It is hard not to bury my nose in his skin while I inhale his scent.

“Sarah, I will see you by 9pm.” Scott says to me and hangs up. I want to cuss out loud but I put a leash on my tongue and eye the alert from Scott.

He just sent me money for cab which means I do not have a choice.

I am not sure where these men got off thinking they can bark orders and expect their wish to be done.

“Are you done?” AKT was asking me now, his gaze on me. I honestly need to calm down, the way my body reacts like it’s about to jump under his cannot be healthy.

“Well, I am off the phone” I snap

“I think we should go for lunch somewhere else actually” he says, shuts his Macbook and takes quick long strides to the giant wardrobe at the end of the massive room.

I watch him grab his navy blue Blazer and throw it on the white short sleeved V-neck Tee he is wearing.

“I don’t have much time” I tell him, refusing myself the temptation of accepting to spend a longer time with this annoying handsome man.

“It won’t take much time” he says as he grabs the key to his car and his phone from the table. “Let’s go”

We are on our way to the Elevator in a few seconds, I hold on tightly to the gold strap of my black bag as we both wait for the busy Elevator to open.

When it does, we step into it. Both of us alone for a few seconds. I feel like I can hear my heart beat as I lean against the wall of the Elevator. I hope I am the only one hearing it though.

His fingers suddenly trail my face, he moves closer, leaving me little or no space to breathe.

I should ask what he is trying to do but instead, I raise my face into his, as if waiting for him to give a command so I will comply like his humble servant.

His hand slowly finds my bra, his fingers toying with a nipple when he finds it. I try not to moan but it is hard. He crushes his mouth into mine, kissing me.

His tongue interlocks mine in what is a breathless kiss.

I am left wanting more when he pulls away after a few seconds. He pulls my boobs out and covers both with his mouth, tongue teasing both nipples and sending crazy vibrations down my body.

I shut my eyes tightly and try to stop myself from moaning, I try to distract myself but it is not working.

Finally, I let out a moan. I cannot keep the pleasure he is sending down my body anymore.

He leaves my boobs and pulls up my Jumpsuit just as the Elevator door opens. He is looking at me when my eyes open and I am slightly embarrassed.

As we head towards his car, I realize I am moist under.

And I realize my body wants him more than I thought.

However, he is too much of a jerk and I am not sure how that makes me feel.


The food is good. The scenery is also good.

Scratch that, the scenery is perfect.

We are sitting in some fancy Restaurant with the most amazing view. I am looking down into the water from where I sit, watching beautiful Ships being rocked idly by the waves of the sea.

“When will you have an answer for me?” he asks. I drag my gaze from the Ship in black with the name Belle on it and settle my eyes on AKT.

He is lifting a glass of white wine to his lips when our gazes meet. I look away.

“I don’t think I will have an answer for you” my body has an answer for you though. And it requires fucking the life out of it.

“Your loss” he shrugs and I cannot help the frown that immediately follows his response.

He is annoying as hell. Probably why Kaycee left him. Who would I want to be with a man this annoying? He wears his ego on his shoulders like the shoulder pads from 90s fashion. His condescending nature is as glaring as the deep tribal marks on an Ibadan man’s face. And the disrespect towards me is taller than Cocoa House.

I shake my head and grab my bag which is lying at my feet. “I think I want to leave”

He pulls me back to me seat, “It’s rude to leave just like that”

I scoff, “You know rude?” I feign shock, “Who would have thought?”

“I am going to need a response from you in three days. You take longer than that, the offer is off the table”

I gasp in disbelief.

“I am not saying I won’t try and make you see why you should be with me, I would” he continues to say, disregarding my reaction to him. “However, you have to make that decision soon and fast.”

“You’re fucking annoying”

“I am aware of how you feel. I particularly like the look on your face when you’re trying to stay mad”

“I am not trying. I am mad at you”

He smirks, “Whatever you say, Ms Smith. I will like to wipe that look off your face with my Cock one of these days. Believe me, you will enjoy it”

Oh no, I cannot take this anymore.

A uniformed Waitress stops by our table. She is smiling too widely at AKT. She is curvy, her uniform accentuates every single curve on her body. The uniform which stops just above the knee flatters her bum and even I have to admit that she has beautiful boobs.

She reminds me of the girl I saw stepping out of his room at the Hotel earlier. I vaguely wonder if he has a type and if this is his type.

“Sir, do you need anything more?” she asks him, disregarding my total existence.

“No” AKT says “But I will like the bill now, thank you”

“Okay Sir” she says and slowly walks away. AKT barely glances in her direction.

“I am not sure I like you” I say when the Waitress is gone.

“You don’t have to like me. I have money, women love money”

My nose flares up in anger, “You think I am a Ho?”

“No. I think you like money” he grabs a napkin and gently wipes a food stain I am unaware of off my mouth, “Don’t you?”

That little gesture has made me forget what we he just said. It takes me a little while to remember. By then, the Waitress is back.

She has a gold bracelet on her wrist, her fingers brush his hand when she hands him the Bill.

“A lot of women want this life, Sarah.” He says, his eyes sweeping through the bill in one swift gaze, “Do you?”

I sit motionless for a long time.

I know she wants me but I need her to be aware that she wants me.

She does not know yet but she needs to know.

She wants me a lot, more than any woman I have come across. Actually, more than the desperate ones even.

However, her willpower to suppress and her pride will not let her tell me that.

Thing is, I am patient.

I will wait for her while I seduce her every single chance I get until she realizes how much she wants to be under me while I bury my cock deep inside of her.

I am not sure why I find her fascinating or why I want the exclusive rights to her body. Honestly, I am not even sure I want to find out. I just want to fuck that pride out of her and I want to do it whenever and however I want.

I called my Driver some seconds ago and he is here now.

“Please take Ms Smith back to work” I say to the Driver and I see a slight hint of surprise in her eyes. “I will be in touch, Sarah” I say and watch as she grabs her bag and leave with my Driver without a word.

The waitress from earlier slipped her number into my bill and I know what she wants.

I have figured that out from the moment she flashed too much teeth and “coincidentally” allowed our skin to touch.

And I am going to fuck her.

Right in this Restaurant.

I am not turned on by her. I am turned on by Sarah. But because I am trying to punish her until she melts simply by me touching her, I am not going to touch her until she begs.

I go in search of the Waitress. I spot her before I can get to the Counter. I ask her to take me to the bathroom and she eagerly smiles and leads me in.

As expected, the Bathroom in a Restaurant like this is extremely clean and smells nice.

I am big on smell. I literally like every single place I touch to smell heavenly.

“Shut the door” I order her and she does as I have instructed. That makes me harden, I like it when my women obey without asking questions.

Sarah will learn soon enough.

I shove her against the door and whisper into her ear, “We have a short time, open your legs”

Her legs spread like butter on freshly baked bread in seconds, encircling my waist.

I unbutton her shirt and her smooth big boobs fall in my face. My tongue licks on each boob before I place both in my mouth with my hands.

I lick on them and bite gently, my other hand finding its way down to her panties. She is wearing a thong, I pull that aside swiftly and zip down my trousers.

My cock is hard and ready for her wet Vee and I waste no time in shoving it right into her wet pussy.

She moans my name immediately she feels me. I am not surprised that she knows me.

After news broke that Kaycee was marrying Steve and dumping me, I have become increasingly popular. Add that to the fact that I bought and now own one of the biggest car dealerships in Nigeria.

Now every woman wants to have what Kaycee was “stupid” to have lost.

I have more money than Steve, they don’t get why she left.

If only they know she fell in love and that just makes you senseless. The way it made me senseless for her.

But hey, now I know I will never fall in love again and all the women in Lagos belong in my bed. So I will enjoy every single one that brings it my way.

I turn the Waitress around and ram into her from behind, she is loving every bit of it. She raises her ass so I can get better entry into her. Grabbing her boobs with one hand, I hold her waist with the other while I continue to fuck her fast.

“I love it!” she says when my hands find her clit.

“Then come” I whisper into her ear. I increase my pace, fucking her harder and faster than when I began.

But I know I cannot wait and will not hold on for her when I feel my climax coming.

I still as I pour the whole of me inside her seconds after.

We both try to catch our breaths when we’re done. I zip up and wait for her to rearrange her dressing.

When we open the door, a uniformed Waiter looks from her to me. He mutters a greeting and saunters off.

“Don’t mind him, he is angry I stopped fucking him” the waitress says and I honestly don’t care for whatever is going on between them. She kisses me, “We should do that again. I didn’t know you were this good”

It is then that I realize that I just fucked a girl without protection.

What the fuck was I thinking?

I was in a hurry to get Sarah off my head that I fucked the next available pussy without thinking.

“Is anything the matter?” she asks me.

“We fucked without protection…”

“Oh, I don’t fuck around. I don’t have STDs and that guy was my boyfriend…”

“Madam, I don’t care. Use birth control pills”

I hand her two thousand naira and then, I storm off.


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